Thursday, April 9, 2009

Phil Spector Verdict Watch Day 7

8:39 am: Our train is just leaving the station. Today, we were able to get out the door on time (8:15 am), however, I was eating my breakfast in the car.

We went appliance shopping last night, with several issues of Consumer Reports in hand. Mr. Sprocket swore we would not get another GE washer. However, CR’s had rated this new GE second as well as a best buy in their most recent issue on washing machines. I wasn’t immediately sold on this model at first, because it has some sort of raised crest in the front of the washer. I wanted a completely flat surface across the front. The next best thing in our price range was a Samsung (sp?), but it was rated much father down the line. After going to several stores and looking at prices and models, we purchased the GE from Sears. The only problem is this model is selling so well, we can’t get a delivery for another two weeks. It will be Laundromat time tonight.

Shopping around the Internet last night, Mr. Sprocket found their may be a screen upgrade I can get for my iBook that is a “brighter” screen. He’s going to try to call a few places today.

An adorable little girl just got on the train with her father. She’s wearing pink Croc’s, black leggings with stars on them an olive quilted jacket and a green velvet dress. She doesn’t want to sit in her seat; she wants to hold onto the silver pole and spin around it. Her father pulls out his camera and takes her photo spinning around the pole. She’s a bit restless, sitting down then getting up to spin around the pole every other minute.

8:52 am: Vermont Sunset! We are a stop away from the halfway point. Some people are reading books or the morning paper, some are in conversation, and some have their eyes closed trying to get some last minute rest before they get to where they’re going. Once you’ve ridden the Red Line for a while, you can tell which station you are at just by glancing out the windows and looking at the floor. The patterns, materials and colors are different for each. For many stations, even the columns, seating and decor is different.

9:27 am: I'm finally inside the courtroom. We can hear a bit of noise coming from the jury room. I just got off the elevator on the 9th floor when the last of the jurors were clearing the 9th floor security station. I held back for a couple minutes until all of them had entered the hallway. They entered the courtroom around 9:20 am. I haven't heard a buzz yet and we have not been notified that they started before we entered. The AP reporter just showed up.

Answering a comment. I'm able to power my laptop because the courtroom has electric outlets along the back wall. I just plug it in. The WiFi is free.

9:40 am: There are a few other reporters here. A guy from City News, Gary from one of the major networks (I think NBC) and the AP reporter. Pat Kelly is beside me, working on her laptop keeping me honest for another day. The AP reporter is reading the paper and the reporters are discussing a bit of the news there.

9:42 am: Paul from CNN just arrived. I believe he has taken over for Lindy.

9:44 am: We now know why we had not heard the buzz. One of the jurors was late, Juror #1. Probably traffic problems. There was a hazardous spill on one of the MetroLink tracks, ouside the City of Orange, south of Los Angeles. That's why Linda from San Diego is late. Her train was rerouted to Riverside. She might be here in an hour. Hopefully, we will hear the buzz soon.

9:49 am: BUZZ! They've started deliberating. It's official. If deliberations go into tomorrow, Friday will only be 1/2 day.

9:50 am: AP reporter and the City News reporter take off. I forgot to mention that Dr. Adams is here waiting for a seat in 107. Ah. He tells me he doesn't think the Judge for 107, Pastor, is there yet. He was assured by Pastor's clerk that hearings would start right at 8:30 am, but here it is almost 10 am and he's waiting.

10:02 am: Sherri and Katie are here. They bring news, since I can't listen to any on the train. A young pitcher with the Anaheim Angels died in an auto accident last night. Nick Adenhart was 22 years old.

Answering a question. Mr. Sprocket is a whiz at all things mechanical. He is a tinkerer, and can fix anything. We will never have to have to hire a repair man. We've installed our own central air/heat system in this old house ourselves as well as a tankless water heating system. We've also upgraded the electric panel and rewired the entire house. Mr. Sprocket is usually not satisfied with they way things are built and he usually has to "modify" most things we buy.

Answering a question. I plan on taking a long break from the criminal court building once this case is finished.

10:14 am: Another case is being heard right now. I won't report on it because I don't want to get it all wrong again.

Answering some questions. Yes, I will be going back to sewing once this is over. I'm looking forward to it. No, I don't think it would be wise to head over to the jury room and stick my head in there. I'm sure I would be escorted out of the courtroom lol! From the show last night, I didn't learn much new. Most of what Ricardo talked about I had heard before.

Answering some questions. Punkin Pie was not called as a witness by the defense in the second trial. The reason is unknown.

10:41 am: Linda from San Diego finally rolls in. I believe her train was rerouted through Riverside. The AP reporter is chatting with (I believe) an attorney who came by to drop off some papers. Gary is on his laptop and Pat Kelly is still here beside me working away on her computer.

Answering some comments. Intimidation tactics by the defendant and his supporters. I will write more about this when the case is finished. Anakerie, when I see Dr. Adams again (he left to enter 107) I'll tell him

10:47 am: BUZZ! The jurors are taking a break.

Answering some comments. I am NOT requesting anyone donate to my expenses. If you feel of your own personal volition, that's fine but I am NOT making any requests whatsoever. A little bit about this courthouse. It's a 19 story building in the middle of downtown Los Angeles. There are quite a few courtrooms here. There are nearly 40 courthouses that jury assembly rooms in LA County alone. There are about 50 facilities, counting the warehouse and the archives. Pat Kelly from the PIO is going to try to get me some exact figures on the number of courtrooms in the building, etc. However, If every courtroom stayed late, think of all the staff that would have to work overtime, not to mention the security.

1057 am: Harriet Ryan from the LA Times dropped in to say hello check on the jury watch and then take off. I'm sure she's busy with lots of cases.

11:01 am: BUZZ! The jury is back on the job.

And Paul from CNN rolled back in.

Pat Kelly from the PIO give me some figures. You have to consider that we have over 10 million residents in Los Angeles County. 1.7 million cases are filed each year in LA County. 1 million of those are traffic related and then there are divorces, civil suits, probate matters. It's quite different than most other areas of the country. You have to also understand that for this courthouse, jurors can be pulled from as far as 20 miles away. Traffic in this city is horrendous. It takes me almost an hour to get here and I live 17 miles away. We had a juror late due to a traffic problem today. The major reason the courtrooms don't have jurors deliberate late is security and there is the issue of staffing and paying overtime. It's just not as realistic to do that as it would be in a smaller courthouse or city.

Here is a link to the Superior Court's annual reports where you can find all kinds of statistics. I recommend everyone pick the last annual report and take a look. In the Clara Shortridge Foltz Building alone, they tried 153 murders in a single year.

Please everybody, be respectful to each other in the comments section.

From the Court website, approximately 125,000 people go through the Shortridge Foltz building each month!

