Tuesday, April 14, 2009

THE DAY AFTER ~ Phil Spector Verdict

Hello everyone. What a day it was yesterday! I've got several thoughts I wanted to share with everyone. But first, for those of you who may have missed it, I did a Talk Radio One interview with Gary Spector last night. We are on the entire first hour of the show.

Right after Mr. Sprocket picked me up from the courthouse we went directly to look at this big delivery truck for his new business. He's found an old truck just like his old one that he drove cross country to relocate him here to California, and he's quite excited to buy it today.

When I got home from truck shopping, that's when I found out that the hard drive on my little iBook had bit the dust and I'd lost everything on my desktop. Mr. Sprocket thinks that the drive was damaged when the laptop slipped off my lap in the courtroom but for some unknown reason, kept working because I never shut it down completely. We've replaced the drive but it will be a project trying to recover all my lost data.

I fell asleep on the sofa last night and woke up at 2:30 am. I went to bed, but could not get back to sleep. I had all these thoughts and feelings swirling around in my head. I understand now, what it must be like to work on an extended film shoot. There is this family of people that you see everyday and then suddenly, after six months, it stops. It's like air slowing seeping out of your tires. Since I couldn't get back to sleep I called donchais and she listened as my thoughts came tumbling out for over an hour. She is the best. She mostly listened until I started to get sleepy and could go to bed.

I thought about Rachelle, waking up this morning in that huge empty castle, alone. I thought about Spector and what's going through his mind, once the heavy medications he was probably on yesterday wore off. I thought about Alan and Truc and that they can both finally take a much needed vacation for their dedicated service to this case. And I thought about Lana, her family, Donna and Fawn, and all her friends that will no longer have to hear the convict or his attorney's trash her, claiming she committed suicide. I never believed that theory for a moment because Spector admitted his guilt. Moments after the fatal shot, Spector made a confession to De Souza and while being placed under arrest made a statement to Alhambra Officer Bea Rodriguez that it was an accident and that he could explain what happened.

I thought about the several childish attempts by the convict and his wife to intimidate me during this trial and the first. I thought about all the hate mail I received, as well as a Spector supporter trying to intimidate me by publishing my full address, phone number, age and descriptions on several blogs and web sites. When that happened, I even went so far as to speak to my local police about that intimidation tactic. I also thought about Weinberg trying to use my blog entry on Spector's statements to police as a defense to Judge Fidler for his own actions of speaking to the press in the Los Angeles Times during deliberations.

I thought about all the T&T readers whose supportive E-mails and comments gave me the strength to get up in the morning after staying up until 2 am, writing my latest entry. I thought about the blog stats that went through the roof with over fifty thousand page loads yesterday and almost eighteen thousand unique visitors. I thought about the over 350 + requests from T&T readers to be put on the E-mail notification list for when a verdict was reached. And I thought how the main stream media with all their resources was scooped by a semi-retired housewife with a broken laptop.

I want everyone to know that I have at least fifty emails in my in box that will take some time for me to get through. I'm going to try to answer each and every one of you who took the time to write. I also wanted readers to know that while I was in court reporting on the verdict and the press conference, my co-bloggers were hard at work trying to keep up with the comments and approve them as fast as they could. Consequently, there are many comments that I have not even had the chance to read. I hope to get to them all over the next few days.

