Friday, April 10, 2009

Phil Spector Verdict Watch Day 8


8:38 am: Our train has less than a minute before it takes off. The car I’m in still has a few empty seats. It’s nice to get down on the lower platform early enough so that I can grab a seat facing forward for the 26 minute ride. Before we were allowed to board, there was a man who had fallen asleep in this car and the sheriff had to roust him. Usually, they do a security sweep of the train before it takes of from North Hollywood. For those of you who don’t know, the famous flyer Amelia Earhart, was from North Hollywood. There is a park at Magnolia Blvd. and the 170 Freeway that is named after her. The entire upper platform of the North Hollywood Red Line Station has tile murals done in her honor. Even the pillars that hold up the train platform on the lower level are meant to resemble the wings of a plane. (Think a carpenter’s biscuit.)

The gentleman beside me just asked if I was a screenwriter. “No, no,” I reply. The ride seems a bit bumpy today. I won’t know until I get on the 9th floor if the jury will deliberate today. Someone had asked earlier if I could just call the court to find out. I’m not positive, but I don’t think Wendy gets to work until 8:30 am. I am waiting to get on the train by then at the lower platform where there is no phone service. Besides, I don’t want to be a pest by calling her every morning. I’d rather find out like many of the other reporters do, and that’s by dropping by the courtroom and waiting to speak with the PIO staff member.

Boy! That gentleman really wanted to be chatty with me this morning. I couldn’t hear a word that he said. Thankfully, he got off at the last stop. We’re at Hollywood Western Station. Still early in our trip, but at 8:50 am, I’m wondering if we are a minute or two behind schedule. For the longest time, I used to think there was a large repair on the tunnel wall of the Vermont Beverly Station. That was until Mr. Sprocket dropped me off at that station on the morning of February 4th. That’s when I realized that the decor of that station is made to look like there are places where the bare, unfinished rock is still sticking out. Even the entrance is made to look like it’s dug under a mountain.

Mr. Sprocket found a new screen for me in Texas for only $79.00. It had the best warranty, one year, so thank you Texas. It will be here in two to five days. It’s 8:58 am, and we just arrived at the Wilshire/Vermont station. This is the first transfer point (headed east) to get on the Purple Line. This station is different that the rest in that the tracks are ontop of one another instead of on the same level.

9:24 am: I'm inside the courtroom. The jurors are deliberating. When I first walked in Wendy said, "They're here." It's only a 1/2 day today.

9:25 am: BUZZ! The jurors have started deliberating.

9:32 am: Gary from KNBC came in. That's all that's here. Allan Parachini is busy at the other end of the courtroom back row, working on his laptop. I will say this for the PIO department, they multi-task.

Answering a comment. I have no idea why In Sessions message boards are down. They don't tell me.

Answering a comment. The first trial did not have to replace any jurors with an alternate.

9:40 am: Linda Deutsch and Sherri arrive at the same time. Linda asks for the time Linda decides that she needs to drop her things off at her desk on the 12th floor. She asks Allan to let her know if anything happens. Allan smiling says, "You'll be the first to know." Right after she leaves, Paul from CNN arrives and asks for some stats on the days of trial and hours of deliberation so far. The reporter for City News sticks their head in and asks when deliberations started. Once he finds out, he takes off.

Another hearing is setting up right now. I'm not going to write anything on it because I don't want to report an error again.

9:47 am: The bailiff took a big bucket of ice into the jury room.

Answering a comment. I do not know what juror was ill yesterday. If the opportunity arises, I'll ask.

Answering a comment. There was no explanation as to the two male, Y marker's on Spector's private parts. It was just what was found. Understand that the only part of the profile that was detectable, were the Y markers. That was it. All us us could have tiny amounts of DNA from other people on us that probably got there under innocent means.

Answering a comment. Next Monday, I will only be able to be here in court in the morning. I will not be able to stay for the afternoon session. I will try to arrange something to get a notice out if the verdict comes in while I'm gone.

10:03 am: It's very quiet now. A moment ago, there was a bit of laughter at Wendy's desk with one of the court reporters and someone who came in to drop something off. Sherri is reading a book, Linda is reading the paper, Allan Parachini is still hard at work, Paul is on his blackberry and Gary is like me, just waiting.

