Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Stacey Barker Arraignment Postponed

~Emma Barker

18-month-old Emma Barker was apparently suffocated by her mother, Stacey, as far as authorities can determine. Authorities also believe little Emma died at least four or five hours before her mother reported the child missing.

Barker, 24, is charged with one count each of murder, assault on a child causing death and child abuse.

Authorities say it appeared the girl's body, showed no visible signs of trauma.

Coroners conducted an autopsy and other tests to determine the cause of death, but the findings have been temporarily sealed at the request of detectives investigating the case.

Barker was arrested last Thursday because of indications she might be a flight risk and disappear. She is being held on $1 million bail.

Barker is scheduled to be arraigned May 11, in Lancaster.

The Press Enterprise


katfish said...

Follow this link to light a candle for Emma:


nd said...

Donchais, thanks for updating this sad story... Nancy Grace is finally covering it tonight too.

Anonymous said...

What is wrong with our society. Why are young mothers committing so many of these horrible crimes?! This is so sad!
RIP sweet Emma.


Sprocket said...

Barker is going to be arraigned on Monday, May 11th. Arraignments are pretty short, and since it's in Lancaster, I won't be traveling an hour for 15 minutes of court.

Her current inmate number is: 1884862.

The case number is: MA04549201.

She is being housed in the Century Regional Detention Facility in the city of Lynwood on 1 million bail.