I have quite a bit on my plate over the next few days. I still owe my family and extended network or friends a Christmas letter and gifts! All that was put on the back burner while I covered the retrial. We still have some house modification to do in preparation for when the new washing machine arrives at the end of next week. We have the hard drive to recover. I also have to work on that dreaded five letter word, TAXES. It looks like we are purchasing this delivery truck today and getting it insured. I'm sure our neighbors are just going to love it sitting on the street. I have jury duty in the Metropolitan Courthouse on April 27th. I'm hoping I don't get picked for a jury. I have to help Mr. Sprocket get organized in starting his new business. (You have no idea how daunting that task is, since he is so disorganized!) We have a packed garage that has not been cleaned out or organized for the past year, ever since Mr. Sprocket's torn distal biceps tendon. I have a house to clean from top to bottom. This old house was starting to look like a bit like the castle with cobwebs in the corners and crumbling plaster in a few places. Luckily, our house is smell free and I have not had to resort to using plug in air fresheners. (I was told the perfumed smell was so overwhelming during the jury visit that one sensitive juror had to cover their mouth while inside the castle.) I have fabric to organize and projects waiting to sew. I promised Kim of Darwin Exception a custom handbag last year as well as other gifts and presents promised once this trial finally completed. And on the horizon is the Spector civil trial, that I hope to attend, depending on these other commitments.

Over the coming weeks, I hope to finish transcribing my notes on the closing arguments so please drop back in from time to time when those entries go up. I will try to get to any additional comment questions you might have much later tonight. Thank you so much everyone, for reading T&T.


Anonymous said...

Great job. Thank you so much.

Anonymous said...


I was so glad to be back from Costa Rica so I could celebrate the victory properly. As I previously promised myself during Spector I, after the guilty verdict was announced I went to my local Trader Vics and drank a Navy Grog while savoring the image of PS in a very small jail cell with nothing but his own thoughts to keep him company for 23.5 hours a day.

We who have followed your blog religously for all these months owe you more thanks than we can say for all you have sacrificed and endoured.

By the way, can anyone tell me how long it could take before his appeal is heard?

Take Care.

Carol L Beck said...

Thank you Betsy. T&T is now in my favorites and I will check it a couple of times a day to read what you have to say.

Now, take a deeeeeeeep breath and try to relax. I'm sure there will be a big let down, for lack of a better word, but things will get back to normal.

You sure do sound like a really nice lady and someone I would probably be very good friends with if we were to meet. I wish you all the best in whatever endeavor you choose.

Good luck to both you and Mr Sprocket.


Anonymous said...

I really just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Hearing you on talk radio last night really drove home to me, your commitment and dedication to this case. You Sprocket, are a godsend. Although I'll miss seeing your daily updates and stories, take the time you need to catch up on everything you've put off while bringing us this great coverage.

Kudos to you, on an amazing job well done.

Anonymous said...

Thanks again Sprocket, you are amazing.

Pat in New Hampshire.

Anonymous said...

I just stopped by before shutting down my computer and saw this message. I have had to recently buy a water heater and a dryer, along with a new computer. You just have to bite the bullet and get those things done when you have to. I can't say enough about what you did covering this trial.

I would like to repeat a recommendation for a book I made on a previous thread. The book is "The Criminal Justice Club," by former L.A. County Deputy District Attorney Walt Lewis. This book tells the truth about the Criminal Justice System and will appeal to readers of Trials & Tribulations. Details are at www.walbarbooks.com.

David From TN

Anonymous said...

Lady Sproc......Hats off to you and husband for the long duration you two have endured. You have touched many people after the regular media flat let us down. Take care for awhile and relax.

Conrad in Carolina

Anonymous said...

Thank you Sprocket - you did a fantastic job! Your work is very much appreciated.

Barry said...

Words are insufficient to express my gratitude, respect and admiration for you!

Anonymous said...

Sprocket you were right and I was wrong.....I never thought we would get a conviction let alone murder
murder 2. But you kept saying be patient and you made it clear you had faith in this jury....You sure called it.
Thanks for the great coverage!

Anonymous said...

thanks from scotland hope mr sprokets buisness goes well
thanks again

caroleigh said...

God bless you Sprocket for your dedication, you have done more than any TV network could ever have done. We sat with you in the courtroom, we knew what they were wearing, and saying. We walked with you to catch your trolly, and we felt for you when your knee was giving you pain. We understood when the washing machine quit working and the screen broke on your computer and now the hard drive shot! We were there with you, you never let us down. You are the greatest. And I hope one day you will have your own show!
Rest now, and get caught up on everything, Christmas, shopping, repairs, etc. and we will tune in every every day to see how you are doing.
Good work, good reporting, and a sincere thank you from Mississippi

Bonnie Russell said...