Answering a question. Cloey from Juror Thirteen verifed it for me this morning. The first jury deliberated 43 hours.

Answering a question. M. Kitty, Mr. Sprocket got a NORITZ tankless system. He says they're the best. We have hot water in about 10-15 seconds and turn it off at night.

Answering a question. If jurors had to work until 6:30 pm, most would not get home until 8:00 pm with our traffic.

Answering a question. Yes, the 43 hours is the total deliberated. I don't know at what the hours were when they reached their initial deadlock.

11:39 am: I see the AP reporter is working the crossword again and Paul is helping her. Katie and I are bored to tears. Linda from San Diego and Sherri are reading books. I ask Gary if he's ready to fall asleep, but he says no, he's still with us.

Personally, I think we need to give this jury a break. They've had SIX MONTHS of information to process. I don't think we are giving them credit for all the time and patience they've put into this trial. JMHO.

Answering a comment. Pat Kelly tells me that jurors get $15.00 a day. I am planning on branching out into making some cutsom baby quilts.

Time to clear the court! 11:52 am.

11:55 am BUZZ!*

12:06 pm I'm in the cafeteria, having lunch. (*When I was in the elevator bay, Pat Kelly was still in the courtroom and heard the buzz. She looked up at the clock to note the time and told me when she saw me at the elevators.)

Answering a comment. No, you can't buy beer or wine in the cafeteria. I'm sorry to those of you who tried to call into the Blog Talk Radio show last night. You can leave a comment to ask your question now, or you can send me an email. I do try to answer all my mail.

As I was leaving the courtroom, Pat Kelly and I were talking about what the jurors get paid. She said they don't even get paid for their first day of service. Wendy reminds us that the Spector jurors are paid by their employers. Pat Kelly says that the jurors get 34 cents a mile travel expenses. She also tells me that the Court system has tried to work with the surrounding employers to get companies to pay at least for two weeks of service. She indicated that the average trial is five days. If an employer does pay for service, then the money the employee would be paid is reverted to the employer.

Answering a comment. The purse was on her shoulder. The strap was twisted around and hooked over the front arm stanchion of the right side of the chair. Katfish! Big wave! I will be making blankets similar to the ones in this entry on my Sewing Blog. What will be different is the fabric selections. I bought a bunch of baby flannel on sale over the holidays. I am very behind on sewing. I'm working when I can on a repair of a duvet cover for a friend. I still have wheelchair bags to make and several projects of my own I hope to get started on soon.

Answering a comment. You should be able to put the "foot" back on yourself on your sewing machine. There should be a tiny repair kit with small screwdrivers with it. If you are still having problems, your local sewing store should be able to help you.

1:07 pm: I'm getting sleepy. I may have to get some caffeine to wake up. Heading back upstairs to the 9th floor to wait out the reopening of 106.

1:18 pm I get up on the 9th floor and find out that the Spector jury went home. Wendy peeked her head out of 106 and said, "Anyone waiting for the Spector trial, a juror went home sick." Linda from San Diego tells me the jury left at around 1:05 pm.

That's it for today. I have no idea about tomorrow.

3:24 pm: I'm finally home. Stopped off to do some much needed shopping. Right now we are collecting laundry to hit the (oh fun!) laundromat. Washer doesn't get delivered until the 22nd.

I will not know if they are going to be deliberating tomorrow until I get down to the courthouse. Yes, I plan on going. I will be on Talk Radio One tonight sometime after 9:00 pm.

Here is the unofficial time for today. I will get it confirmed with Wendy tomorrow morning to find out if by any chance they got back on the clock before they went home.

9:49 am start
10:47 am stop 58 Minutes
11:01 am start
11:55 am stop 54 Minutes

Tentative total time for today: 1 Hour, 52 Minutes.

Thank you everyone, for all your encouraging words of support. Lets hope for the juror feeling better tomorrow and deliberations continuing.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sprocket

Anonymous said...

Glad you arrived in time Sprocket.
Mr. Peanut and I were just discussing the case over coffee and we think the verdict will be forthcoming.

Anonymous said...

Good morning Sprocket,
I'm glad that you were successful in your washing machine quest. It is frustrating when our "taken for granted" way of life is interrupted. Just look at it this way, you have a new-found appreciation for your washer. Life is good. I hope Mr. Sprocket has good luck with the screen as well.
Here's hoping that today is the day. I will look forward to the conversations of the day.

Anonymous said...

So how are you able to power your laptop all day in court?

Anonymous said...

Morning Sprocket, holding out hope for a verdict but being patient.

Anonymous said...

Well Well Well were all relieved to know Mr. Peanut is calling a verdict today. Only in America.

Anonymous said...

Whew...You're there! Glad you made it. With your hurt knee and computer screen issue yesterday I got panicked a little lol.

Hope your knee is feeling better today, and that this will be the last day that your butt has to sit on those hard court room benches waiting for the PS2 verdict! Hoping and praying (along with everyone else) that the jury delivers today!

Have a great day!


Anastasia said...

I am looking forward to your updates and hopefully a verdict today!

What is next for you? I must say I am hooked to your blog now!

Anonymous said...

Sending good thoughts and best wishes your way!

ritanita said...

Good morning, Sprocket. Here's hoping today is the day. If not, hmmm... just keep waiting.

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Mrs Sprocket, Do you know if there will be deliberations tomorrow if no verdict is reached today?

Thank you

Anonymous said...

Anyone know what Spector did last night. I'll bet he couldn't even sleep.

Anonymous said...

Good morning Sprocket and fellow
PS2 watchers!
Yes, today is the day.....I hope.
Sprocket, I am so glad you and Mr. Sprocket were able to agree on a washer. My hubby and I do not agree on such things very quickly. Looking forward to your blog today.

Anonymous said...

You did a great job last nite on the radio. do you know of any info regarding the Pex perjury issue?

Christine said...

Glad you got there --

Sprocket, did you ever have any idea that you would be faithfully going to this for SIX months? There is no way any of us can imagine what you've done and the personal life inconveniences you've endured for this valiant effort. A thousand thanks!.

Have you posted anywhere who the foreperson is? Have you found out?

Anonymous said...

Any sightings of PS besides Mr. Peanut. That is a story within the story.

Anonymous said...

Any sightings of the Spector's...wonder how nervous they are getting after all this time?

Anonymous said...

Good Morning from Florida mrs Sprocket, have the Jury started today?

Anonymous said...

morning sprocket form scotland thanks for coverage fingers crossed for verdict today

Anonymous said...

My guess is he will be spending Easter in Jail.

LinZbee said...

Morning Sprocket!
We're here with you waiting and reading your every word. Even as you wait, your entries are so helpful and interesting to us, as if we're actually there sitting with you, watching and listening to the happenings (or even non-happenings) as the clock ticks on...

