Wednesday, April 1, 2009


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Dr. William Ayres 

T&T COVERAGE by CaliGirl9

Case Synopsis
04/29/09 Citizen Whistleblower Does the Right Thing

T&T Continuing Coverage
06/06/2009 Day of Reckoning Arrives for Child Psychiatrist
06/15/09 Ayres' Trial Watch: Another Defense Speedbump --Denied!
06/23/09 Let the Healing Begin
06/24/09 Strike! One Ball! Strike Two! Ball! Strike three-- nope!
06/25/09 Journalists and the Courts: Can't We All Just Get Along?
06/27/09 The Mandated Reporter
06/30/09 Out of Statute, But Not Out of Mind
07/03/09 Prosecution Post-Mortem-- What I Still Want to Know
07/13/09 It's All About The Memories, Baby!
07/21/09 Ayres Trial Jury Watch: One Week & at a Standstill
07/27/09 Hung Jury at Ayres Molestation Trial
08/28/09 Delay Delay Delay
09/11/09 Weinberg Out in Ayres Retrial
10/28/09 Boston Victims of William Ayres, Please Stand Up
11/25/09 Defense Motion Heard in Dr. William Ayres Retrial
08/10/11 The Child Abuse Case That Keeps On Giving...

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Mainstream Media
07/27/09 SJ Mercury News- Mistrial Declaired
05/13/13 SJ Mercury News- Ayres Pleads No Contest to 8 Felony Child Molestation Charges
06/03/13 SJ Mercury News- Ayres May Lose 2002 San Mateo County Achievement Award
08/08/13 SJ Mercury News- Peninsula Child Psychiatrist Sent to Jail as his Molestation Victims Applaud
08/29/13 Novato Adv. Pedophile Brought to Justice