Thursday, June 26, 2008

Entwistle's Parents Statements On Verdict

~ Clifford and Yvonne

Yvonne Entwistle
“We know that our son Neil is innocent and we are devastated to learn that the evidence points to Rachel murdering our grandchild and then committing suicide.

I knew Rachel was depressed. Our son will now go to jail for loving, honoring, and protecting his wife’s memory.”

Clifford Entwistle
“From the moment Matterazzo’s spokesman Joe Flaherty stated, and I quote, “All we need now is the right jury pool.” We knew Neil would not receive a fair trial.

We will continue to fight for our innocent son with the hope that, one day justice will prevail. And our little granddaughter Lilly, may rest in peace.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Elliot Weinstein and Stephanie Page and their defense team for the dedication and the massive effort they have applied to this case.

We are not making any further statements at this time and ask that you refer any queries to our lawyer in Boston, Peter Parker.”

Well, they're sure towing the Weinstein/Page line!


Anonymous said...

Entwistle's parents have failed to show a scintilla of respect or sensitivity towards the family of Rachel and Lilian, whom their son murdered. As a Brit I'm ashamed of their post verdict statements.

The evidence against their son was overwhelming. The verdict was just and right.

There was ZERO evidence before the jury to support the absurd suicide theory floated by the defence in its closing argument. If his lawyers remotely believed their own invented, last minute story they would have put on a defence case and some evidence to support it. They declined to put on a defence case.

Weinstein might have put on a clown's red nose when he floated the suggestion (only in his closing argument mind you and on the basis of no evidence) that Entwistle found the gun on the bed when he discovered the bodies! He didn't even try to explain why his client had told the opposite to the police. Had his client ever said that to anyone?

Entwistle's own words, captured on tape by the police, condemned him and his parents need to face up to the fact that their son is a murderous sociopath. Have they no thought for what their son has put Rachel and Lilian's family through?

donchais said...

Tonythebrit -

No need to be ashamed! You are voicing the sentiments of most of us.

Joe and Priscilla have maintained grace and dignity throughout this ordeal.

Entwistle is guilty - his family is also by promoting the despicable lies!

Anonymous said...

donchais, thank you for your comment & thanks to your Blog for the excellent trial coverage.

Best wishes from London!

Sprocket said...

We've seen this delusional behavior before in Scott Peterson's mother, Jackie. Peterson's parents have never wavered in their support and belief in Scott's innocence.

Yvonne Entwistle did not take the stand in her son's defense, but Jackie and Lee Peterson did.

Some people may not remember, but Jackie Peterson got on the witness stand on October 25th, 2004 and tried to explain away a large amount of cash her son had on him when he was arrested.


"Jackie Peterson says that she had given her son between $16,000 and $18,000 in cash because of a bank account mix-up."

I think Entwistle's parents are incapable of being objective about their son's behavior, because it would require them to face the fact that their son is a killer. That would then require them to look upon themselves as the as the parents of a convicted double murderer.