Friday, June 6, 2008

Neil Entwistle Trial: Day One Recap

Neil Entwistle and defense attorney Stephanie Page

Where have we seen this move before? That concerned motherly move of female defense attorneys putting their arm around the shoulder of their client? Linda Kenny Baden did it in the Spector trial.

The prosecution and defense both gave their opening statements today.

The following witnesses testified for the prosecution:

1. Priscilla Matterrazo: Rachel's mother. She testifies to her daughter's education history in England, when she met Neil, their marriage, Lillian's birth and their move from the UK to the US. She also testifies to the days events leading up to the discovery of Rachel and Lillian's bodies.

2. Theresa Pratt: High school friend of Priscilla. She was with Priscilla when they both went to Rachel and Neil's home on January 21st.

3. Laureen Mahoney: A coworker of Priscilla's she is the office receptionist. She testifies to knowing the family and met Rachel approximately 9 years ago. She testifies that on January 20th, she did not take any calls from Neil or Rachael on that day.

4. Margaret Cafano: Another coworker of Priscilla's, she knew Rachel for 12 years.

5. Lloyde Cooke: Priscillas brother, he works in construction. He often went to the gun club with Priscilla's husband and that Neil went to the gun club at least twice. Cooke says Neil handled the firearms well. Neil was shown how to load the guns.

Cooke will be back on the stand on Monday for cross examination.


Special thanks to Beth Karas who supplied Margaret's last name for me.


Anonymous said...

Off Topic
Sprokett, you need to see what that SOB Huble wrote about Scott Peterson getting off death row just because Laci’s mom is suing him! That is outrageous.
Did you see how Huble defends Drew Peterson who murdered two wives?
Huble defends every creep that ever killed a woman!

Sprocket said...

"Off Topic"

I find it hard to take Huebl seriously on any topic.

TrialBuzz said...

I have been archiving the TrialVids on YouTube - in case any one has missed the live feed.