Anonymous said...

Ahh so, tomorrow may still yield a verdict, I was so sure it would be today because I thought today was our last day this week for deliberating. Perhaps they will push for a guilty today since holiday preparations need to begin on the homefront.

Anonymous said...

Good morning Sprocket.
Heard you on the BlogtalkRadio last night. It appeared to be a pretty cheesy radio show. You're better than that! Lost calls, no calls and hang up because I called to ask a question.
However, what you did share with us was good information. Wish you could have shared a lot more. I was very disappointed to hear Juror #9 share the experience he had with the other jurors in Spector(1) LAST year. Will listen again in two weeks. Hoping for a guilty this time Sprocket. He killed her.

Anonymous said...

A very good morning to you Sprocket from the UK. Just wanted to let you know I listened to you on the radio show this afternoon and thought you came across really well. I'm glad you've found your washing machine and hope you have luck with the new screen (sounds like Mr Sprocket is on the case for you).

Hope your knee is feeling better today and look forward to reading your blogs.

Anonymous said...

Good morning Sprocket and fellow verdict watchers. I've noticed that the comments start out so nice and positive in the morning and gradually get negative after the morning break. I hope we can all stay nice all day if it takes that long, which I think it will.


Anonymous said...

If delebberations go into next week, Spector wil be acquitted.

Anonymous said...

Donna from LA (the state) here!

The other night, I had a dream, wherein Spector was inexplicably a FRIEND of mine (Ick! Shudder!!), and he was very nervously awaiting the verdict. What a nightmare!!!

Anonymous said...

Conrad in Carolina here.......quietly and patiently waiting. Please do me a favor and tell Beth Karas she really is a great commentator and one very classy lady. Love her clothes and looks are a grand slam to me.

Carol L Beck said...

Mrs. Sprocket:

I realize you are still working on this case, but are you planning to continue your great work on another case after this one and if so, do you know which case that would be? If I'm not interested in that case now, I will be after the first time you blog about it.

No offense to Mr Sprocket, but why do men think they know what a woman wants her washer to do? I personally like mine simple, but if my husband were to go out alone to buy one, it would look like the inside of a cockpit!

Have a wonderful day and enjoy the people around you.


Anonymous said...

I think the comments start off nice because we are all optimistic that there will closure to this tragic affair.

Towards the day, it's hard to believe that a decision by the jury has yet to be made.

It's call frustration.

Anonymous said...

Good Morning!

Thank you so much Sprocket for your valuable reporting! I've been visiting your site for a few days now and love your posts even the posts about your train rides!

I do find the CA justice system to be a joke. To deliberate only 1-2-3 & 4 hours and then call it a day is laughable. The state where I live, jurys deliberate for a minimum of 8 hrs a day (that does not include lunch) and most ofter 10-12-14 hours a day or until they get the job done.
NO WONDER the state of CA. is broke! What a drain on the system. You mention just today about another hearing supposed to start at 8:30 yet at 10am still no start and that's typical for CA.
What a huge waste of taxpayer's money. If this jury doesn't come up with a verdict today, in my opinion, they are just riding out the gravy train. No work, free lunch...typical.

Keep up the good work Sprocket for if it wasn't for you, we would have NO news of the Spector re-trail!


Anonymous said...

Mrs Sprocket this is way off topic but after this trial do you plan on going back to sewing? because i would love to order some Christmas stuff early.

Thank you

Anonymous said...

thanks for all of the reporting sprocket.

would you mind sticking your head in the deliberation room and telling the jurors to give us a guilty verdict by noon? ;-)

Barry said...

Good morning, Sprocket!

I was one of those who was on the phone last night to your radio show when the inexplicably could not figure out how to answer calls!

I'm curious as to what you learned from Ricardo last night - did anything he say surprise you or deepen your knowledge?

Hope this is your last day "watching paint dry, although I suspect tomorrow is the more likely day...

Anonymous said...

Good Morning from fans in Germany

Anonymous said...

Sprocket will you be able to hear the three buzz's if your out of the courtroom? Like in the hall?

Linda in Tx

Anonymous said...

BUZZ BUZZ.... The jury would like to know what they are having for lunch.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your dedication sprocket, you're really great at what you do. Any chance we can convince you to go to Florida to cover the Casey Anthony murder trial? ;-)

Serious question though, I read somewhere that pumpkin pie has disappeared and did not testify in trial #2. Is this true?

Anonymous said...

Good Morning (afternoon here) Sprocket. Here's hoping that this is the LAST day of deliberations and you can begin to enjoy your holiday weekend tomorrow. Nothing like a day off to make one feel better. Add a nice GUILTY verdict to that and you'll be feeling better in no time. Thanks again for all you do to keep us all in the loop.

Melissa, KY said...

I have been following your blog since about mid-trial and I did follow the first trial on Trial Watchers.

You mentioned something yesterday about PS trying to keep you out of the courtroom...I had not heard anything about this before and was curious if you could expand on it if you had a little time.

Thanks for your committment.

Anakerie said...

Hi Sprocket! I'll bet you're looking forward to not commuting to the courthouse for a while after Phil's case is done and over with! Just wanted to say thank you for your diligence in keeping us trial junkies informed...

Please send a hello to Dr. Adams from me the next time you see him. I've missed reading his posts on InSessions... :)

Anonymous said...

Jury wants more Rainbow Sherbert and they won't give a verdict until they get it. Sure sounds like MAN-YAH-NA land to me!

We should all pass the hat and send donations to Sprocket for her expenses at least!!!

Linda said...

Just wanted to say thank you for your dilagence in this. My daughter found your blog and i have been hooked (as a lot of others) waiting for the verdict. We followed the first one and now want to see this one through also. I live in a small town in one of the far western states and with all the snow we have gotten in the last month, its nice to think of someone in the sunshine and doing a favor to us. Hard to find anything on the national news coverage and even Court TV.

Underdog said...

Good morning from Tennessee, Sprocket. You're a trooper!

Here are some ideas to chew on while you wait:

I think most of the country outside of Californina looks at California trials as always taking much longer than the rest of the country. For example, I was a juror on a felony murder trial in Tennessee (a retrial, actually, only we--the jury--didn't know that). Testimony took four days, and we deliberated for about two and a half hours before finding the defendant guilty. I know that probably seems too little time to reach a verdict, but we considered and debated all the evidence and were fortunate to have some very black and white evidence from the forensic pathologist. Obviously, the Spector case is way different from the trial where I served. But do you think most California cases fit the sterotype of long and drawn out?