Spoke to Dominick last night hours after the verdict. He was like most of us, still amazed.

The spell of not convicting stars of crimes has *finally* been broken. Robert Blake was the last to get off.

So to speak. :)

Good work!

Anonymous said...

Scoop the media you did! Bravo! Waiting for your words to pop up on my screen yesterday was like anticipating the next move in a thriller novel. I could feel my heart pound. When "GUILTY" appeared, I cheered and then tears welled up. Your coverage was tremendous.

Unknown said...

Thank you again for your great coverage. Once your Verdict e mail arrived I refreshed T&T and the NBC stream.

The NBC professionals and their high tech equipment along with Twitter couldn't keep up with you. You had posted the verdict while NBC was stating the jury hasn't come in yet. That along with their video of some guy doing a sound check (from the wrong courtroom) was priceless!

Thrilled with the verdict, but will miss my daily fix on T&T. Will check back often to see what's up. Maybe if you have the energy, you have a book in you about Phil's trial and your experience. Continued Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Sprocket I listened to the radio show you were on last night and you were amazing. You have a wonderful speaking voice and should have your own talk show. My heart goes out to the Spector children. They had sad childhoods. I prayed Phil would be found guilty, but I must admit I thought of him waking up in that little cell alone and mentaly unbalanced. His mug shot gave me chills thinking this was the face poor Lana saw in her last moments of life. God bless you Sprocket. I'll be checking on your upcoming blogs. You are the BEST!!!

Unknown said...

I know what you mean about being sad when things end. I don't know what I am going to do, after all this time, of reading your blog. I'm gonna miss your insight!

Anonymous said...

Dear Sprocket,

First of all, thank you for all your dedication in this.

For me the Spector case was kind of a symbol of what's gone wrong with America, and it's the reason I was both interested and depressed about the case.

What I mean is, that what happened in the case seems to be so much what has happened in the US, the fact that the rich seem to be above the law, that people will twist the truth or even lie if it's profitable, and that a jury can be derailed by someone possibly chosen by a professional jury picker, as was the case in the Spector trial.

Deapite everything, I still thought to myself that perhaps Weinberg managed to sow seeds of doubt for at least one person, and that this would again get a man who was in my eyes obviously guilty off again.

I detested the arrogance, swaggering, bodyguards and f.u. type behavior of Mr. Spector and his wife toward the judge, you, everyone.

When I came home and read your blog, as I was gone when the verdict actually happened, I got tears in my eyes for a moment and then felt that a huge weight had been lifted from my own consciousness.

The system does work, and most people are good. I think the fact that this came out as it did in the end is a good sign, a breath of fresh air. Prosecutors like Alan Jackson, and we must not forget Truc Do, with their dedication and brilliance, are role models for integrity and the right. Defense lawyers like Weinberg, openly hiring and abetting liars, are not to be admired and may eventually be replaced by defense lawyers who defend but within the limits of decency and right.

Lana Clarkson, the victim, must also be resting more easily now that her reputation is no longer being trashed. May she be remembered for the kind of person she was, a woman who really tried to make it in a business that is so very difficult. I feel so sorry that she had to meet up with a person like Spector.

Finally, Spector. I see him as going through some heavy drug withdrawal in the next weeks, and maybe alcohol withdrawal as well. It may make him healthier and perkier physically, but I can only hope that being locked in a cell will make him remember locking his own children in their rooms, and that although he has bragged that he's a genius, it was all the other people who were geniuses in reality. Perhaps drugs, money and anti-social behavior were just too much for him, on top of being short. Whatever, I do hope that he can sit and come to terms with the fact that he is responsible for a whole lot of suffering in the world.

Thanks again, Sprocket, for being the eyes for me and many of us,


Anonymous said...

Sprocket did an amazing job covering this trial. It took incredible dedication... dedication ha was much appeciated by us who wanted to follow the retrial.

