Friday, January 18, 2008

Mark Jensen Murder Trial Day 10

Day 10 – 1/18/07
Margaret Wojt, a neighbor, takes the stand.

The week before her death, Julie told Margaret that Mark would kill her before he would divorce her. Douglas was probably at daycare, which he started that week.

Julie was applying for jobs (Mark wanted her to work), but she hadn't heard back about them. She didn't want Douglas, who was 4, in daycare.

The Tuesday before her death, she asked Julie if she really believe Mark would kill her. Julie said, "yes."

Margaret spoke to Julie on the phone the day before she died. Julie’s voice was shaky and she sounded drunk. She said she didn’t know the medications would affect her that way.

Margaret asked if she could help. Julie said no, that Mark was being good to her.

Margaret is talking about the day Julie died. She was coming back from picking her daughter up from school. She saw all the police cars and ambulance at Julie’s house. She went in her house and her husband and other daughter were upset because Julie had died.

What did you see on December 4th? I saw Mark outside in the afternoon with his father. They were high-fiving each other and were happy. Margaret couldn’t understand how they can be happy when Julie had just died.

That Monday, Margaret saw Julie’s personal things in the garbage.

Cross examination ~ On the call the day before she died, did Julie say she was afraid? No,

She didn’t ask for any help? No.

Margaret started seeing Kelly at the house around January and more in the spring.

Did Julie tell you she saw a doctor for depression? No.

Did she tell you the doctor gave her anti-depressants? No.

The next witness is Aaron Dillard. Dillard just got released from prison for testifying at this trial. He is on extended supervision. He has 7 prior convictions. Holy cow! 5 crimes in Lithuania.

Lol, he's a check bouncer and forger!

Dillard asked to speak to the prosecution regarding Mark Jensen.

Jensen and Dillard were in the same cellblock in Kenosha County jail. They just had general conversations in the beginning. Dillard knew Jensen was in for murder.

Was Jensen upset with Mr. Klug? Yes and said Klug was lying.
Dillard was given the transcript of Klug’s testimony. When he finished reading it Jensen wanted to know what he thought. Dillard told him that he was screwed.

Jensen said Klug was an attention seeker and Klug was full of BS.

The next day they again spoke and Jensen asked what can I do about it?

I said if there is no corroboration you’re ok. If they do corroborate, you’re screwed.

Jensen was proclaiming his innocence.

Dillard was asking him why would they claim he poisoned his wife. Jensen said yeah, what was I supposed to do? Hold her mouth open? Shove a tube down her throat?

Dillard asked how did she have antifreeze in her system? Jensen would never give a straight answer.

Jensen told Dillard that Julie was crazy and depressed and self-medicating herself. Jensen gave a huge list of drugs she was supposedly taking. Jensen said that Julie killed herself.

Did Jensen ever say he missed Julie? Was he upset that she died? No.

Did Jensen change his story to you? Yes.

Dillard told Jensen he thought he killed her. Jensen explained what he did. He said they went to the doctor and she took paxil, lithium and she got loopy and wanted to lie down. Jensen said he gave her juice with antifreeze in it!

Dillard realized he was hearing a confession and started paying close attention because he thought he could use it to his advantage.

Jensen told Dillard he gave Julie and ambien for sleep. Julie slept and then later started throwing up.
Julie was very lethargic and very ill. The kids were very worried that their mom was so sick. That night Jensen said her gave her another glass of juice with antifreeze in it.

The next morning her breathing was very raspy. Jensen went to work and when he came home and Julie was breathing better. Jensen told him that he was scared that she didn’t die. Jensen rolled her over and sat on her back and pushed her face into the pillow till she died.

When Jensen told you did he show any emotion? No.

After Jensen killed his wife he went back to work. Then he picked up the kids and brought them home from school. He made the kids wait outside.

Dillard says Jensen tried poisoning her earlier when he went away for a meeting. Julie got very sick and threw up all over the house. That's when the carpets had to be cleaned.