Answering a comment. I have no aspirations to pursue a career as a writer or in broadcasting. Y'all have way more confidence in my abilities than my own perspective. However, if an offer came my way, I'd consider it but understand my desire would be to get back to sewing and creating with fabric.

Answering a comment: How many readers? That's hard to say. I will point you to the stat counter near the top of the blog. Although there are entries that are dated from February, 2007, the blog was created in June of that year.

Answering a comment. Please have patience with this jury. They've been through a lot. Give them some time to do their job.

10:14 am: Katie and Lisa arrive and immediately ask what's the latest. Linda from San Diego did not come today. I totally understand that. She can't get a train back home until 3:25 pm, and would be stuck at the courthouse from noon until then.

10:16 am BUZZ! The jury is taking a break.

Answering a comment. The ice could have been for cold drinks. Who knows.

10:30 am: BUZZ! The jury is back on the job.

Katie and Lisa leave to go check on a verdict in another case they have been watching. A moment ago, just before the buzz, the City News reporter came down to give me some nice compliments about the blog. He read it for the first time this morning. Thank you!

10:34 am: A smiling Joshua (the DA's clerk on this case) stopped in to speak to Wendy. This could be about anything, it's not necessarily about this case.

10:39 am: Sometime soon, T&T will be receiving a message/report from In Session's very own Beth Karas! As soon as I receive it, I will publish it.

Answering a comment. The makeup of the jury. Six men, six women of Caucasian, Asian and Spanish/Latin descent. I made a conscious choice not to go look at their jury questionnaires.

It's very boring right now.

10:54 am: Katie came back and tells me they are going to have a "readback" on this other case. It's three gang members on trial for murder in a courtroom at the other end of the hall.

11:11 am: Katie and I were just looking over some information on the Cameron Brown case online. I find it to be an interesting case and one I "might" follow next. It will just depend on several other factors. One is how early Pastor starts his courtroom: 8:30 am. Ouch! That would mean I'd have to get up a full hour earlier than I have for Spector.

We're hearing some door closings in the jury room. My guess is, the bathroom is getting a workout.

Answering a comment. We know that a foreperson was selected. It's juror #1. We don't know what the ice was for. I'm not going to ask. It could be for a cooler for all we know. I've been told that the court does not have the juror's names, only their juror number and a contact phone number. Y'all can continue to speculate but there is no evidence that a juror has been bribed or that their privacy has been compromised.

11:31 am: I must be asleep at the wheel here. Another reporter slipped in and is in the third bench row, reading a book. I've seen this reporter off and on during the second trial, but I do not know their name or affiliation.

11:34 am: It sounds like Wendy was just on the phone lining up a potential lunch for next Monday. Something about a particular type of cookie they liked.

Answering a comment. Court ends at 12 noon today.

11:37 am: BUZZ! Deliberations have stopped. Sounds like the jury is done for the day. We'll know in a moment if they come out soon. The bailiff isn't in the room currently.

11:42 am: Still waiting.

11:45 am: Kyles, the bailiff is here. I hope they will be exiting soon.

11:46 am: Judge Fidler comes and and says to Allan Parachini, "Care for a visit?"

The jury exits. There are some smiles, some frowns. They all wave goodbye to Wendy. That's it.
I'm off now. I'll post Beth Karas's report as soon as I get it after I get home.

1:12 pm: I'm home! Here's a message from the lovely Beth Karas:

I had hoped there would be a verdict in Spector’s trial when I was in LA earlier this week. Alas, no such luck. In my travels around the country I find there’s a lot of interest in this case but I rarely find anyone who believes that Lana Clarkson killed herself. I’m eager to see if this jury agrees. I’m heading to Colorado next week for a new live trial. I’ll post details on the In Session blog at and my facebook page.

Beth Karas


Thank you Beth!

Update: Saturday, April 11, 2009

I am working on setting up a bit of a round about way to have coverage of Monday afternoon. Linda from San Diego will call one of T&T's great co-bloggers, ritanita, who will then post the buzz updates. If there is a verdict, ritanita will be sending out the mass email notices that a verdict has been reached. Sprocket.