Misty Apple Valley CA said...

Great job and dedication Sprocket! You deserve an award for your service to justice and humanity. You kept us on top of our seats as we followed your every word, through out this long and tedious trial. My hat goes off to you! You were a born writer, bringing us an adventure we will never forget. May you and Mr Sprocket have a well deserved rest in the coming weeks. You are a very talented young lady and we will Shout that to the hilltops and above. Justice for Lana and her wonderful family. Thank you dear lady,from the bottom our hearts!



shari said...

And I thought how the main stream media with all their resources was scooped by a semi-retired housewife with a broken laptop.

THIS WAS THE BEST UNDERSTATEMENT OF THE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is this a great country or what?????????? BRAVO SPROCKET!!!!!!

Eowyn said...

Thank you, Sprocket/Betsy, for your persistence and endurance, unmatched by "professional" (i.e., paid) journalists! You deserve many kudos.

Anonymous said...

Brava, brava, brava.


Anonymous said...

I, likewsie, agree with the previous posters statement regarding Sprockets radio voice. Very smooth and easy to listen to. She keeps the listening audience attention as well. Hopefully, your hardwork will payoff and someone will approach you. If things ever appear to go in the direction, I hope you let us know first!!

Again, great job with everything you have done. You are one special person and we are all blessed to have someone like you reporting for us

Mindy said...

You have done a great job following this trial and I am so glad all of us out here reading it have had you to report it to us this time around. I have been coming here to read your blog for years now, and it only gets better and better.

Lee in Oz said...

Dear Betsy,
I totally agree with all the previous comments - they have all expressed the profound admiration and deep gratitude for your unstinting dedication to this cause that we all feel.

I was away from my email so hadn't seen the verdict alert you kindly sent.
I was on the highway between Sydney and my home town of Melbourne (Australia) when I heard the news on our national radio station ABC. I screamed with disbelief and happiness at the verdict - then wept a little for the sadness and tragedy of the whole thing (needless to say I was alone in the car!)

I can only begin to imagine how you must now be feeling - such a large part of your life, and then it just stops...

As you so eloquently stated " ... the main stream media with all their resources was scooped by a semi-retired housewife with a broken laptop." But what a housewife!!! What set you apart was your determined dedication to a cause that captured so many people's attention - that passion will win over pay packets and corporate interests every time!!

Enjoy your rest, and I, like so many others will continue to follow your blogs with interest and a deep appreciation.

Anonymous said...

HI Sprocket - Thank you so very much for all your reporting. I checked in with you every day of the trial. You are just amazing. I hope that you write a book about the murder and trial. I will be one of the first in line to buy it.

Anonymous said...

It has been one incredible journey. You have been there the whole way, shining your light on all the facts. Thank you so very much for all your sacrifice and literal trials and tribulations...Thank you.

Anonymous said...

It's true, you sound like a professionally trained speaker, right out of Toastmasters!

I read somewhere that after the verdict was read, PS asked his attorney, "What happends next?"
He should have been thoroughly briefed on this possibility a week ago. He should have been advised to get his affairs in order, and to arrange a Power of Atty to handle his affairs in the event that he could not do so himself. Otherwise it all falls to his wife unless someone petitions the court for a conservatorship. Weinberg could have done the favor of the year by steering PS to someone other than Rachelle to handle the checkbook. Anyone can see where THAT will lead.

Also, as to appeals, etc I wonder how interested his present attorneys are (as to being involved). They are based a long ways away...but perhaps they don't mind bleeding him dry.
Wes J.

Anonymous said...

Sprocket, thank you for your unwavering hard work on this - you are doing the job that the mainstream press failed to do. I have been reading this blog for months and I especially appreciate that you didn't just provide a transcript, but rather the feeling in the courtroom, as if we were there. I hope that judges and bailiffs everywhere understand your hard work and the service that you are providing to the public and cooperate with you in your future trials.

Anonymous said...

