Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Neil Entwistle Trial: Day Two Recap

These are the witnesses who testified for the prosecution on Day Two:

5. Lloyd Cooke: Back on the stand under cross examination.

6. Michael Matterazzo: Joe Matterazzo's son. He testified that on January 21st, himself, Joe and his brother Anthony all went to the gun club together and that Joe's guns "Were in their cases and locked." He also testified to the demeanor of the family on Sunday, January 22nd.

7. George Wilson: Controller for a construction company and lead instructor for the junior rifle program. Known the Matterazzo family since September 2005. There was no cross of this witness.

8. Joseph Matterazzo: Husband of Priscilla, Rachael's mother whom he has known for 18 years. Testifies to his history with Priscilla, Rachael, Jerome (Rachael's brother) and Neil. He testifies about the office located over the garage, the spare keys, where the keys to his guns where kept, the times he went to the gun club shooting with Neil and that Neil shot the guns. "He did very well with them." Matterazzo also testifies to an odd telephone call he received from Neil, with Neil telling him about discovering Rachael and Lillian's bodies.

9. Dawn Campbell: A bookkeeper at John Ryan. She knew Joe. She testifies she saw Joe at work on the 20th and his demeanor was fine.

Nancy Huntley: Bookkeeper at Vern, a company that does work with John Ryan.

11: Joseph Morrissey: Electrician. He saw (Joe) on the job on January 20th. They spent an hour together talking about the job.

12: Edward Flagg: Electrician. Worked for John Ryan. He knows Joe and saw him at the job site. Joe was there for an hour.

Witnesses 9-12 testified to Joe's demeanor days before Rachael and Lillian's bodies were discovered.

Maureen Renaud: Toll collector. She knows Priscilla because her mother-in-law is Priscilla’s sister.

Michelle Vigneaux: Close friend of Rachel from high school.