Anonymous said...

That's good. Sounds like they mean business today. Maybe they're getting sick of this trial and want to get back to their normal lives.

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Sprocket! I'm so glad you didn't waste your trip. I seriously doubt there will be a resolution today, but I feel hopeful that the jury is back at work. Glad the illness was nothing serious. Do you know what time court will end? At least they should get a couple of good hours.


Anonymous said...

A very Good morning to you Sprocket on Good Friday. Good news that the Jury are deliberating today and that the Juror is obviously feeling better now. Does that mean they finish at midday today then (1/2 day?). Thanks

Anonymous said...

Sprocket, do you have any idea why the insession blogs aren't open today?

Anonymous said...

We here in Texas send you our best (and your new screen). Have a great day Sprocket!

Anonymous said...

Maybe having only a half day, with a weekend ahead, will spur them on to reach a conclusion today. We can hope.


LinZbee said...

Morning Sprocket! Hope you're rested and renewed (and that you brought a sweater!). Also hope the jury puts in most of their half day's time deliberating, although I have no allusions as to them arriving at a verdict today. I'd love to be surprised, though.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Sprocket You make me feel I'm riding to the court house with you. Like you I love to sew, but I'm tired of sitting on my pins and needles waiting for a verdict. I feel so bad for the Clarksons. This has gone on too long. BUZZ BUZZ BUZZ!!

Anonymous said...

ill bet no BUZZ,BUZZ,BUZZ today

Carol L Beck said...

Good Morning Sprocket:

The last jury deliberated for 44ish hours. Did they have to replace any jurors after deliberations started and if so, was the 44ish hours total deliberation time or both times added together. I cannot seem to remember if a juror was replaced during deliberations.

Thanks again and again for all you do.


cake fairy said...

I'm glad they are there. I'm going to sit here for the next three hours and hit apple and r buttons. I'm a pc girl using an apple - it took awhile to figure out how f5 translated onto apple.

Thanks Sprocket!!!

Anonymous said...

The main In Session message threads are down for the Easter break, BUT they have started a Temporary forum, so if you go on there you can see there is a PS thread running now in the meantime, with all the usuals on there.

Anastasia said...

Good Morning!

I think that a verdict today would be great! BUT I am not betting on it as it's a 1/2 day. I do not mind that they are taking their time I just hope it brings about the right conclusion.

Have a great day Sprocket and a wonderful Easter weekend! Thanks again for all you do.

Anonymous said...

Insession boards are not down. There is a temporary weekend forum on the main page.

ritanita said...

Morning Sprocket!

I hope the jury uses every minute possible today.

I'm trying to take your advice to give the jury their time to do thorough deliberations.

It sure isn't easy!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for answering the insession question, I've never been banned and didn't say or do anything to be banned so so wasn't sure what was going on. No new threads started since yesterday? Holding out hope for a verdict soon.

Anonymous said...

Would you have anyway of finding out if it's the same person getting sick? Bless you Sprocket for all the work you do.

Anonymous said...

If the jury does reach a verdict today will the still announce it even if it is a half day

Anonymous said...

With it a 1/2 day and all, does the jury get to order lunch?

Anonymous said...

Hey Suzanne, thanks for that info.

I have a PC at work, but me and my hubby love the Mac, so this helps me!

Anonymous said...

Did you say you were going to have something else to do next week? I hope BUZZ BUZZ BUZZ comes today.

Anonymous said...

Hope it's to chill a bottle in celebration of a verdict!

lane99 said...

Just got back from a trip, and disappointed to find no verdict yet.

I hope there's at least one chatty juror who will explain why it took them so long to decide. This case is pretty straightforward.

Anonymous said...

Was there any speculation about the "Y" male DNA found on Spector? Could it be shaking a man's hand and then transfer to another part of his own body by touch?

I still feel that a least a "few" jurors will be getting antsy and demand a resolution. Easter is as good a reason as any to wind something down.

Carol L Beck said...

Odd request--a big BUCKET of ice!