Sharon from Oregon mentioned that the jury might want to wrap things up before the Easter weekend. I'm wondering if she'll be right. The jury I was on was a sequestered jury, and most jurors were desperate to get home. We got the case around 5pm, and everyone wanted to debate until we reached a verdict even though it was evening and we were getting what turned out to be our worst snowstorm of the year (we all had to be taken home around 11pm in police Jeeps w/4WD!) So strange things can motivate a jury to get a case wrapped up. Your thoughts?

Anonymous said...

I was a GE employee for 30 years. I owned a GE-made washing machine that lasted for 20 years, which is the best you can expect with any brand. I bought another GE washing machine and it works fine.

David From TN

Anonymous said...

I see that the jury impasse continues and expect them to inform the judge today. The judge will give them new instructions and a three or four day weekend so they can catch up on the T&T blog.

The jury will cook off and deadlock. We can then gear up for State v Spector III which will get even less media interest than this retrial.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sprocket

I listened to you on the internet show last night. The host needs to get his act together on the phones. If he is going to run a show he needs to be able to answer a call. I tried to call with a question for Ricardo but could not get through.

I guess you had heard it before, but the description from Ricardo of what transpired with the other jurors in ps1 was surprising to me. I was disappointed in the attitude of many of them, especially the women. I suspect that might be what is going on in there now. Eventually though, the ps1 jurors worked through it and only Juror #10 caused the hung jury.

I hope this ends today.


Anonymous said...

Can't help but wonder if Ricardo hadn't been such a "hothead" and hung in there just a little longer if they might have reached a verdict in the first trial. I know it is not fair to judge not having been there but listening to Ricardo last night describe his actions, "getting in peoples faces, yelling" etc. It appears that he was the one that gave up and called it a mistrial when his tactics didn't produce results when he thought they should. Just can't help but wonder, since no one likes being bullied and yelled at, if the other jurors went along with him just to get away from his behavior. Sounds more reasonable to me than a juror being compromised. I hope cooler heads prevail this time so all can come to the obvious guilty verdict.

Anonymous said...

Off Topic here...but someone above mentioned if Sprocket was going to get back to her sewing. I just want to toot Sprocket's horn for a second. I have purchased several of her hot/cold packs from her (for myself and for gifts) and let me tell you, they are the BEST ones out there you can get. They are high quality and beautifully made. They smell good, too! I won't ever be with them. I've tried practically every store bought heat pack out there and none of them compare to Sprocket's. Hers are the absolute best.

Okay, back on topic! Alright's time to put the little wigged man away. Come on, come on, come on...what's the hold up, people? I know it was a long trial, but it was pretty cut and dry. PS killed Lana...whether on purpose or an accident - he shot her. He's responsible for her death. Maybe the jury is hung up on which charge to convict him on that's all. ??

Kitty M.

livvy said...

hey sprocket everytime you mention your expenses and NOT asking for donations it sounds like you ARE asking for donations but trying NOT to appear to be. but that aside - lots of us feel you are OWED some donations for the dedication and hard work you have put in. someone should pay you. thanks

Anonymous said...

On the up side, it looks like their breaks are getting shorter!!

Christine said...

Sprocket, for those of us who didn't hear the interview last night, can you tell about what Ricardo said about getting into people's faces? I hadn't heard anything about the actual dynamics of Jury #1 and perhaps that could have caused a lack of communication. Just wondering....

caroleigh said...

Oh I love of the idea of Spector in a brand new brilliant Orange Jumpsuit. Maybe he can wear his big curly wig with a orange ribbon for the prisons Easter parade!

I'll bet he's home packing his suitcase, eating filet mignon knowing its Bologna sandwiches from now on.
I'll also bet Rochelle will be out looking around for a castle companion !
Smile Philip, your trial bride is going to have everything........

Fingers and toes crossed everyone!!!
F5 ing in Vancleave Mississippi

Anonymous said...

On that long break you plan to take after this case is over, you should try your luck at writing a murder mystery with your P I having a sewing hobby and a house full of cats,,,, Just let me know when the book signing will be

Anonymous said...

Well, the jury may be back on the clock...but the job is another story.

My guess is they won't reach a verdict today so they can come back for a 1/2 day tomorrow (a whopping 2 hours!) and get another free lunch and another FULL day's per diem.

PS probably already has his eggs colored and basket ready.

This case should be a slam dunk for guilty. Hopefully, the judge will intervene today and send the jury a charge to put an end to the long term suffering of Lana's family.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the jury has taken more than one vote. I'll bet they are deadlocked and the next buzz you hear is that they can't resolve it.
Where is Mr. peanut when we need him.

LinZbee said...

With all due respect, when does Sprocket mention her expenses ("every time")? And your take on her supposedly hidden requests for them are way off base. Strange way to tell her she's put in hard work and dedication as you then go on to state, if you ask me.

Anonymous said...

If they'd been sequestered they'd be moving a lot faster. This is ridiculous.

Anonymous said...


Do you know how many hourse the PS1 jury deliberated before first announcing an impasse?

Just trying to get a handle on how this jury are comparing time wise

Anonymous said...

Have to comment on the radio show last night as well. I was stunned to hear Riccardo's account that the female jurors were the ones buying into the bogus defense "stories" about Lana. Because of her truly remarkable beauty, stature, and vibrancy (a natural attention grabber the minute she entered a room) Lana, in life, could evoke a great deal of jealousy from less secure women. It seems that effect may have carried on after her death as well.

But the most surprising thing to me - and this actually astonished me - was that it sounded like they actually bought Pie's testimony about Lana always having her purse on her shoulder at all times.

I knew Lana and this is patently false information. The day she testified to it I shouted at the TV. But what I or anyone else says is irrelevant - you only need consult your 'lying eyes'. There are volumes of photographic evidence to support the fact that, like any other woman, Lana put her purse on her shoulder when coming and going, at entrances and exits. Period.

Even the photos of Pie and Lana that were introduced into evidence in trial #1 were easily supportive of this if you examined them. You would see an occasional purse strap on the red carpet, or leaving an establishment, but never in midstream party or dinner shots.

It may seem like a small detail, but it was one that stuck a lump in my throat when I heard it and that made me question; WHY is she saying that? I honestly don't know why she would say that.

So when I heard #9 last night indicating that the female jurors seemed to buy into the purse stor... it made me reel.

Thank you again Sprocket so much for giving everyone a lifeline to the daily information, and for helping those of us who knew Lana stay continually updated. You're doing a great public service.

Lana's pal

Anonymous said...

hung jury? maybe cant wait to find out

mControl said...

Pins and needles hurt my bottom, Sprocket! Let's hope that a verdict is reached before half time tomorrow!

Now that would be something worthy of the bunny's basket!

Hope the new washer works out for ya!!! Mwah!

Anonymous said...

