Thursday, January 24, 2008

Mark Jensen Murder Trial Day 12

Day 12 - 1/23/08

What a day. I’m telling you…you just can’t make this stuff up! Probably half the day was spent with the jury on break and the Judge and attorneys in argument; sometimes very heated argument!

The day begins with Kelly LaBonte Jensen on the stand. Yep, we still have more emails to examine.

Jensen called Kelly on the day that Julie died.
Did you have multiple contacts with Jensen during December? Yes.

During December 1998, did you make plans to leave your husband? No.

Kelly left her husband in January 8, 1999.

Julie doesn't "remember" being at Mark's house shortly after Julie died. Not in December, 1998. She remembers being at the Jensen home in January, 1999. She "possibly" remembers that they had sex.

Kelly attended David’s birthday party in January. Mark introduced Kelly as a “friend”.

Hmmm, Jambois has recordings of jail phone calls between Mark and Kelly that he wants to use. Albee and the Judge aren’t happy because the prosecution has to hunt through to find the particular conversations. Kelly has said something on the stand that they didn’t expect!

The prosecution is looking for a conversation between Kelly and Mark where Mark Jensen is telling Kelly that he conversation they had about John Jacques... took place in 2001 or 2002. It sounds like he is coaching her.

All kinds of arguments from Craig Albee (no surprise)! Albee's going to argue himself into another smack down! Judge is now sitting up and looks a bit wide-eyed and red in the face. I’ve never heard this much shouting in a courtroom. What a slug-fest!

Albee on cross ~

Asking Kelly about her educations and work experience.
Kelly grew up in New Mexico, moved to St Louis, then up to Wisconsin. She took time off to go to Africa to live with her future ex-husband who was in the Peace Corps.

On direct you read quite a few emails? Yes.
You have no reason to dispute what was in them? No.

The time stamps on the emails, it would appear yours was wrong? Yes.
Was the time stamp on Mark’s wrong? I don’t know.

March ’02, were you interviewed by Det. Ratzburg? Yes.
He came unannounced? Yes.

Did he tell you the Mark had been arrested? Not til the end of the interview.

You told Det. Ratzburg you had an affair with Jensen before Julie died? Yes.

Albee shows an email from Mark to Kelly. Mark supposedly talked with Julie and Julie said she didn’t want to be married.

You heard some tapes that were just played? Yes.

Do you recall the statement “when he questions” and the he was referring to me? Yes.

Was Mark asking you to lie? No.

(Sorry, but I don’t think Albee can really rehab this witness.)

Re-direct ~
You understand that Mark lied to the police about when his affair with you started? Yes.

At the time of your interview with Det, Ratzburg, you hadn’t talked to your husband about when Mark said your affair began? No.

Albee is objecting over everything! What a shock!

Kelly's going to have to admit that she knew Mark lied to the police AND that she was complicit in the lies. She possibly could have lied in the hearing back in July! She took the 5th in July. She is being forced to testify because in Wisconsin, if she is required to testify, she must have immunity, except for perjury.

Albee is objecting after every second word Jambois says. Schroeder seems to know where Jambois is going here and not letting Albee object.

Jambois is asking when she and Mark first had sex.

Holy cow! Kelly didn't remember when she was engaged to Marc Grieman (her first husband).

Albee wants Jambois to define sex!!! Intercourse vs. oral sex being considered sex or not. (Hey, didn't we have a president who had the same problem?)

Wham the “P” word! Perjury! Holy cow! She has lied in both testimonies. And Schroeder knows it, and he's not taking Albee's crap here. Kelly is toast. Albee knows it. Jambois is sitting in the catbird seat.

YIKES! Craig Albee needs to get held in contempt! Calling Mr Jambois, "Dr Kinsey Jambois" because of all the sex e-mails stuff.
Man, it's like a free for all amongst lawyers in that courtroom!

Albee calls for mistrial yet again. Judge gives Jambois 25 seconds.

Jambois feels that the witness (Julie) is coming around to start telling the truth after being reminded about the penalties of perjury.

Jambois has notes about conversations between Mark and Kelly about Kelly’s previous lovers. They are trying to pinpoint when the conversations took place. Lots of men currently sweating in St Louis and Wisconsin! And thankful that Judge Schroeder said "Only first names".

We're talking EVERYTHING she's ever done! The type of sex and how many sexual partners. Some of this is more info than I need.


She recounts all this in detail, but can't remember a conversation with the detective about having sex with Mark before/after Julie's death?

Kelly seems to "forget" important dates when she comes to trial!
She AGAIN tries to wiggle out of it!

Judge warns her about telling the truth!


She's arguing with the judge. Hah!

Oh, this is good........

Albee on recross ~

No way Albee can clean up this mess.

Schroeder is cautioning Albee about entering another email into evidence because it can be really ripped apart by prosecution. it was from Dec 2 (the day before Julie died). That's probably why the judge, after reading a portion that said something like "I'll have to go home - I wonder what state of reality I'll be faced with. Might have some explaining to do tonight", said, "Are you sure you want to enter this into evidence"?

Basically its saying that Mark is wondering if he'll find Julie dead, and if he'll have to explain to the boys why their mother died! Albee would be a fool to offer this!

It's as good as an admission of guilt.

LaBonte is dismissed (mercifully).

We are now shown the police video of the death scene. How sad. I can only hope that Julie’s brothers have stepped out of the courtroom.

Jury dismissed for the day.

All I can say about today’s proceedings…YOWZERS!

Thank you ritanita and Intrepid for your contributions to this entry and for all the laughs!


Sprocket said...

I was able to watch a bit of the last hours of testimony of the trial yesterday. Fortunately, I missed most of Kelly LaBonte's prior sexual history played out for the jury, detailing what sexual acts she had, at what age and with whom.

Could Kelly LaBonte have looked more guilty than she did, of knowning her husband consipired to murder Julie?

The only question I have of this trial now is, will Albee put his client on the stand? Does Jensen have the sociopathic ego to take the stand and protest his innocence?