Anastasia said...

Ice...hmmm. Another thing to speculate about. At least keeps it interesting!

Anonymous said...

I caught your interview on the radio show last night. You have a good voice for broadcasting! And apparently some screenwriting chops :)

Anonymous said...

Is there a way to know how many readers your blog attracts per day? I enjoy your writing style and very much appreciate your effort to keep us informed on this trial.

Anonymous said...

I'm with others that think *(hope)* the big bucket of ice is for a toast before announcing the buzz buzz buzz, their verdict....

I have hopes that since it's a Friday, and Good Friday, that they'll pull it together today and decide on 2nd degree murder and stop this nonsense. Enough. Phil Spector belongs in a cage.

Anonymous said...

1/2 day... does that mean until noon or 1?

Anonymous said...

If we do get a verdict later this morning would they read it this afternoon or wait until monday?

Carol L Beck said...

You know Sprocket, I have a good feeling that there will be a verdict Monday morning and you will be there.

Anonymous said...

Any PS sightings??

Anonymous said...

Hi Sprocket,
Sounds to me as though the Juror may still be unwell, with the ice bucket and a break (which seems earlier than usual, less than an hour of deliberation?). Perhaps...

Anonymous said...

Isn't it early for break? It's hard to keep up with your time here in the east. We did see a car chase there this morning. They caught her and said the California State Patrol was the best in the country. Very exciting.

ICareDoU said...

Good day Sprocket, It will really be a GOOD FRIDAY if we get our GUITY verdict today. Thanks for being there and follow your dreams, you are tenacious.

Anonymous said...

Can you direct me to any posts that describe the makeup of the jury. (I'm a latecomer here, and obviously, I have a lot of catching up to do!)

IonaTrailer said...

Hi there - I know the jurors getting sick is frustrating, but I want to tell people who don't live in LA that right now there seems to be a very contagious head cold that's going around. Also some flu. And it's been cold *(well, it's been in the 60's) and rainy the past couple of days. But spring is coming and with it a conviction, I hope,

Anonymous said...

If they get to order lunch today, there will no verdict.

Details said...

A thought on the ice. Could be for an ice pack for the sick juror. Or for a juror with a bad back or other injury. I've got a bad back myself, sitting on a chair that is not my own custom chair is very bad after a few hours, let alone days.

Anonymous said...

I'll bet this jury hasn't even decided on a foreperson yet while Spector is making Easter Brunch reservations.

KimmyGibbler said...

I'm from the Midwest and like many others interested in this trial, I was extremely frustrated that CTV wasn't going to cover it. I was one who was willing to pay a fee for an independent party to cover PS2. If there had been enough interest (1000 minimum), it would have cost each of us about $35 per month for 6 months to see it online without the interesting details I've come to love on this blog.

So after this awesome coverage of PS2 I plan to finally send Sprocket something for saving me over $200 and still bringing this trial to me online. And just watching it wouldn't have been nearly as convenient or interesting as reading her daily summaries.

I couldn't do what she's doing even if I lived in LA. And even if I tried, it wouldn't be nearly as interesting for y'all to read. I don't think it's too hard for most of us to find that "Help Scout Kitty" icon buried somewhere on her blog and send her a little something to buy her one cup of coffee or a train ticket. It would be a simple act of kindness and I'm sure very much appreciated even if she does this because she wants to do it. All those train tickets add up & could've gone towards the unexpected vet care for her injured critter.

Thanks, Sprocket, for making me feel like I've been in the courtroom for this whole dang trial!!

Anonymous said...

Hello Sprocket and fellow verdict watchers. I am just checking in and am disappointed, but not surprised, that there is no verdict. I wish I knew how they were attacking the evidence. I wonder if it is chronologically or just different questions that individual jurors have or? It would be interesting to know the process. I have never been on a jury but got called twice into murder 1 cases...I wasn't chosen. I am happy about that. Thank you Sprocket for going down there on Good Friday. I wish you a wonderful joyous Easter weekend.

Anonymous said...

no verdict till next week sometime,,happy easter to all and to spector family as well

Spector Did It said...