This is Kitty M. here again A.K.A. as the "TYPO QUEEN". Earlier I meant to say that I will never be WITHOUT one of Sprocket's hot/cold packs! They're amazing. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't use one (I have several in differnt sizes).

Sprocket, do you like your tankless water heater? My hubby wants to install one. Our water takes so long to heat up and never gets hot enough for my preference. Plus, we run out of hot water so fast - 1 shower and it's GONE! What kind of tankless did Mr. Sprocket decide upon?

Anonymous said...

To work until 6pm is not late. To start deliberating at 9:45am IS late. When you factor in the per diem costs, lunches/snacks,etc. it would much more cost effective to have them come in a 8 or 8:30 put in at least a full 8 hr. day, 9 hours with lunch. Do the people that work at the Courthouse put in only a 4-5 hours a day? My guess is not.

The courts would not do it for every case but you would think for a high profile case such as this that has already been a financial burden on the state, they would at least make some adjustments.

But it's really not about costs to them, it's just California and it's never going to change.

Anonymous said...

Sprocket, Can you tell me what the jury is eating for lunch? My Granny told me breakfast is brain food.

Anonymous said...

Hey you're wrong about the expense issue; Sprocket didn't even bring it up and she obviously just wanted to clarify that, cos you HAVE to clarify things on here. Peace out. Back to blog watching and hoping for the verdict today, if the Jury feel ready.

Anonymous said...

Is that 43 hours total for the PS1 jury,

i was wondering how many hours they deliberated before they admitted they had problems?

Anonymous said...

Amazing job.. really top notch coverage.

Looking more and more like a hung jury. As many people know, almost every criminal case that goes beyond 14 hrs of deliberation end in mistrial or not guilty verdicts.

If you're more interested in regards to the length of times surrounding jury deliberation there's a real interesting thesis someone wrote about it that you can download here:

Anonymous said...

How much do the jury members get "per diem" pay in California?

Anonymous said...

to answer my own question: From my internet surfing, I believe California jurors are paid $15 per day, so I can't imagine that would be an incentive to waste all that time driving and doing this work.

Anonymous said...

To the California haters--Last time I had jury duty the per diem was $5. per day.

Sprocket, is it still the same or has it gone up to $7. maybe?

Anonymous said...

Re bored to tears. Makes me think of when I had to sit through interminable sermons as a child, and I would make up games counting the pieces of stained glass. A courtroom has even less interesting stuff... Hopefully, Sprocket, you'll get a good wake up call today.

Anonymous said...

Sprocket, getting away from the subject at hand for a moment..
have you ever tried quilting? It can be so much fun to design and then make the could add that to your repetoire (sp.).

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Mr. Jackson on dateline tomorrow night. That should be fun to watch.

Anonymous said...

Can you buy beer or wine at the court cafeteria?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hey there Sprocket! I heard you interview last night and I too was one of the folks waiting to ask a question. Really bummed when he couldn't get the phones to work! I also agree that we should give the jurors a break...I think it is harder on them than us! Thanks for saying that!


Details said...

I've hit an hour long traffic jam in LA - at 2:00 AM! On a weekday! Traffic there is just incomprehensibly bad, and to take people from their jobs (most find a place to live that minimizes their commute, or arrange for carpools and trains and other methods of working with the traffic), and expect them to make it downtown every morning during the peak of rush hour (rush hour in LA - another thing that is far larger than you might expect - starts VERY early, goes on for a long time) - it's a lot of time.

Anonymous said...

In light of the economic times, concessions have to be made by everyone. So why is it too much to ask for an 8 hr. work day at least like the rest of the country?

I love California, I just think the work ethic in the justice system is blatantly flawed.

katfish said...

Hello fellow trial watchers!

Just wanted to say something about the radio show last night. There were some technical problems with BTR last night. The first time I called in a recording said "there are no radio shows for the next 24 hours", since I was LISTENING to the show I called back and that's when Denny Griffin couldn't pick up the calls.

I have listened to other shows of Denny's and they have went fine, AAMF the only problem was they weren't long enough. LOL

Lana's pal,
I too was disappointed to hear some of the women jurors in round 1 bought the business about the purse....or anything that Pie said FTM.

IMO, PP was compensated in someway to testify like she did. The purse was/is a big problem for defense. It might be one thing to have your purse on your shoulder at a bar....but to shoot yourself? geesh!

Anonymous said...

wasnt the purse hung on the handle of the chair not neccesarily on the shoulder (pictures)

katfish said...

Let's not forget to subtract the cost of commuting to and from court from that $15.00 the jurors get paid. Then tack the commuting time on to the hours spent deliberating and these jurors are putting in a full day.

Sprocket, are you planning on piecing the baby quilts or sewing designs on a pre-printed fabric? Can't wait to see what you come up with.....not that I'm having any babies...LOL. Just fur ones.

Noneofyerbeeswax said...

Here's a big shout out to you Sproky - if it wasn't for you we would have NO idea what was going on, now that the media has decided Phil is old news.

To Lana's pal - I knew her also, years ago. She was one of the sweetest people I've ever met - and very kind - as pretty on the inside as she was on the outside. And I agree, it was just sickening to listen to this slime trying to trash her.

I am praying every day we'll get a guilty verdict and while it will never bring her back, it will be some small satisfaction knowing that Phil will never again be having any fun.

And, of course, when this trial is over, Lana's family can move on to taking every freaking penny Phil ever made - including any and all and any money and items of value he ever gave to the "Trial Bride". If she thinks she's going to come out of this rich, hahahaha! She better think again. (Think Ruth Madoff as a precedent....)

Hi Rachelle....that's right... you better rinse out your g-string, because you're going to need it when you have to go back to lap-dancing at some crusty, topless bar. I hear they're hiring in Bakersfield.....

Anonymous said...

i have a sewing machine but the little foot came off and im not sure how to put it back on,,also how to oil it,,,,do i need a repair man or can i do it myself?i lost the manual

Anonymous said...

Details: You're assuming they all have jobs. It would be interesting to know how many of the jurors/alternates actually do. $15. a day, 34cents a mile, free lunch, free snacks, lotta laughs, air conditioning, etc. is incentive to some to drag it out & I'll bet there are a few that don't want it to end. Not to mention the notoriety they will receive and revel in. This does not to all, but all it takes is ONE to allow that insipid little murderer to remain free!

The fact is, waiting for nearly 6 YEARS after this woman was murdered for justice is a travesty!!! Maybe not by CA standards but it is for the rest of the country. That's If there ever IS a verdict.

At any costs, it's called doing your civic duty and it should not be measured by mileage or per diem.

Anonymous said...

If this trial was to taken place in Nevada, Spector would of already be locked up and wearing a dress in prison.

Anonymous said...