Sprocket: We all owe you a big thanks. We all enjoyed reading your blog and keeping up to date with this trial. I know I am looking forward to the "next" trial adventure...and spending many hours right here.

iwishiwas said...

Ritanita, Donchais and Caligirl9,
Thanks to all of you for being the great support team for Sprocket! You all rock. She did a fab job on this case and we know you did amazing helping her keep up with us. We should all have such good friends as you!

Anonymous said...

You're the best Sprocket. Hope you get some much needed rest. Thanks for keeping us all informed. I will be checking T&T on & off from now on.
God Bless Lana's family & friends. And May Lana Now Rest In Peace.

TigressPen said...


When the second Spector trial was put on the docket I didn't care if it was shown live. I knew I wasn't interested in watching. I was on burn out from trial 1. But when no media decided to show it live and you said you'd blog daily with it, I was happy because I knew I'd still want to know how it was going for State's case.

I popped in often to read your daily entries. I appreciate your style, and your uniqueness of writing, not only what was happening near minute by minute - but, too, what was happening with spectators, guards, lawyers and other news media.

I really am surprised a publisher hasn't approached you about writing a book on it. If any one knows the Spector trails from hair follicles to toenails, it's you.

You are a special person. And I thank you for your honesty in how you presented this case so we felt we were sitting in that courtroom with you.

God Bless. And good luck with that garage! :)

Anonymous said...

a million thanks for keeping us all up to date on this trial, while the other national news media were asleep at the wheel. i had your site, as well as ktla , msnbc and cnn up during the reading of the verdict. you were ahead of them all with the reading of the verdict which says a lot. I knew lana and she was a lovely, sweet person with a big heart. thanks again for everything. well done!

Anonymous said...

If anyone has any updates on Spector, please post them. I am curious about any reports on this convicts life behind bars and how he is dealing with this. He led such a protected/sheltered/pampered life....one bought purely with money. I wonder how he was feeling once his meds wore off. He's probably going through some sort of withdrawals or whatever that is called when you're addicted to medication. He won't be allowed to pop his pills every hour. Enjoy your time in hell you freak, Mr. Convict. There isn't a legal team out there that can save you now....not at your age. You little insecure bastard. You pulled your handguns on women..women. Why? My guess is they would have smacked your ass into yesterday if you didn't have your guns.

Rot in hell, convict.

Anonymous said...

I think it's safe to say that most of us that visited your blog will be putting it in our favorites Sprocket. I'm in Eastern Canada and checked in often as I was very interested in the trial. Thank you kindly for bringing this trial to us and I hope one of the networks out in California offer you a position as crime reporter. Surely your professionalism and effort didn't go unnoticed with these people.

Anonymous said...


Well, here we are, Ms. Sprocket. Seems like we'd never get here!

My respect and admiration for you cannot be easily put into words, but perhaps you know the feelings of my heart...and the hearts of many!

Thank you for your dedication and commitment, Sprocket. Thank you so much.

We T & T folks have hung together for a long time. There's a LOT of camaraderie here. Surely that won't dissipate any time soon. (Kind of like saying good-bye at your high school graduation...)

Now---go out and celebrate with that little gift I recently sent you. You & Mr. Sprocket deserve it!

All Life's Best,
Emily in Ohio

Anonymous said...

Madame Sprocket,

Just one big THANK YOU for giving us not only the facts, but also the flavor of Trial 2. This is one part that is so often overlooked or else totally overblown by the "well known" commentators.

You are a jewel and deserve much accolades and also some "down-time". Till next time...take care and be safe.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure everyone noticed Whineberg leaning forward when the verdict was read and putting his hands over his face. My hunch is he was paid expenses and was to receive the $1 million dollar bail money if Spector was found innoncent. Just a guess, but what happens to the bail money now? Any body know?

Anonymous said...

I'm wondering what is to prevent Rachelle from spending all of Spector's assets so Lana's family doesn't get a dime.

Anonymous said...

