Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Spector News Stories & Video


I thought I would provide some links to stories that the mainstream media has written on Spector's conviction over the last few days.

First, here is Mick Brown's latest piece. The Wall Street Journal weighs in. Time online's report has some of Spector's quotes to Steve Raab and Spector's thoughts about the prosecution team, years ago. Harriet Ryan has an insightful look at why this case ended with a verdict. I've been told time and time again that a case is won or lost in jury selection and I think this is true for any case, not just this one.

More reports: The Australian.

Nice video at CBS with a short synopsis and interview at the end with Lisa Bloom.

Linda Deutsch from the Associated Press weighs in.

Photo gallery from the LA Times.

Video grabbed from CNN:

In the video clip, the individuals sitting at the defense table with Doron Weinberg were Jennifer Barringer and their assistant, Tran Smith. In the video of the courtroom, you can just get a glimpse on the right of Wendy, Fidler's clerk who read the verdict as well as in the far left for just a moment or two, Cindy, one of the court reporters.

Anderson Cooper has a bit of information on Spector's new digs. Spector is currently being housed at the Twin Towers. Inmate information can be found at this link. His first name is spelled in the system with two "L's."

Local ABC Ch. 7's, Miriam Hernandez, spoke to Doron Weinberg in this video report, who visited Spector in jail on Tuesday.

Radar Online reports Spector will not be able to keep his "weave" in prison.

Here is a Guardian report (seven years ago) about the facilities where Spector is being housed. (Thank you, T&T reader, for the link to this story!)

Jay Leno has featured Spector in his monologues for two days in a row. He might again tonight. Here is what he said last night. Jay started off taking about the Pirates in Somolia news.

"Well as you know by now, Captain Phillips was rescued when the Navy Seals shot and killed 3 of the pirates. Although according to Phil Spector's attorney, the pirates shot themselves in the head."

"That's the big story here in Los Angeles. Apparently no where else. After 6 years the celebrity trial of Phil Spector is finally over. He's been found guilty of 2nd degree murder which he did. To get an idea of how long this trial has been going on, when it started, Phil Spector was actually a celebrity. You understand, that's why he got acquitted the first time. (oops Jay--it was a hung jury.) In fact, most people didn't even know--Did you know the retrial was going on?? How many thought we executed him 4 years ago? (Jay raises his hand.) See? You don't know!!!"

"I don't know if you saw Phil Spector's lawyer when the verdict was read. He was 'shocked--AHH--AHH--he was going he was shaking his head and he's all surprised.' (Jay is being a drama queen.) Well you can understand his surprise. Look, all the prosecutors had was 1) a murder weapon, 2) his prints on the weapon, 3) a body, 4) a motive, and 5) a witness who heard Spector say, 'I think I just killed somebody.' See in LA that's usually called 'circumstantial evidence.' (Huge applause from the audience.) So anyway the judge after the trial gave the jurors an instruction before releasing them. See, that's a mistake. Don't release them. This is like the only good jury we've had in LA in like 10 years. Hang on to these people!!!! They can convict somebody!! I would've convicted him based on his mugshot. Show them his mugshot. (Phil's mugshot on screen now.) Look at Phil Spector. Doesn't that look like Clay Aiken & Carrot Top had a kid together?" (Huge laughs and applause.)

"Well, the world's oldest person, a woman who lives right here in Los Angeles, just turned 115 years old this week. Show her picture. (Phil Spector's Mug Shot is put up on the screen again.) Amazing!" (Audience laughs again.)

Special thanks to the T&T reader who transcribed this section of last night's monologue for me.

There is a "status hearing" on the civil case this Friday. I plan on attending that hearing and will report on it. Those trial watchers who plan on going, it's in Pasadena.

And on a totally different topic, Mr. Sprocket did buy that delivery truck. The thing is so long, it almost won't fit in the driveway. And when it's parked on the street in front of our house, it's like there's this huge, white billboard parked there. I'm sure our neighbors are just going to "love" us.

Update: April 16th, 2009

Interview with Starsailor, on Q The, news section.

If you scroll down this link, it's a clip of Punkin Pie, talking and laughing at a "NAMM" show. It's not clear (to me at least) when this video was shot. If this is recent (January, 2009 show) then Pie looks pretty good considering her supposed deteriorated health since Lana's death. (A commenter states the video is from 2007. Sprocket)

I knew this was in the works but now a publisher has officially announced the proposed book by Spector's adopted son, Louis Spector.

