Friday, January 11, 2008

Missing Marine, Maria Lauterbach Dead

Missing marine Lance Cpl. Maria Lauterbach is dead. Her body has not yet been recovered. A witness phoned detectives and told them she was dead and where her body was buried. She's been dead for some time. LE in a press conferences going on now, indicates that a fellow officer that Lauterbach had accused of raping her, Cpl. Cesar Armando Lauren 21, is now a suspect in her death. This officer left the area at 4:am ET this morning and has not been seen for eight hours. The officer hired three attorneys after yesterdays press conference. No charges have been filed yet.

At the press conference Special Marine Investigator, Paul Ciccarelli said that until approximately 24 hour ago, this officer was not considered a flight risk or considered a danger to Lauterbach.

CNN.Crime Coverage

Update: 10:22 am
The suspect is driving a black 2004 Quad cab Dodge pickup with North Carolina plate 1522. The tipline for this case is: (910) 455-3113.

Update: 11:40 am
What do you think the odds are, that the baby Lauterbach was carrying belongs to murder suspect Cpl. Cesar Armando Lauren? That's not a big stretch to make that logical leap and I'm sure will be easily determined at autopsy. I haven't seen a news report yet that details when Lauterbach first made the rape allegation. It's also possible these two very young marines were in a romance that went sour. Officials are still searching for Lauterbach in a specific area. Authorities were given the name of the street where her body was buried so it shouldn't take search dogs too long to find her remains.

Special thanks to Liza Townsend for the heads up on the breaking news.