Wednesday, April 15, 2009

No Confidence Vote For Jersey Health Minister And A Resignation

Recently in a meeting of the States, many in the assembly heard Health Minister Perchard swear at Senator Stuart Syvret and told him to “top himself.” This is not the first time the Minister has suggested Stuart commit suicide – he has done so on two other occasions.

Perchard has been strongly criticized by States members since he apologized for using "inappropriate language" during a States meeting.

The uproar caused by Perchard’s outburst was followed by Perchard offering a half-baked, insincere apology on television.

Deputy Roy le Herisser called for a vote of no confidence in the Health Minister saying he was disappointed Perchard hadn't done more to show he regretted his actions.

A week later, from channelonline:

Jersey's Health Minister Senator Jim Perchard has resigned.

The call for his resignation was made after the minister told Senator Stuart Syvret to "go and top himself."

Senator Perchard has apologized to the 22-strong senior management team at Health and Social Services who he says he failed to protect against "despicable and relentless onslaught of allegations made against them of murder, unlawful killing, child abuse, corruption, bullying and cover-up."

He also apologized to patients who he says will now not benefit from "my exciting plans."

The resignation was sent to Sir Philip Bailhache.

Notice the bolded part of his resignation – it is a veiled reference to Stuart Syvret’s work and how this is all Stuart’s fault - but also points to the complete lack of control by Perchard. His swearing at and telling a colleague to commit suicide reflect his lack of professionalism.

I say good riddance Jimmy – don’t let the door hit you on the way out!

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ritanita said...


This is a positive thing, yet so inadequate in terms of the entire situation.

There does need to be a major investigation!

Anonymous said...

Jersey? New Jersey, or Jersey, UK?

Sprocket said...


Jersey, UK. One of the Channel Islands.

katfish said...

And the walls start tumbling down......