More video from Entertainment Times Online and comments about the many Spector hair styles, or "weaves."

And finally, here's a link to one of my favorite writers, Steve Mikulan in the LA Weekly. I bet he was writing this piece while he was sitting next to me when the verdict was read.

AP video on the verdict and Linda Deutsch.

The latest from

Psychology Today on the rise and fall of Phil Spector.


Anonymous said...

I loved the video with Whineberg now dressed in California casual and acting oh so optimistic about the possibility of an appeal for this innocent person, I am sure his visit to the jail falls under billable hours, what are they, $350 per hour or is that a low estimate?

Thanks for all this good info, Sprocket! And congrats on the truck.


Anonymous said...

Weinberg's comments to the LATimes after the conviction are truly bizarre. Blaming the jury for being calm? The guy is totally delusional, just like his client.

So far Whineberg has blamed his loss on the judge, the prosecutor and the jury.

When wiill he admit that his client was just plain guilty?

Hope he loses the Dr. Ayres case too.

Anonymous said...

I wish writers (The Australian) would stop referring to the victim as "depressive" and "former" actress. "Depression" is such an over-used word, I suspect most people don't know the true definition of it, let alone symptoms.

And thanks for being willing to cover the civil case. I can assume the "accredited" press will again not be there. You are a "fer piece" from Pasadena, a long ways to go for folks not familiar with your part of the country.

Anonymous said...

thank you for the links to coverage.

ritanita said...

Thanks for the links! I'm looking forward to your report on the civil case and the sentencing. I hope you can be there for that!

I'm amazed that the only people Weinberg could think of to make a good appeal were the judge, the jury and the prosecution. Perhaps he should add his own expert witnesses and character-assassination witness!

Anonymous said...

Great extended coverage. I checked the blog mainly out of habit, not expecting to find anything. When you do a job, you do it all the way! Very impressive.


Anonymous said...

Hi Spocket,

It's really interesting that there are Spector-fans now suggesting that anti-Semitism is responsible for the verdict. It's kinda like calling the people who thought OJ was guilty 'racists'.

Thank you again for all your dedication to this project!

Anonymous said...

Weinberg can be very irritating and downright silly. In the Harriet Ryan story in the LA Times, he blames the jury for not having principled people who stick by their principles. What hogwash. He gives ambulance chasers a bad name. Even he admitted that the case was too strong for an acquittal. He has blamed everyone but Spector, who murdered an innocent woman for no reason. And of course, he could never blame himself.


Anonymous said...

I can't find Pie. Can you help?

Anonymous said...

If I was on the jury I would be very offended by Wienberg's depiction that they weren't strong and principled. I think they were very strong and principled. That was how they arrived at their decision.

Sprocket said...

Can't find Pie:Scroll down through the link until you see a video that has the text under it that mentions "Punkin Pie."

Anonymous said...

The video appears to be from early 2007 based on the dates posted (including the comments).
Thanks for keeping me up to date with your blog.

Sprocket said...

Thank you Anon @ 11 am. In my browser view, I could not figure out where the posting dates were.

Anonymous said...

I guess all of those who ever knew Spector, or was abused by him, even his 'family' will be coming out of the woodwork to capitalize on his conviction. There is only one, in my opinion, who should and probably can and that is Michelle.
Who was there, at the very last.

I have so many questions, does anybody have a photo of him without his wig? Michelle? That would be the ultimate, well maybe not, humiliation for him. But, I am sure after a few days behind bars, he has experienced much humiliation. Of course, nothing like the humiliation and last minutes of Lana.

I believe him, in all these years, thought of himself omnipotent, and wonder if he ever saw this coming or if his cousel EVER prepared him, not that he could have accepted any advice.

I guess I should let this go, he has been convicted AND appeals take years, and I do believe him to be a very sick person who should have been stopped, somehow, years ago.

But, no pity.

Carol L Beck said...

There are several articles, most of them current regarding PS on Lana's IMDb page. Here's the link.

Anonymous said...

Is there a link to see the whole press conference that the attornies and the jury forman did?

Sprocket said...

Entire press conference:I have not found it anywhere, yet. Just bits and pieces.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Sprocket for posting these links. I think Phil's lawyer is a goofy as Phil is. Justice is served when a person that has held people hostage his whole life is being held hostage now.
I noticed his daughter didn't come to court with him like she did in the first trail. Has anyone heard how she feels about the guilty verdict? She seems to be a lovely young woman who must have taken after her mother. Thanks for keeping us up to date on the wee one. I hope Mr. Sprocket enjoys his new truck.