Yes she was all that. Which I think may have contributed to the female jurors tendencies to not cut her any slack. Just my theory. I don't want to speculate on what turned Pie to say what she said, but I can state that it was a total shocker to hear. Something 'funny' going on there.

As for the purse, the strap, and the chair. Once you remove the lie that she always walked around with her purse hanging over her shoulder, it becomes a straight- forward, conscious act that requires some simple deliberation:

1) Decide you are going somewhere
2) Grab your purse
3) Hang it over your shoulder and head out

If you remove the invented story about Lana's "purse quirk" - this would then be the logical progression of events. Which implies that Lana was indeed headed out.

There is no story of that morning to fully support any of the defense's fairy tales about it. They can only offer cherry picked snips and absurd wide-reaching attempts to frame everyone outside of Weinberg and Spector as 'untrustworthy'. And then hope people are either dumb or just aren't paying that much attention.

You could see the difference in the 2 approaches in the closing arguments. Weinberg talked down to the jury as if he had to spoon-feed all this oh so complicated information into their wee little brains. Jackson did just the opposite. Shot it out as if he were in a roomful of his colleagues; no slowing down the pace of the delivery and no dumbing down of the vocabulary or the concepts. He treated them as equals. I think it proved a very effective choice, judging from their faces as they listened.

That said, I still worry about the outcome.

Pal of Lana

Anonymous said...

The big question at this point is: what is the jury thinking, and why are they still deliberating?

As we've hashed it out repeatedly, most of us feel if we were on the jury we'd have made a decision.

Yes, I am feeling more than a little cynical about it at this point.

I am sure there are many, many people in prison judged guilty on far less evidence, but perhaps money and celebrity do talk in CA.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of sewing, Sprocket. I own a business that specializes in the reupholstering of auditorium style seating for schools and universities throughout the US. We were recently awarded a contract to reupholster 6,000 seats/backs in 45 days for a convention center. The patterns were tough to sew because we had to have a factory applied firewall barrier applied to the reverse side of the fabric so we would be in compliance with CAL133. But, we got the job done in time!! That was a ton of sewing

caroleigh said...

To Sprocket................... A million Thank Yous............. for your dedication and honest reporting. Ever think about going to law school? WOW, you would be great.

To Iona Trailer....................... (great name), I cannot understand why they chose this Pumpkin pie,, was she paid by Spector? I remember her clearly, the casual dress! Why didn't those of you who knew Lana talk to Beth or Lisa or Jean in opposition?

To Rochelle........................ who you gonna dance with out by the pool?

Lastly, to Phil Spector.................... who is going to inherit your gun collection?

Anonymous said...

I suppose their commute to/from the jury room is what takes them so long (1 hour 25 minutes as of now) to have lunch. Or is it brought in? This is ludicrous!!

Anonymous said...

HEY SPROCKET WAKE UP!!!! did that help?

Anonymous said...

keep up the good work sprocket---we at J13 are behind you 100% and sending good thoughts your way!!!


Anonymous said...

Noticeably by the time clock, the juror was not too sick to eat lunch first before heading home!

What a joke!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Jury off again! They probably will not be back until Monday. I know you disagree Sprocket, but this is becoming just plain silly.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Here we go AGAIN. I'm sorry but this is soooo frustrating. Maybe it was the juror Spector paid off. Too much stress will make you ill. IMHO

Barry said...

Pal of Lana,

I watched the first trial and had come to the conclusion that Lana was a pretty sensational person. But then they showed her "Lana Unleashed" tape and it brought me to tears. She was so vibrant and warm and witty. Ricardo said many of the jurors had the same reaction.

If I may, I would like to ask you 2 questions, since you knew Lana well.

(1) Did you also know Pie and Jennifer H-R? Any insights as to their bizzare testimony?

(2) I read several accounts that said Lana hated guns. There was also testimony that she went to a firing range and was a crack shot. Do you have any insights?

My heart goes out to you and to all who loved Lana.

Anonymous said...

Can you imagine if we are this disapointed, how the Clarkson's must be feeling??

Anonymous said...

If you want to buy sprocket a cup of coffee all you have to do is go to paypal and send the money to
I hope this is kosher ,Thats what I done although it was a small amount.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sprocket! Just had to say THANKS A BUNCH! for all your reporting from the courtroom... like I was sitting right next to you - love your reporting style - telling us who all are there, what they're doing... execellent!!

Well - maybe tomorrow we'll have a verdict... before the Holidays! That would be really good - and since they work 1/2 day tomorrow - that will give Spector enough time to get to the court house for his guilty verdict!!


Anonymous said...

Oh, for God's sake. Another juror is sick? This is the most pampered jury I have ever seen. They better get this show on the road. They all sound like the have iron-poor blood.

They should have sequestered them. They would have moved much faster.

Anonymous said...

Greetings again from Costa Rica.

So this news of another juror going home 'sick' can be seen as either a sign of tremendous discord or a legitimate illness.

If its legit, theres nothing you can do about someone getting ill. But if its not legit and someone has essentially stormed off, I see it as possiby a good sign in that the jury is finally feelng the pressure to reach a consensus and things have heated up a lot.

To get people to all agree on one of three options is challenging enough. If there is one juror who is holding out and this person storms off claiming illness, they're effectively getting out of the kitchen cause they can't stand the heat. But they will eventually return once they cool off and either remain stuck to their position or (more likely) realize that they're the only one with their viewpoint and look at whether they really want to be the only one to cause a mistrial and ruin 6 months of work.

In any case, the pressure s building and like it or not this is a necessary part of our justice system.

Anonymous said...

is it true jurors have drawn names for 2009 Christmas exchange? ;-)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

A juror went home sick?

OMG, that can only mean one thing, there will be no more deliberations until Monday at the earliest and another long drawn out week.

Will this ever end?

I take it the sick juror had the catered lunch first.

Can't they just sequester them with a hospital bed and nurse? (ha ha)

Anonymous said...

To Caroleigh,
All of Lana's REAL friends were told over and over to not speak to anyone regarding the case. We were also very surprised that we were not called to testify. If I am ever murdered and a trial like this happens, I hope that my friends do not listen to the "Powers That Be" and shout from the rooftops - what they know to be true. In respecting the wishes of the family and the DA's office - we may have missed a chance to humanize this lovely woman and let everyone including the jurors - know how optimistic she really was in the weeks before the murder and all of the opportunities both professional and financial that she had at that time. Not to mention the many friends that would never have let her slip into poverty as the defense would like you to believe.
Another Pal of Lana

Anonymous said...

Sick? O...M...G....

Well.. look at it this way, at least your boredom ends. You get to get out of that freezing courtroom, go home, get warm, and do something you want to do. You need a break. Take a deep breath and take in some of that California sunshine. And take a load off that knee! Tomorrow is another day, and perhaps you'll have the day off!

