Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Trial Watching Will Soon be Bigger and Better Than Ever

Last month, we published - The Sad State of Online Trial Coverage - lamenting the loss of Court TV and how dismal the current trial coverage at TruTV and CNN is - it seems you guys agree, based on the comments we received.

Well, fellow trial junkies, we are in for a big treat!

For those of you who are local or international, regular readers, that may be unaware, Michel Bryant has taken the proverbial “bull by the horns” and is about to launch…The Legal Edge.

You remember Michel, former Court TV news anchor and correspondent. His insightful reporting, charm and wit made him a favorite with many of us.

Michel and crew will have gavel-to-gavel trial coverage and will have some way cool features:

Consumer info-tainment
Message Boards
Caught-On-Tape Library
Edge-Link Attorney Referral Service
On-Demand Content

Michel will also have live chat during coverage so if you miss something, you can send a note and he will respond on screen!

The beta website should be up in mid-July and live coverage will begin September 8th with the OJ Simpson circus...ohhh, ummm trial.

From issue 102 of the TLE newsletter:
"TLE is YOUR Network

It would be so easy to completely control the selection of trials we bring you on TLE. But that would be wrong. We want to bring you the courtroom action you want. So, here's the deal; send us the name of the trial you feel is worth sharing with our audience. Please include the jurisdiction, the defendant's name, and the pending trial date if any. We are already tracking trials coast to coast but we're human (most of us) and we just might miss a good one. Plus, the more vocal people are for a particular trial the better we can respond to the folks that count; you".

How neat is that? I personally have asked – ok, I groveled and begged – that TLE cover Spector, part deux.

Mr. Bryant is now officially, a T&T hero!

So, do not stop, do not collect two hundred dollars, run, don’t walk to Michel’s site and sign-up.


Anonymous said...

I certainly hope that Michael Bryant will overcome this hopeless mess of trial coverages that CNN has so blatantly thrown at the public like throwing a bone to a fact, what in the dickens is the difference in the two words, REALITY and ACTUALITY? I LOOKED THEM BOTH UP IN THE DICTIONARY JUST TO BE ON THE SAFE SIDE, AND!!! WA! LAAA!!! THE TWO WORDS MEAN THE VERY SAME THING....JUST AS I KNEW THEY DO!!! I CANNOT STAND ALL THE STUPID SHOWS THAT COME ON THIS "REALITY-ACTUALITY" WHATEVER YOU CALL THIS...UH..ER..UM>..NETWORK??!!??

Anonymous said...

I just hope that The Legal Edge can find better management of their chat than the clowns posing as "Mediachats" that did a horrible job of running the chat room for CTV.

Anonymous said...

I agree, the mediachats and webmaster chatroom has been a disaster for those interested in content. I'm looking forward to TheLegalEdge and wish them the very best.

Anonymous said...

I agree, If media chats runs this
chat, It will soon go downhill just like ctv and now what they call
legal_topics has. It's a disgrace
media chats is into everything but
but legal. The harrassment and approval of media
chats to do so is quite telling of
what mediachats is about. It should be called gossipandlies chat.