2nd comment from Scotland.

Thank you for your tireless work and congratulations on leaving the mainstream media standing.

Hope you retrieve your HD data okay and good luck to you and Mr Sprocket with your new business.

cake fairy said...

Rest and regenerate Sprocket - you've done such a good job and you have lots to be very very proud of. Thank you again for all your hard work.


Anonymous said...

Great job Betsy. Take some time off. I will watch your coverage of the sentencing, and any future trial you cover.


Anonymous said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.



muffin said...

You are so talented and appreciated for all the blood,sweat and tears that you invested in this trial. I want to personally thank you and this jury for a great job!!!
I hope that you can find financial gain from your detailed, compassionate journalistic talent.
Rest up dear Betsy, I will check in for coverage of the sentencing.
Please post if you hear how the murderer is coping in prison. I wonder how he will look without those wigs??? LOL
I really wanted to see him leave with handcuffs. Oh well, I won't complain as I am thrilled with the verdict.
Thanks again and send my love to Mr. Dunne. I pray for a miracle for him.

Anonymous said...


I wanted to add my voice to the many thankful people who wouldn't have been able to keep up with the trial without your dedication and hard work.

Phil's mug shot says it all. I wonder if they'll let him wear a wig to the sentencing? ( If he looks that scary with hair, think of that face with a bald head!}

Phil and his rotten lawyer, and his rotten trial bride went out of their way to persecute you, undermine and humiliate you. It's the beginning of karma for them seeing Phil get sent to jail where he will not be pampered, eat good food, drink exotic cocktails, or parade around like a king. He's just another convicted psychokiller.

His reign of terror is over.


caroleigh said...

Good Morning Sprocket,
Is there any chance that you can give us a update?
Like if you have heard anything about his reactions to being incarcerated, confined, and eating baloney sandwiches.
Is he on a suicide watch, (hopefully they won't check too often)
And what about the wig??
And did he have his suitcase with him?
Will his 'paid for' trial bride visit him?
Will it be behind glass like Casey Anthony?
Will you just give us any information you have. We have been waiting six long years and want to hear about how this guy squirms now!
Love you Sprocket, White a book. No one could write one better than you regarding this case. Absolutely no one!
''You're Simply The Best, Better Than All The Rest'' as Tina would say

Anonymous said...

I have been laid up with a broken ankle since first of February, browsing my laptop looking for coverage of Spector trial. Thanks for allowing me to BE AT THE TRIAL with you Sprocket. I have been so disappointed about TV coverage this time around. Let's still pray for Lana's remaining family as the civil suit goes forward. Defense attorneys can bluster all they want but the verdict will stand. Thanks from Texas!

Anonymous said...

I will refuse to buy, or even borrow, a book about this case by someone who did not even attend the trials, on principle.

On a lighter note, could the various hairpieces be donated to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, of which PS is an inductee? They could do an exhibit, sort of like the Smithsonian has a display of First Lady dresses......just a thought. There may even be a tax deduction in it.

Anonymous said...

Another big "Thank You" for disrupting your life to keep us informed in PS2. So glad to have found your blog, and will continue to read it as long as you write it. You definitely have a gift, and we are so lucky to have you share it with us.

Another fan in TN.

Anonymous said...

Regarding his medications, I would bet he is still under a doctor's care and anything that is prescribed will still be available to him.

Does anyone know how that works when someone is incarcerated?

Just wondering.

Anonymous said...

Hey Girl!
It's Kitty! I just wanted to THANK YOU one more time for sharing your trial watching experience with us. Your dedication and generousity is truly and greatly appreciated by so many! You have an awesome and unique reporting style that draws people in from the get-go and keeps them there till the very end. You've heard it many times before, but you make people feel as though they are right beside you in the court room seeing and hearing things with their very own eyes. You really do have an amazing talent!

After covering this trial for so long I can imagine it might take you a bit of time to adjust to life before the PS 1 and 2 trials. You've worked your little buns off to keep us all informed! You really deserve some rest and relaxation. I hope you allow yourself some "me" time!!