Looking forward to listening to you on Mark's show tonight. Hang in there!

Kitty M.

Anonymous said...

Geeez what are they feeding these jurors??? Juror is sick, but not until after lunch

Am I smelling fish??

Anonymous said...

I find it really odd that this jury is on the home stretch but then someone goes home sick, causing deliberations to cease. I think the judge needs to have a chat with these people to see if there is a problem in there. Perhaps a juror needs to be replaced due to non-deliberation like they should have done with #10the last time?

caroleigh said...

Sprocket ,
Has my F5 quit working? Your last entry 3:21 my time
Could it be your busy?
Was there an important buzzzzzzz??
It is now p.m. here in Mississippi .
Hello ????
what is happening, I'm on pins and needles, heart palpitations
Oh please, Sprocket tell us something, anything! We love you

shari said...

Hi Sprocket, just wanted to say "hi" and not take up too much "comment time" here on the blog. Still am hangin' in there with ya and hope your knee is improving. Thanks again for all the updates and time you are investing in this for all of us.

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me?? Unbelievable.
I have a really bad feeling about this jury.

Sedonia Sunset said...

I've got a bad feeling if someone on the jury is just now getting sick. If the previous juror passed it on and it takes a week to incubate, then other jurors may fall ill, too. If they have to put in alternates, to boot, this is really going to drag out because they'll have to start over.

Back in the Middle Ages, soldiers would sometimes use a trebuchet (catapult) to fling bodies of plague or smallpox victims over the walls of a besieged compound in the hopes of spreading the disease within. Sometimes the would do it with LIVE people!

I just keep getting this vision of PS with a little mini-trebuchet, flinging some sort of contagion into the jury room whenever the door opens. Maybe THAT'S what he keeps in his murse. In the movie Timeline the English were flinging fireballs over castle walls and I just keep hearing the frantic panicked warning cries from within: [b]"TREBUCHET!!! TREBUCHET!!"[/b]

Anonymous said...

Cat Toy is officially starting to worry. I'll still get back to you about the bag Sprocket, economy issues, and life and all that jazz.
It's good to see so many of you from PS1.
There were day's this week, when I woke UP with Lana and her sister and her mother forefront on my mind, ran downstairs for early news, this has gone on for days.

Get it together Jury of my HomeState. You know I love you City of Angels but get your act together and do the right thing!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sprocket, thank you again for your fabulous coverage & for being there for all of us, and for being there for Lana. Hope your knee is doing better & get-well-soon to the juror who became ill.

Anonymous said...

I think they're having a hard time with murder two and manslaughter.

To the person who suggested option of "innocent." Don't make me laugh. Remember last time: 10 to 2 for conviction? The prosecution did a better job this time.

Anonymous said...

Sick or no, Fidler needs to check in with the jury. NOW.

Anonymous said...

hey sprocket,, thanks for being in court room today, many best wishes to you, your crafty mr., I admire him for walking away,,,,from the washing machine like a real man! Serious, once those machines give out just walk away. Your description of the court room action makes me believe the jury can deliver justice, they dont have to do it quickly. Good weekend, thanks,

Anonymous said...

Remember the "victory dance" Phil and Rochelle did after the last hung jury? You can still see it on YouTube. Get ready for victory dance #2!

I can't fault the whole jury yet bedause it could be just one cuckoo like the last time that's looking for his or her "fifteen minutes of fame".

If this was a trial withoug a famous, rich defendant it would have been over a long time ago. Jurors do their jobs and go home. Not in this case.

OIIIO-jeepjockey said...

Hey Sproket- Do you know what would happen if the jurors all agreed that PS was responsible for Lana's death, but could not agree on the specific degree? Could the court automatically accept the lesser charge or would it be a mistrial?

Many Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Jon: Nope, no victory dance this time.

Anonymous said...

Good Evening Sprocket!
Am glad you have the patience to do all this..

I am not from California (or even the US) so I have no idea what is SOP there. If there is a 2nd hung jury (even 10-2 in favor of conviction) does that not at least imply reasonable doubt?
And would there be a PS-3?? Trial by financial endurance..

Sprocket said...

The charges:

The jurors do not figure "guilt" or "not guilt" and then decide on a charge. That's not how it works.

There are two charges before the jury that they have to consider: 2nd Degree Murder nd Involuntary Manslaughter.

The Judge instructed the jury that before they can consider manslaughter charges, they have to find Spector guilty or not guilty of second degree, first.

If the jurors find Spector guilty of 2nd Degree Murder, they leave the Involuntary Manslaughter ballots blank.

If the jurors find spector not guilty of 2nd Degree Murder, then they go onto consider the Involuntary Manslaughter charge.

I hope that clears up your question.

Richard said...

Ha Ha ...No tension in the jury I dont thinks sooooo......Its a hung jury

Anonymous said...

Hey Richard- Did you read the story in the LATimes yesterday how Spector is running out of money? If it has to go to trial again, it will. And he won't have the $$$. Then he's got that nice little lawsuit by the Clarkson family coming.

I am surprised he hasn't had a heart attack by now.

Anonymous said...

Sounds to me like some of them are stuck between the second degree murder charge and manslaughter.

Fidler is gonna have to help them out on this.

Anonymous said...

I now am beginning to worry. I am all for giving the jury all the time they need, and I feel that they should be very thoughtful and diligent, as long as they are continuing to deliberate. This jury has not completed one full week yet. This must be especially difficult on the alternates. After all what are they there for, but to take over in the event of an ill jurror? I do think that the court should do a "welfare check" on this jury. I'm not sure how well that would play out for the prosecution or defense. I hate to cave in to speculation, but I am starting to get that gut feeling (justified or not) that something is not right. It feels like this may be taking a toll on some of the jurrors. I think that the worst thing would be another hung jury. If I were a member of Lana's family or friends I just couldn't take having to go through this yet again. SIGH. Time to light some candles and say prayers that this can come to a conclusion soon. Anyone else feel like me? Thank you as always Sprocket. I love this coverage.


Anonymous said...

Yea~ I have a very bad feeling as well...I'm hoping they are hung up on 2nd Degree vs Slaughter (sorry manslaughter) charge.And not buying any of this suicide nonsense.My birthday is 4/21 I really wouldn"t mind Him being locked up by then. Hasn't he done anything other than annoy the heck out of us to violate the terms of His bail...Sorry to vent.outstanding job Sprockett!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree, not ALL employers pay jury duty pay (and why should they, knowing a case can go half a year?). I always got out of jury duty due to this hardship (of no pay).
Juror #10 in PS1 got this benefit, as a county employee, and look what it got us.

I had a jr. high school math teacher, tall, skinny, old, with glasses and we called him Mr. Peanut (not to his face). Ah, to be in living in 1967 again....fetch me a time machine.
Wes J.

