Saturday, June 14, 2008

Neil Entwistle Trial: Recap for Day 3, 4, 5 and 6.

Trial Recap for Day Three: Prosecution Witnesses

15. Kim Puig: A marketing professional, she owned the house in which Lillian and Rachael were killed. She testifies that she requested a three month lease with Neil and Rachael.

16. Pamela Jackson: She is the Welcome Wagon lady in Hopkinton. she welcomed the Entwistle family in January.

17. Michael Sheehan: Employee of MA Port Authority, he works for the parking system at Logan Airport. He testifies to retrieving the ticketing records for the Entwistle's BMW, found parked at Logan.

18. Marianne Chandler: Employee of MA Port Authority. She maintains the documents and videos of the parking garages.

19. Julie-Ann Aloise: Investigator with Citizen's Bank. She investigates financial crimes against the band and also works with law enforcement. She testifies about the various bank accounts in Neil and Rachael's name as well as the ATM transactions on their accounts from January 19th, 2006 through January 22nd, 2006.

20. Carol Cox: Customer service representative with British Airways. She ensures planes are loaded on time. She testifies that on the day she waited on Neil at her counter, their computers were down. She directed Neil to the reservation system so he could purchase an e-ticket.

21. Mary Hannon: Customer Service Manager for British Airways. She's worked three years at Logan. She oversees the operations for compliance. She also maintains custodial records. In her testimony, she confirms the transaction made by Entwistle. She confirms the records she is shown: - Reservation for Entwistle - Check-in sheet - Passenger list printed the night before – Neil is not on it - Boarding sheets - Fare paid sheet 21st of January at 7:06am, Entwistle purchased the e-ticket according to the call center records - $787, one way fare paid for by Visa credit card.

Joanna Gately: A close friend of Rachael. They met at Holy Cross in 1998. Gately testifies to the events of January 2oth, where she and her sister Maureen went to the Entwistle home for a planned dinner get together. Arriving at the home, got no answer at the door. They found the note the Priscilla left earlier and decided to wait in their car. After trying to get into the home and speaking to Priscilla on the phone, they contacted police. Joanna and Maureen stayed at the home all night, only leaving for a two hour period to drive around looking for the BMW.

Aaron O’Neil: Police patrolman. O'Neil was on patrol the night of the 20th and responded to the call for assistance at the Entwistle home. It took 10 minutes to get to the house after he was dispatched. Sgt. Sutton was also dispatched. They used a credit card to open the front door and investigate the home.

Trial Recap Day Four: Prosecution Witnesses

Sgt. Michael Sutton: He responded to the first call to the Hopkinton home. He has been in law enforcement for 22 years. January 21st, he was on the 4pm to midnight as shift supervisor. At 8:31pm he was dispatched to 6 Cubs path. He testifies that the visit on January 21st was a well being check.

Sgt. Mary Ritchie: She has been with the State Police crime scenes services for the past 16 years. She responds to death scenes in the Commonwealth. She has been to hundreds of crime scenes. She goes through her CV. She is a latent fingerprint specialist and footwear specialist.

January 22, 2006 she was called to the Hopkinton Police Department and was told why she was called. She took prints from Joanna Gately. They went to 6 Cubs Path because there were two victims in the home. She testifies to her teams investigation and evidence collection procedures at the Entwistle home in painstaking detail.

Trial Recap for Day Five: Prosecution Witnesses

Sgt. Mary Ritchie is back on the stand for a good portion of the day.

Lisa Scoutlas: She works for Intrinsic. She recruits, reviews resumes and maintains them. She testifies to receiving a resume and cover letter from Neil Entwistle in February 2005 as well as December. Since Neil was not a US citizen she did not have a position to offer him.

27. John Soares: He works in the crime lab for the state police. He does forensic biology at the lab. He gives his CV. He specializes biological recovery and trace materials and blood stain analysis. He was called to 6 Cubs Path at 1:30am to investigate the double homicide along with Deanna Dygan. Soares testifies to the investigation and collection work he performed at the Entwistle house.

Trial Recap for Day Six: Prosecution Witnesses

John Soares continues testimony. Yesterday and today, he identifies exhibits from the house that are introduced as evidence.

28. Jeremy Roybal: He is employed by E-bay that purchased Pay Pal. He’s been there 8 years and he is a fraud investigator Roybal testifies that he collected records on Neil Entwistle and put them on a CD. He identifies the CD and it is marked as evidence. He retrieved information on Pay Pal accounts that Entwistle had and well over fifty transactions where customers were refunded payment for non-delivery of items by Entwistle.

Deanna Dygan: She is a chemist with the crime lab. She examines physical evidence from crime scenes. Blood, biological and trace evidence. Dygan goes through her CV and training and testifies to the work she performed on this case. She identifies exhibits from the house that are introduced into evidence.

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