While waiting and bored to tears I looked at the Team Spector page and couldn't help but notice Dan Kessel's "message" he left for Spector, saying he wanted to relay a message from all Spector's friends/fans/supporters. Why don't they tell Spector themselves, and why are the same three/four people posting there, it's quite ridiculous. I know this is off-topic, but I think we all could use a laugh, couldn't we?
Let's hope the jurors make the best use of their time today.
My best to you and Mr. Sprocket!

Anonymous said...

Reply to Barry from yesterday:

I'm glad you felt you came to "see" Lana's light through her video. If the jury could have had only one brief visit with her 'spirit' somehow - I'm confident they would readily rule out any of the defense's preposterous notions of suicide. Regardless of a less than stellar career or the ordinary financial strains of any other actor.

Yes I know Pie for quite some time ... but cannot say I ever met Jennifer H. May have seen her around, but Pie was the consistent fixture in the picture. I'd rather not comment too much publicly about her other than to say that I was extremely saddened and very disappointed to hear her testimony in the first trial, as well as that of the other defense witnesses who fell into line behind her with the same "storyline".

Pie was Lana's friend and frequent companion, at least in her nightlife. I know some have speculated that she was not and that she just fabricated their association. We can't really speak to the sincerity or depth of that "friendship" of course, but suffice it to say that they hung out together often. What happened after is just a sad mystery at this point.

Jennifer H. on the other hand- I just don't recall ever meeting her. And sorry but I have nothing to add to the gun issue either.

Pal of Lana's

Anonymous said...

April 10, 2009 10:51 AM said:

"If they get to order lunch today, there will no verdict."

The jury is LEAVING at noon today. (Therefore no lunch today.)

Anyhow, what is with the free lunch obsession?

On the ice “issue”, don’t any of you people like ice in your water?

Geeze. Cut these people some slack.

They’ve given up have a year of their lives for this case.

There have been 50 witnesses (+/-). If they just discussed each witness’ testimony for just half an hour, that is 25 hours right there. (About where they are right now.)

The judge has instructed them to discuss the evidence among themselves. (That is why it is called “deliberations”. Otherwise they would call it something else like “voting”.)

Anonymous said...

Yep. Everybody has to pee before announcing their verdict.

Anonymous said...

That is a bunch of BS. The 1st thing the jury does is pick a foreperson. Then they take a vote and then discuss if there are a few that need more info to convict.

Anonymous said...

The Cameron Brown case sounds fascinating and I would love to see coverage of the trial. When does it start? Where can I find more info about it? Hope you can work it out. Gives me some hope about the future after Spector. I think that next week will be the week for some sort of resolution. Whether that be a guilty, acquital, or hung jury. Have just finished my second pot of coffee this morning. LOL I will be running around the rest of the day! Great weekend to all.


Anonymous said...

Sprock, do you recall the first jury in PS1. They took 48 hours. In that 48 hours did they hit that buzzer "Twice" a lot of times. They were attempting to convince thughead Ben10. Reason being, this jury has only 1 request for information, so far. (since they began deliberation.) This is important to me because if they were trying to convince another juror of Spectors guilt would they not be asking for a lot more than they have. Perhaps they are trying to agreed on Murder2 or Manslaughter. Do you recall?

Anonymous said...

Sprocket, Hope you and Mr Sprocket and everyone else , have a great Easter. And thank you again for covering this trial.

Linda in Tx

Anonymous said...

Have a Wonderful Easter everybody. We are under a tornado warning here in Ga. I gotta go. I hope Phil will be hopping down the jail trail next week.

Anonymous said...

"Geeze. Cut these people some slack".

I don't want a forced verdict or even a premature one. I just want them to do their job and put in an honest days work as in 8 hours. Instead of deliberating an hour, BUZZ.....another hour, BUZZ....and only put in approx. 4 hours a day. It's utterly ridiculous!

Carol L Beck said...

Sprocket and Commentors:

I hope all of you have a Happy Easter, even those of you I disagree with. I hope you will all be spending time with your families and enjoying all that the holiday has to offer.


Anonymous said...

Sprocket, do you know what time the court considers to be the half day mark? 12 noon, or 1pm?

