Monday, April 13, 2009

Brooke Bennett’s Ex-Stepfather Pleads Guilty to Porn Charges

~Brooke Bennett

This morning in San Antonio, U.S. District Judge Xavier Rodriguez accepted Ray Gagnon’s guilty plea. Gagnon will be sentenced in July and faces up to 20 years in prison.

Gagnon still faces charges of child pornography in Alabama where he lived with young Brooke and her mother.

Will these federal charges be an impetus for Gagnon to try a cut a deal by cooperating with authorities in testifying against Michael Jacques, Brooke’s uncle, who stands accused of 12-year-old Brooke’s kidnap, rape and murder?

We can only hope!


ritanita said...

Donchais, I hope as you do that he turns on Jacques. I hope Jacques trial gets scheduled soon. Do you know if the govt. is going for the DP? I can't remember if a decision has been made about that.

donchais said...

That has been the big hold up on the case.

We had to wait for a new "federal" attorney general to be appointed. He/She is the only one who can approve death or no death penalty in this case.

We will never see this case televised because it is federal...state, we would have seen.

I don't care as long as we get a guilty verdict...this little 12-year-old has touched my soul and needs justice for her untimely, sad death...what is wrong with us as a society????

Anonymous said...

Personally I think Ray should also get the DP, I believe he had knowledge of all the stuff goin on, he needs to die so does Michael Jacques.