Monday, June 2, 2008

Sex-Crime Registry Called For In Wake of Jersey Abuse Scandal and Pimping for Frank Walker

~Haut de la Garenne

--- Jersey’s chief law officer has told the media that a far-reaching register for sex offenders is to be instituted as a result of the abuse scandal.

William Bailhache, Attorney General, said if the police investigation led to lengthy trials, a judge from outside the island was likely to be brought in to handle them.

Bailhache rejected suggestions that justice could not be served if handled in Jersey’s court. He said it was up to Jersey and its 800-year-old independent legal system to tackle the problem.

“I don’t think there’s any doubt that justice can be done,” he said. “The Jersey Royal Court is very well respected. When any community, wherever it is, has this sort of problem, the community must deal with it.”

Philip Bailhache, Bailiff – William’s brother – is the senior judge on the island leading to criticism of a conflict of interest.

Just months after William Bailhache became Attorney General, a prosecution brought in his name came before his brother, Philip. Defense lawyers challenged on the grounds there could not be a fair trial. The Bailiff refused to
step down. The Court of Appeal backed his position.

Full TimesOnline article here.

Hey, that sure sounds like fair and unbiased to me! Move along folks, no conflict of interest to see here…

--- The relentless attack on Lenny Harper and his superior, Graham Power continues over the “skull fragment”.

Jimmy Perchard, Assistant Minister for Health & Social Services, who has direct responsibility for child protection in Jersey sent the following e-mail to Chief Minister Frank Walker. Of particular note, the media was copied on this email.

From: James Perchard
Sent: 26 May 2008 06:44

To: 'Frank Walker'

Cc:;; 'Ben Queree';;;; Christie Tucker; Denzil Dudley
Dear Frank,

I request that you immediately arrange for an INDERPENDANT investigation be held into my claim that either the States of Jersey Chief of Police or his Deputy knowingly misinformed me and others regarding the alleged find in late February at Haut de la Garenne of so called “human remains”?

Either the States of Jersey Police Chief or his Deputy knowingly lied to me and others - a fact that can be effortlessly confirmed by noting the dates and content of emails and correspondence from the Oxford Radiocarbon Accelerator Unit to the States of Jersey Police and the 5th May email sent to me from the Chief of Police.

I consider it unacceptable that the Police should make wild unsubstantiated claims and peddle untruths in an effort to deceive the people of Jersey and their elected representatives.

I trust that you will be arranging that an investigation be held immediately. An investigation which I confidently predict will prove that a senior officer from the States of Jersey Police knowing deceived me and the people of Jersey and I request that appropriate action be taken thereafter.



Senator James L Perchard

Ok, look at the date of the e-mail; May 26, 2008. This skull fragment/piece of coconut controversy has been addressed ad nauseam. There is absolutely no proof the fragment is or isn’t bone or, is or isn’t coconut…it is not part of the investigation.

C’mon Jim, keep up here. Buy a newspaper or watch the evening news – it’s called current events! Or, maybe Jim is just pimping Frank Walker’s agenda?

--- Senator Stuart Syvret has reproduced a lengthy statement by the States of Jersey Police Force on the present status of the investigation at Haut de la Garenne. It’s a good, detailed read and can be found at Senator Syvret’s blog.