Anonymous said...

If Spector is convicted, what kind of prison would he be assigned to. Min, Med or Maximum.

Anonymous said...

Justice for Lana and her family, it's coming! Money can't buy you everything Phil Spector.
I'm off to make candy and when I get back let's hope there is a verdict. Sprocket I can't imagine not being in the court room when the verdict comes down don't you even think it!
It's a really cold dreary day over here, let this be the day that PS is put in cuffs and led away. Wig removed, of course.

Anonymous said...

Give me a break!, this jury needs to get serious, the last thing on their minds right now should be what type of cookies they prefer!

Anonymous said...

If the jury is thinking about lunch and a type of cookie for Monday then Fidler needs to lay down the law on this brain-dead jury.

Anonymous said...

Ah hah, by all means get them their favorite cookies! How about Filet Mignon and some champagne to go with it. Sounds like they're busy discussing the menu and not the case!

Anonymous said...

Can't they even do a 1/2 day without skipping off 20 mins early!

Anonymous said...

WOW! They couldn't even make it until 12 Noon. GEEZE LOUISE!

Anonymous said...

Cookies?? How about bring your own lunch? Ridiculous, up until now I have tried to cut them some slack, but that's all they seem to be doing.

Slacking off.

I can't watch any longer.

Anonymous said...

Everyone is invited over to my castle for Easter. My special guest and soulmate Mr. Peanut will also be attending.

Anonymous said...

Have you considered taking this blog and creating a book like using it wouldn't cost you anything, yet others who would like to read your entire coverage of this trial could buy a copy. people could buy a b/w copy softcover for i think as little as $20 (or cheaper) and you could just dump the text in. Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

We are all invited to the Castle for Easter? Wow, will members of the jury be there also?

Anonymous said...

hurray, no verdict again today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!it is a good friday,,,Team S

Carol L Beck said...

Anon 11:37

The security level would be decided by the California Dept. of Corrections, but I think there would be an additional choice of Protective Custody because PS would probably be a target of other prisoners.


Anonymous said...

Well, since he won't be going to prison, the point is moot.

Anonymous said...

What do mean some frowns from the exiting jury? Maybe they wanted a different cookie.

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful Easter Holiday Sprocket!!

Thank-you for all you do!


Anonymous said...

That's OK TEAM S enjoy your bunny hop becuz what goes round comes round PS! Trial Bride better get her stripper pole out and grease it up, she's gonna need it again sooner rather than later.

Anonymous said...

How many similes and how many frowns?

Was juror #1 (the foreperson) smiling or frowning?

Unknown said...

Anonymous at 11:57 AM asks "If Spector is convicted, what kind of prison would he be assigned to. Min, Med or Maximum?"

Being a small, frail older man in poor health convicted of a capital crime, if he's not freed on appeal bond, he'll be in "administrative segregation," which is a polite term for solitary confinement, with 24/7 supervision by jail staff (for medical reasons and suicide watch).

I believe the LA County Jail downtown has a section reserved for high-profile and difficult cases; if he's turned over to the CDC ("California Department of Corrections"), someone's commented here in weeks past about the route: intake, classification, and removal to appropriate facility for balance of sentence. The process can take months.

See ya in the Yard, Philly.

Anonymous said...

I am now officially worried about this jury. There may be a few brain dead types in there.

caroleigh said...

To anonymous at 11:48 a.m.

Team'' S'' ???
Thats ''SS'' [ Spector Sh--]

It gives you the weekend to clean out the pool, we are all coming for the victory
bump and grind dance next to the pool, we got helicopters also

Anonymous said...

Hi Betsy,

Bonnie here, just checking in. You poor thing. I imagine the feeling is not:

"When will this end?"
But, "Will this end?"

Spoke with Dominick yesterday. He's still not totally up to speed but I must tell you the comment left by Margy Lipp,

"I've not had the energy to renew my VF subscription without your column. I'll certainly be back when you are,"

made him laugh out loud.

Actually that's why I called him. My rule-of-thumb is if it makes me laugh, I call. :)

So keep 'em coming!

Happy Easter. Chocolate bunnies for everyone!