Tommy said...

You are right! Money talks

Logen said...

Yes, looks like money is not hurting PS at all.

Anonymous said...

hi Sprocket,

Off-top question: do you get wi-fi on the subway?

Thanks for all you do!

Anonymous said...

This jury brings NEW Meaning to the saying THE WHEELS of JUSYICE TURN SLOWLY!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The article from yesterday was insightful...and delightful. With TWO new mortgages on his house, he is likely "upside down" in it (as to its worth, which has slipped in the past year same as everyone in S. CA. And who wants a "murder house"?)

He sent over 30 political contributions to 3 persons, all of which were returned. Why keep sending them if that is the case? And what is the federal lawsuit filed by a music publisher who wants to be "in line" to buy the music catalog? I don't recall hearing about that one. Maybe MichelleB. can tell us its value.

Anonymous said...

Settling down to sleep last night I blinked awake:

Who would commit suicide with a tube of lipstick in their bra?

I hadn't known that til our discussions yesterday about that. No reasonable doubt Phil did it here.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 3:58 PM said...

"Sick or no, Fidler needs to check in with the jury. NOW."

I agree. I have the utmost respect for Judge Fidler and given the outcome of PS1, Judge Fidler is taking baby-steps through this process. I cannot, and will not, question Judge Fidler on this issue. Be patient. I do agree with your thought process, but if Judge Fidler hasn't approached the jury then we need to respect that. He is the Dad in all this so lets see how this shakes out

Anonymous said...

Wes J:

Are you serious? Who could afford to serve on a six month jury case with no pay?

Your solution ("I always got out of jury duty due to this hardship (of no pay)") would mean that we would have noone but the wealthy serving on long jury trials.

And Tommy, what do you mean by your seconding "money talks!" comment?

Anonymous said...

"Who would commit suicide with a tube of lipstick in their bra?"


Anonymous said...

It SHOULD NOT fall on employers--who are already feeling the squeeze, or giving up and moving offshore---to pay jury pay while getting no productivity from that employee.

A better system needs to come into play. Not sure what it is, but put nothing more on the backs of businesses, please.

Anonymous said...

That better system is raising juror pay in criminal cases to $100 a day.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 7:42 (above):

We can't scroll back to yesterday (I tried) but evidentally Lana's body, taken to morgue, had a tube of lipstick in her bra.

Did I get that right?

And no, of course not: despair or not, what woman would commit the final act of life/suicide -- with lipstick in her bra?

Sprocket said...

Entries from yesterday are still visible and you can read them.

You just can't post on yesterday's entry since they are closed when a new entry is put up.

It makes it easier on me when I'm answering questions.

Anonymous said...

Starting to feel like bad guys got to jurors. Again, in my opinion.

Fidler needs to replace sick jurors. He's letting this jury get HUNG up.

Anonymous said...

$100 per day, did I read that right??? OMG There NEVER would be a verdict then! Talk about riding the gravy train! Half of these jurors/alternates may not have even had a job/life to go to before this trial. After 6 months, this IS their life and don't want to give it up now. All it takes is one to screw it all up which is a highly probable scenario.

It also wouldn't suprise me at all to find out that a "sick" juror (or family) was approached earlier by someone in the PS/defense camp and decided today after they get a pulse on how the jury is going to vote to take a deal. Nope, wouldn't suprise me at all. I sure HOPE I'm wrong but really now, doesn't the flu usually spread like wildfire and does so within hours. Seems odd a room full of 12people and the SAME 12at that, and not one other person is stricken by it. BIG red flag.

Anonymous said...

I am beginning to believe there is such a thing as selling your soul to the devil.

caroleigh said...

Good Morning Sprocket,
This is Good Friday, and I hope it really and truly is a Good Friday!

You guys are all so right, what woman would ever commit suicide knowing she had a tube of lipstick under her breast? Ridiculous, was this point ever brought up by AJ ?

I did not understand the '' Sprocket alert '' regarding Phil Spector, and the jury, E mail I got this morning. I couldnot find any information on it, did everyone get one? Was it from you Sprocket? I'm a bit computer illiterate, living in rural area, with just AOL dial-up. Anyway, today has got to be the day that we do our victory dance right here with Sprocket. All we need is a swimming pool

Anonymous said...

Who would commit suicide with lipstick in their bra? How about who would commit suicide in a stranger's house with that person's gun? What are the odds of that. Whineberg said that 90% of intra-oral gunshot wounds are suicides. What is the percentage of suicides by a person in a stranger's home they just met with that person's gun? I would say 0%. How did she get the gun? I don't know what there is for the jury to deliberate about. Unless the defense used the Chewbacca defense.

Anonymous said...

Responding to April 9, 2009 10:42 PM (and others expressing similar views):

1. It is highly unlikely that anyone “got to” (that is bribed) any of the jurors in this case, first and foremost, because the names of the jurors—let alone their addresses—are a closely held secret known only by Judge Fidler and his clerk. Moreover, in California this kind of thing does not go on.

2. If Judge Fidler simply replaced every sick juror he would not be speeding up deliberations, he would be slowing them down. Under the law, if a juror is replaced with an alternate the jury is required to START OVER with their deliberations, meaning, 24 hours of deliberations wasted. In addition, replacing jurors too easily creates the risk that the case would run out of alternate jurors. (If a juror cannot continue, and there are no remaining alternates, the court must declare a mistrial.) Additionally, if a sitting juror is replaced without good grounds, and issue is created for appeal should the defendant be convicted.

Sprocket said...

Comment above:

That is partially incorrect. The court (Fidler, Wendy) do not know the Juror's names. They were sealed from the court. During voir dire, they were only known by their juror number. They have a contact phone number. That's it. I'm almost 100% positive they were instructed during voir dire NOT to tell the court their name, that they had to communicate using their juror #.

Anonymous said...

Morning Sprocket. Gonna be a busy day for me. I'll be F5ing when I can. I suppose I'm asking too much to think this will be done today. Don't even know if the sick juror is even well today. C'est la vie.

Anonymous said...

Dearest Sprocket:

Thank you so so very much for your tireless dedication for reporting to us on Spector.

Your blog reminds me of when Scott Peterson was on trial and Beth Karas reported from in front of the courthouse with her blackberry.
She did such a fantastic job we felt was didn't need the camera....and same goes for your blog...Thanks again so very much.

Anonymous said...

Crucifixion Day? You bet!!!!

Conrad in Carolina

Anonymous said...

Good Friday Morning Sprocket,
Blessings for your trip to the courthouse.

Anonymous said...

Hi Caroleigh,

I didn't get a Sprocket alert email this morning, sounds like a hoax to me, be careful. Although I'm in the UK, but I am on AOL.