Sprocket said...

It was reported that Nicole Spector was there for the verdict but I did not see her in court. She spoke on Court TV during the first trial in support of her father.

Donte was there sitting on the defense in support of his father. There was a woman sitting next to Donte who put her head on his shoulder at one point and a young man, that I had never seen before.

Anonymous said...

Good for Louis and the book. I feel sorry for all of Spector's children. Hopefully they will go on about their lives and know that the general public respects them and wishes them well.

lane99 said...

I should add my kudos to Sprocket for her amazing work on this case.

Btw, her nom de plume is cool. So catchy.

Anonymous said...

I watched a station covering the verdict and the reporter said Phil's son and daughter were sitting next to him. When the video was shown it was Jennifer Barranger and the other young man on the defense team.I know they hated to be seen as his children.It is too bad these people reporting don't know what they are talking about. Sprocket, you should have been the one reporting on camera as you have seen these people almost daily and know the facts.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sprocket,
Thank you for ongoing information on this case.

A question. What do you think would be the earliest that any Court would hear an appeal by Spector's lawyer? tx, John

Sprocket said...

Appeals:I honestly don't know how long it would take. I would expect it won't be happening anytime soon. Possibly at least a year or more.

I don't know that Spector will live long in prison. He's not a well man to begin with and I think his health has deteriorated significantly over the last few years. I will be surprised if Spector survives more than a few years in prison.

Anonymous said...

Phil was also talked about in Craig Ferguson's monolonge 4-13-09. It's on youtube

Anonymous said...

Re Whineburg saying they needed someone "strong and principled" on the jury. That is code for "opinionated on the basis of personal ego and stubborn". He's got to be a bad loser -- didn't he lose the other criminal case too previous to Spector, then this one, and then Ayers is next? After that he might as well just retire. For all his bragging about being a foremost lawyer in America, he didn't make himself popular or respected with Fidler from the things I heard, nor has he managed to put on a case filled with ethics as well as good strategy.

Anonymous said...


Trials & Tribulations just keeps getting better and better.

David From TN

Anonymous said...

Is Mr. Weinberg 'dissing the jury because he is so highly scrupleous and knows what actually happened, or is he doing it 'cause he is well paid to do so? Just wondering.

It will be most interesting how the civil case plays out. Will PS stop paying on the castle's mortgages and let it go back (like OJ did)? I can think of no reason for him to try to hang on to it.

Anonymous said...

I too am curious at to the current affairs of Punkin Pie.
We need a Pie Spy......

Anonymous said...

Prior to Spector, Whineberg represented child porn collector talk show radio host Bernie Ward. Ward got a plea deal and is in prison.

The first judge in the Dr, Ayres case, Judge Runde had to recuse himself because of "antipathy" for Whineberg.

We hear Whineberg's trying to get a continuance on the date for the Ayres trial, due to start May 11 but he's pulled so many tricks we don't think it's gonna happen. The new judge is already irritated with him.

How very tacky of him to diss the jury - especially since the forewoman was so gracious to him and said he "did awesome."

Whineberg is about the most odious defense lawyer I've seen come down the pike in a long, long time.

Anonymous said...

If attorney Christine Tran Smith specializes in Intellectual Property Law (per CA. Bar website), how was she particularly helpful in a criminal case of murder?

Liz said...

Hi Sprocket

Thanks for all the links. I watched the AP video and retain my view as to why Linda D was the reporter of choice of Phil Spector. The video showed only Weinberg at the press conference and Linda spoke of - a new trial??? No thoughts for the victim. Very sad reporting - glad you were there.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sprocket,
Forgive me if this has been asked before, I haven't noticed it. Can a civil suit proceed while Spector's appeals are still ongoing? It seems that all of his appeals would have to be exhausted before his assets could go to Lana's family. What are your thoughts on this? tx, John

Sedonia Sunset said...

Jon, regarding a civil suit, I don't think it has anything to do with the criminal trial other than being able to refer to sworn testimony from the criminal trial and, of course, including the fact that he WAS convicted, which generally hastens things quite a bit. It probably COULD have gone forward BEFORE the criminal trial, but it generally works out better to do it AFTERwards, especially if he was found guilty. Remember, OJ was found Not Guilty in the murder trial, but was found liable for the death of Nicole and Ron in the civil trial.

I think one of the biggest factors is that if there are criminal charges pending, the defendant can plead the 5th; if not, they MUST testify. Both OJ and Michael Jackson had to testify in civil trials, but not in criminal trials.