Anonymous said...

Cookies? They want cookies for lunch? How about a knuckle sandwich?! I'm kidding! But Good Golly, Stop pampering them or they'll never get the job done!

Well, I hope they all have a happy and restful Easter and are ready to get down to business next week! This is getting unbearable!

Have a safe weekend everybody. And have a safe ride home Sprocket. Thanks again for your great coverage.

Kitty M.

Anonymous said...

The jury has had to pick a foreman, probably has reviewed the instructions, and probably conducted a complete round robin discussion before serious deliberation, and inevitably there are delays with each break, coming, and going. Still, they've had a lot of time to think about and discuss a case that seems fairly simple: Dead woman; purse on her shoulder, in the foyer of a stranger's house; Spector was the only other person in the house at the time; the gun was his; he unquestionably was in the room at the time of the shooting (and close enough to have blood spatter on his clothes); he was heard to say he may have killed her (that's the testimony -- defense counsel's insinuation that he may have said something else is only that: insinuation); and there is no evidence that he made no effort to call for assistance. More damning than anything seems to be his tampering with the evidence. It seems beyond dispute that he wiped her face, washed the blood from his hands, and changed at least some of his clothes. It seems well establised that he handled and placed the gun where it was found.

If some jurors are having trouble with a verdict given this case, they are thoroughly confused and may never see the case for what it is. If they can't come to grips with it by the close of business Monday or early tuesday at the latest, they're hung.

Anonymous said...

I'm predicting a guilty verdict on 2nd degree murder. After about 6 months, I think PS will end up at Mule Creek State Prison in Ione, CA. (like eye-own). This is where "sensitive" inmates like child molesters and lady killers are housed. One of the Menendez boys (Lyle?) is there.

Anonymous said...

am I the only one who finds the "Team S" comment a little odd?
wouldn't PS benefit from a verdict, as in a "not guilty" one?

it just seems that with anything short of that, and ESPECIALLY if there's another hung jury with ten for guilty, he gets to be the next OJ (free but a pariah).

even if the district attorney's office passed on a third trial, Lana Clarkson's family probably follows up with a civil suit. even if he got an outright acquittal like OJ did, there's still no light at the end of the legal tunnel for him. he could be fighting legal battles that stem from the events of 2/3/03 for the rest of his life and the stigma is forever.

who could get happy about that? it makes no sense. I doubt anyone who really cared about the guy would be jumping for joy about any of this.

Anonymous said...

This case is the kind of case that based on first impressions Spector is guilty, and of course all most people have of this case (present company excepted) is a kind of broad-brush first impression of the case.

Until I started following the case in January of this year I was unaware of several key facts that could make all the difference.

A not guilty verdict could only occur if a majority of the jurors take an emotionless analytical approach.

I also believe that the longer this jury deliberates (up to a point) the more likely it is that such a verdict will be reached, and that a verdict on or before today was unlikely to have been an acquittal.

But that is the thing with juries, you just never know until the verdict is read in open court.

BTW, hung juries are relatively rare; most juries reach a verdict.

white tiger said...

Good thing for OJ and Robert Blake that they didn't go to trial in Northern California. I attended the Hand Reiser trial last year and he was convicted of 1st degree murder with NO BODY. These SoCal juries need a video tape of the crime or it's reasonable doubt. This case is another no- brainer. The judge instructs that it is beyons a reasonable doubt but this doesn't mean beyond ALL doubt. Conviction please, while were still young.

Anonymous said...

They should sequester them for the next three days in a crummy hotel. That'll make them move fast. Sounds like there's no one person who's pushing them on the jury.

Anonymous said...

Spending less than 2hrs. yesterday and today just doesn't make sense. I think there is one Team Spector fan on the jury and he or she is not going to budge.I guess they can agree on their favorite cookie but not that there is no way a woman kills herself at a strangers house. This must be so heartbreaking for Lana's family. Happy Easter everybody.

