Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Entwistle Tidbits

A few interesting items...

1. Entwistle’s attorneys are still fighting to make sure the jury doesn’t see a nude photo of him that he allegedly posted on the Adult Friend Finder site. Of course, they claim it isn’t Entwistle in the photo.

2. Weinstein was appointed as Entwistle's attorney by the state Committee for Public Counsel Services and is earning $100 an hour for defending him.

3. A lot of folks are saying that Weinstein’s approach to cross examination leaves much to be desired – you know, he doesn’t ask that many questions and basically parrots the testimony - makes a statement and waits for the witness to agree?

Our friend Sedonia Sunset said: I'd like to see a witness ANSWER in the form of a question, Jeopardy-style.

I can hear it now - Weinstein: "You performed a GSR test on item A." Witness: "What is Yes?"

Weinstein: "You did not perform a GSR test on Item B." Witness: "What is No, I did not?"

Judge to the witness: "WTF are you are you doing?" Witness: "What is SOMEONE has to actually say something in the form of a QUESTION?"

Witness: “BTW, Judge, I appreciate that you actually DID ask me a QUESTION. THAT is a statement."