Jensen said he was glad Julie didn't die that time because that was the meeting where he talked to Klug and Klug would have come forward right then.
Dillard is testifying that Jensen told him about the internet. Jensen said for his defense about the hits on the poison could be blamed on Julie, but didn’t say what it was.

Jambois asks Dillard if he wrote out what Jensen said. Yes to my attorney to get them to you.

Jensen told him about Klug and that he screwed up in talking to Klug. He wished he hadn’t spoken about killing his wife to his co-workers.

Did Jensen show you any other document besides the transcript of Ed Klug’s testimony?

He never showed me anything else besides the Ed Klug statement.

Dillard may be a criminal, but this is really damning testimony.

Cross examination ~ Albee starts plowing through all of Dillard’s 17 probation violations. Blah, blah, blah, over this witness past bad acts.

Dillard made an unauthorized 500 dollar withdrawal from the woman's checking account.

"I believe the words were, if I've got to sit in jail, I'm not going to pay you back."

"I believe it was an accident that turned into something because of my history."

Now going over his lies to women he met in bars, and giving a false name.

You didn't want her to find out you were a criminal, because she might check you out on C-cap.

She really found out who you were when she looked in your wallet while you were taking a shower.

"I don't believe that's how it happened."

Albee is putting the witnesses feet to the fire about how many women he met over the internet that he might have scammed.

WendyBemmer and Shannon Panko.

Lori Brown? Yes. I'm sorry. Third one.

You lied in those personals, correct? No I don't believe so.

You lied about your education being postgraduate? I never clicked that link. If it popped up that way, I never really reviewed it.

Wendy Beemer? It could be.

Told her your name was Kyle Ressick? Could be.

Told her you played college football? No.

Told her you had a business in Lithuania? Yes.

Told her you had a mansion? No.

In fact it was your mom who told her who you really were? No.

You claimed to work for the CIA and FBI? Never.

Shannon Panko, you told her you were Kyle Ressick? I don't know if I did or not. I can't remember.

You told her you were a special agent with the Lithuanian govt.? No.

You told her you couldn't fly with the Lithuania govt because of a medical condition? No.

You borrowed money from Ms. Panko? Yes.

You told her you had lots of money but it was tied up in retirement? No.

You told her you were tortured and tied up in chains in Lithuania? No, that's not correct.

Told her that they were going for a ride in your helicopter? No. We went to one of those places in Vegas where you can ride the helicopters and that’s what we did.

All kinds of questions Albee is throwing out there!

You read the transcript of Klug’s testimony? Yes, we discussed it.

You took notes about Klug’s transcripts? No.

When you talked about his case, he denied his was guilty? Yes.

Jensen told you the reasons why he thought he’d be acquitted? Yes.

He told you the defense claimed Jensen mixed benadryl with antifreeze? Yes.

Jensen told you Julie committed suicide because of her depression? Correct.

You met with pros in mid-September and they typed up a statement for you to sign and approve it? I didn’t approve…

Albee finally handed out copies to pros and the judge.

Did you receive this and read it for accuracy? Did you go over this with the pros or your lawyer? Month or so ago I reviewed it.

Objection comes up and the jury is sent out.

Best line of the day to Albee, Judge: You're making me assume the witness is a liar? Proof that the witness is lying because his testimony follows the statement?

You wanted to get out of jail to testify? Yes.

You stated you wouldn’t testify if in jail? Yes, I didn’t want to be a jailhouse snitch. I wouldn’t be safe.

Another objection!

Judge: It looks like your trying to impeach him with a statement he claims is not his own.

Holy cow! Albee claiming the pros changed Dillard’s statement to reflect their current theory of Julie’s death. And, he’s saying that Jambois lied to the judge! I’d be ducking about now!

Judge agrees with Jambois that Dillard’s written statement is in line with Dr. Chambliss' testimony on Julie’s cause of death.

Judge Schroeder sees a fight brewing and sends the jury home a half hour early.

Monday is a holiday, so court resumes on Tuesday morning. Bring your boxing gloves!