Anonymous said...

quote from Anonymous said...
Sprock, do you recall the first jury in PS1. They took 48 hours. In that 48 hours did they hit that buzzer "Twice" a lot of times. They were attempting to convince thughead Ben10. Reason being, this jury has only 1 request for information, so far. (since they began deliberation.) This is important to me because if they were trying to convince another juror of Spectors guilt would they not be asking for a lot more than they have. Perhaps they are trying to agreed on Murder2 or Manslaughter. Do you recall?

April 10, 2009 11:26 AM

I have to agree with Anonymous that I quoted... (hopefully the italics worked on the quote!!) This jury has deliberated for 26 hrs 46 mins (per Sprocket above!) - so that's about 4 days and 2 hrs... almost 1/2 of what the last jury did. I predict that the jurors have come to a decision and are taking the weekend to gather their thoughts - that they are doing the right thing - sending Spector to jail - and will come back Monday - with a guilty verdict - Man 2...

And I too, Sprocket am interested in the Cameron Brown case - maybe you can give up a quick update on that one - when you have time - of course!! LOL!! Wasn't or isn't Mark Geragos his attorney??

Hope you have a nice quiet Happy Easter - and everyone of you trial verdict watchers!!


Christine said...

We really can't know what's going on with the jury. I think the foreperson #1 was the one who took a lot of notes?

However: my sense is that if they left a little early today it is for one of two reasons. They either finished some large section they were working on and didn't want to start the next, or they are very close to a verdict.

The person who said that if they discussed each witness for just 30 minutes it would take at least this long made an astute comment. I can see that scenario, and of course it would be even longer if everyone would bring up something or other.

They may be through only 2/3 of the witnesses by now. Then I think there will be some sort of leaning toward their final verdict, and as it goes on it may get a little quicker. On top of that they have to decide whether manslaughter or 2nd degree murder.

Based on that idea, I predict that we get a verdict possible Tues. or Wed. of this next week at the earliest...

Anonymous said...

I'm in agreement with sequestering the jury. They need to realize this is not a vacation away from their jobs - there is justice hanging in the balance. I don't believe they would be meeting for a few hours a day if they were holed up in a hotel somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Sequestering would not be practacle or affordable, this many people for this long. 6 months x 18people + thousands of meals = ??

However, to be concerned on Friday which cookies to order for next Monday....."nervy". And I would not be happy driving down there for only 2 hours, AND I would have verbalized that.

Liz said...

They only left 15 min early today - viz 12.00 morning finish - and I would think for many it may have been for religious reasons.

Thanks for being there Sprocket. My only opinion would be that I feel very sad that Lana's family have to go through such an extended jury process yet again.

Anonymous said...

Everyone is talking about how much time they the jury has deleberated. The real question is how much of that time did they talk about what they would like for lunch?

grumpykitty said...

Thank you again so much for EVERYTHING, Sprocket! Hope everyone has a Hoppy Bunny Day! :D

Anonymous said...

CNN feels this will end in another hung jury. Very sad indeed.

Anonymous said...

i think cnn is right

Anonymous said...

Thank you Sprocket for all you are doing for us. I hope you and Mr. Sprocket have a Blessed Easter.

Anonymous said...

okay... I've just read an article in the UPI Entertainment News that the Jury is 7-5 impasse...
per caption under PS's picture it says:
Phil Spector leaves following a court appearance in Los Angeles, California on September 19, 2007. The jury reported to the judge on Tuesday that they had reached a 7-5 impasse. (UPI Photo/ Phil McCarten)
unless the article means that the jury back in PS1 was at 7-5 impasse????
Sprocket - have you heard anything like this?? or do you think it's from the first jury???


Anonymous said...

thought I'd post a link to this article in the UPI:


Sprocket said...


The photo and caption is referring to the first trial.

We have no idea at this point if a vote has been taken or what it might be with the retrial jury.

Anonymous said...

Whew!!!!! Thanks for answering so quickly!! Glad to hear that!!

Hope your Easter is a peaceful one - and I like your idea of Linda from San Diego is reporting for you!!


caroleigh said...

Good Morning Sprocket and everyone
Another day of deliberation! What is there to deliberate? I can not understand these Loss Angeles jurors, get this psychopathic maniac out of his castle, and give the poor Clarkson family some peace and rest.