Anonymous said...

So do I understand that the defendant is compelled to testify in the civil case? What if he refuses, is it contempt of court and......back to jail? Spector may find that to be a wash, as to where he ends up.

Anonymous said...

Jon -

No, the civil case can proceed now, and it will. All they needed to do was wait for a conviction.

Carol L Beck said...

Spector can be sued in civil court and be forced to testify. The problem with doing it before his appeals are exhausted is that he can plead the fifth in both depositions and in court.

IMO it shouldn't matter since the preponderance of the evidence is all that is needed, not guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.


Anonymous said...

I think if he does testify that it would be quite interesting... Will Rachelle be able to do his hair for him? Does he get a catered lunch?

woodmaster said...

As always SPROCKET YOU ROCK !!!!!! Thank you for your continuous reporting for us that cant get enough

Anonymous said...

Its Friday night. Just got back from a night with drinks, and laughs with friends to a nice home and a comfortable bed with a woman I love.

I'm not a multi millionaire with residual income from copyrights. I'm sure Phil Spector could put my night to shame. He could have dome something similar with a driver and limo, multiple bars with many drinks and food I hardly touched, lots of flash and a A-list of people to exchange banter with...

Except...except...what is it?...somethings different...

Oh yea..."I think I killed somebody"...

PS is behind bars. He'll be there for years, regardless of his appeals.

He'll likely never know the freedom and simple (relative to what he could have had) pleasures of a evening out with friends.

Maybe, just maybe he can see what his life has become and learn to realise how many people he has hurt. Hopefully he'll learn what a terrible person he is AND THE FACT THAT THE BEAUTIFUL MUSIC HE HELPED CREATE DOES NOT NEGATE THE TERRIBLE DAMAGE HE HAS DONE.

The world would be a better place if Phillip Spector, music and all, would never been born.

Anonymous said...

I agree. If PS had not invented the Wall of Sound (layering of orchestration on top of itself with multi-track), somebody else surely would. Good that they never gave him a star on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood, USA.

On a cheerier note, Our Ms Sprocket has surpassed 900,000 hits...hits, hits, hooray!

Anonymous said...

I'm pondering a couple things and maybe one of you will know the answers. Why didn't Phil have his own doctor testify about his health and say he was too shaky to hold a gun? Remember the doctor OJ went to said his arthritis was so bad he couldn't kill anyone? Also has Phil's assets been frozen so the money won't all be gone to lawyers before Lanas family can win the civil suit? I read where they serve Phil breakfast at 5:00 A.M. I know he hates that.LOL We may be poor in these hard economic times but we are free. Enjoy your weekend everyone.

Anonymous said...

Well, I've followed this story for so long I guess the last thing I want to hear is how he's coping with being incarcerated, and what Rachelle is doing, even what Whineberg is doing.

My thought is that when he gets dried out from all the drugs and alcohol, that his health will improve dramatically. Also, he wasn't eating, I read he diets all the time so may be anorexic, though a lot of alcoholics are thin like that.

When he is dried out, I think his mind will also be a bit clearer. For him that will not be a happy thing, though the denial must be terribly deep so it may take some years if he does indeed survive that long.

As to the wall of sound, yes I agree that the technology was there and an application would and did come. Interestingly, the term "Wall of Sound" was first used by Richard Wagner who placed his orchestra under the stage, so Spector's use of that description was taken from someone else just like all the music. Also, I think he was not an original artist but used the talent of the Ronettes (and their earnings) to enrich himself. Many black musicians of the 50's were exploited in that way. I feel so sorry for Ronnie Spector who to this day can hardly mention his name. And the sons who not only were adopted but were totally unloved. Seems Ronnie hasn't given them any love either.

Sprocket, hope you can keep giving us updates no matter how small!!!

Sprocket said...

I am working on an update on the Civil case. I hope to get that up today (as well as clean my house, but first things first lol!) as well as try to find out some other information. I may have to fill out Freedom of Information Act forms, but we'll see.

Anonymous said...

Doctors hate subpoenas, it wrecks their patient-appointment schedule, and anyway, if he can bar-hop til 2AM at 4 different spots, it may not be convincing that he is in any way "shaky" and nonfunctional. He lived alone with no known ambulatory problems in a 2-story house.
I'm 15 yrs younger than he, take prescription testosterone, and could never again do his night-clubbing schedule, lol.
I too am curious as to the civil case status and look forward to hearing about it.