Friday, January 18, 2008

Mark Jensen Murder Trial Day 9

Day 9 - 1/17/08

The day starts with Dr. Long back on the stand for more torture. Craig Albee is rehashing much of the same material from yesterday. Albee seems to take delight in pointing out mistakes. However, Dr. Long owns up to whatever error there may be. To me, mostly the errors are based on semantics.

Albee is going to try and impeach Dr. Long on a case, Patricia Stallings, from 20 years ago. Albee claims Dr. Long’s report was erroneous and Mrs. Stallings went to jail because of this. Ryan Stallings died as an infant from what appeared to be ethylene glycol poisoning. He actually died from an extremely rare genetic disorder that pretty much mimics ethylene glycol poisoning!

Objection! Irrelevant case over 20 years ago. Jury sent out. Time for another Jambois/Albee show down!

Judge Schroeder and Albee go at it! Credentials can come into question, specific incidences DON'T. Albee argues with Judge, who argues back.

Best line of the day: Judge: "Mr. Albee, I don't care what you think!"

The judge has a dilemma - if he allows Albee to ask about Stallings and Dr Long's opinion, Albee will have to accept the answers given. Judge is not going to allow the re-trying of Stallings by bringing in experts to testify to the mistakes in Stallings, because that would be a trial within a trial.

Calling a new witness out of order, and the Dr Long issue will be revisited later. Tadeusz Wojt, former neighbor, called to the stand.

Julie told Mr. Wojt that she suspected Mark of seeing someone - that was 5 to 6 weeks before she died. She also suspected Mark of doing computer research. After Mark went to work, she would notice sticky notes around Mark's desk - stuff on the notes about different poisons.

Julie was very suspicious, and confronted Mark. On a daily basis she would tell Mr. Wojt about her suspicions.

About 2 weeks before her death, Julie was really worried about eating or drinking anything in the house. Jensen would come home from work and offer her a drink, but she wouldn't take it. She was suspicious, because it had always been that she would fix a drink for Mark when he came home from work - he had never done this for her. Until 2 weeks before she died, and he kept trying to give her drinks.

Wojt is a good witness. Albee can't rattle him. He seems extremely intelligent and knows what he knows.

Jambois on redirect – Asks Wojt is Mark was controlling. When Julie's dad wanted to visit (he was dying of cancer, to spend time with his daughter and grandsons) Mark made it so miserable that her dad had to go stay at a motel!!!

Back to the Dr. Long argument. Judge Schroeder googled Stallings trial. TLC article:

Dr. Long's work called "miraculous" on this case. Another lab also found ethylene glycol in child's body twice.

Dr. Long not "tagged" for any unethical behavior or misconduct in the case.

Albee blabbers on. Judge Schroeder is getting very loud. Albee keeps trying to interrupt him. Now they are shouting at each other!!!

Dr. Long recalled to the stand. Albee continues cross.

Long was called on to test blood of Ryan Stallings 18 yrs. ago. Tested blood twice... post-mortem and possibly anti-mortem.

Prosecutors contended mother had fed the child ethylene glycol.

Long's test was positive for ethylene glycol, but they have since changed the protocol to include GCMS testing due to problems in case.

Albee reviews case...Dr. Long is clearly fed up with Albee.

At the Stallings trial, Long testified Ryan had been poisoned with antifreeze.

Dr. Long is given pages of deposition from Stallings case to read.

Jambois asks for copy of testimony (1000 pages) since it was not provided to him. Albee is picking and choosing a page here, a page there. Albee will give Jambois the papers to copy.

Dr. Long will continue some time next week to give Jambois a chance to prepare.

Court adjourned for the day. As I wonder every day of this trial, what must the jury be thinking?

Special thanks to Intrepid and ritanita for their major contributions to this report!