Anonymous said...

Since Phil has left Rachelle high and dry she has decided to misdirect her anger by sending out an e-mail to various people pleaded for help in making Lana pay further by digging up more dirt on her and exposing the Judge. Esposing the Judge? Yeah that will help free your husband..NOT.

Barry said...

If you have not read Michelle Blaine's Blog, you should, everyone. She calls on all of Spector's fans and friends to trash Lana Clarkson.


Here's the email she sent out to Spector's address book - gotta wonder if next it will be a call for 'donations'. What a bitch, that's all I have to say - asking people to start trashing Lana.

From: chelleshort@gmail.com [mailto:chelleshort@gmail.com] On Behalf Of Rachelle Spector
Sent: 15 April 2009 11:51
To: undisclosed-recipients
Subject: Calling on ALL family, friends, acquaintances---I'M CRYING FOR HELP!!!!


Phil Spector, my husband, needs YOUR help now more than ever!!!!

A grave mis-carriage of justice has taken place and another innocent man has gone to jail for something he clearly and scientifically did NOT do.

Please help FREE PHIL SPECTOR!!!

Please do as many interviews as possible with regard to this case because NOW the gag order is OVER....we are ALL free to talk to whomever we wish!

Do interviews for as many TV, radio and internet sites as possible; write letters to the president, the governor of California, councilmen/women...to everyone and anyone that will listen!!!


This is a matter of life and death people!!!!!! Any thoughts, ideas, plans....PLEASE DO NOT HESITATE TO TALK TO ME....BUT LETS GET OUR BUTTS MOVING.....

So I am asking all of you, loyal readers to do the same - call to arms so to speak and counter this email. Please, send your letters and cards of appreciation to "as many TV, radio and internet sites as possible; write letters to the president, the governor of California, councilmen/women...to everyone and anyone that will listen!!!" and let them know how grateful we are that the state of CA, Alan Jackson and a Jury finally got it right and put a hazard to our community behind bars, where he has belonged for years.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for taking all your time out to make sure the trial watcher's received all the information we could without media.
You did a good job.
Wonder what next for Alan Jackson. We know he has a promotion but sure would love to see him in action again.
Good luck to Mr. Sprocket on his new endeavor.

Carol L Beck said...

RE: Mrs Spector & Michelle Blaine


I'm holding my sides it is so ridiculous. They are grasping and straws and have ended up with the short one.



Anonymous said...

There needs to be some clarifications here: MichelleB is not supporting Rachelle, she is merely forwarding the original email for all of us to see. MB is NOT in the Spector camp!

Yes, meds in the jail are to be available just as originally prescribed.

Anonymous said...

That is hilar. Like, the trial is over bud. Your groupies are going about their business. Do not forget Rachelle, your hubby has not been sentenced yet, dumb azz!
The way Phillip looked in that mug shot, if he gets 2 years it would probably be a life sentence. LOL...

Anonymous said...


Is it possible to link in a message board for T&T where we can start various topics for discussion and chat with the members about topics your site reports? You can have moderators, etc. Just food for thought.....

Sprocket said...

As far as message boards so, T&T is in partnership with the Juror Thirteen web site. There is a forum there for Spector. Just join Juror Thirteen at:


There is also a great chat room at Juror Thirteen. I hang out there often.

Carol L Beck said...

OK. I apologize to Michelle. I thought it was from both of them.


Anonymous said...

Is Phil being held at the county jail or is he in one of the prisons? I was reading where DJ's were refusing to play his music since he gets a cut from them being played. I wonder if his assets are frozenso Rachelle can't spend his money.

Anonymous said...

I agree that music suppliers (to radio stations, public places like malls, etc)should get some loud complaints about the playing of this man's work. Its like blood money.
Story in today's LA Times about the "medieval" conditions at the Men's Central Jail:

Sprocket said...

According to other news reports, Spector is being housed in the twin towers, not the central jail.