Friday, January 11, 2008

O.J. Simpson's Bail Revoked!

A condition of O.J.'s bail was to not speak to, or associate with other witnesses or principals of the case. Allegedly, over the holidays, O.J. went to several Christmas parties where he knew these other individuals would be.

Fox News reporting:
He’s flying back today from Miami to Los Angeles and arriving early evening

He’s been taken into custody by Miguel Pereira, bail bondsman of You Ring We Spring Bail Bonds

According a report now on Fox News, a friend of OJ's, says, "He's crushed." Aw! Too bad! This couldn't have happened to a nicer guy! I smile real big when I think of Simpson back in handcuffs, again.

Update: 12:20 pm
It appears OJ did avoid Christmas parties. My friend Intrepid says, "Now Adam Housley is reporting that it has something to do with phone messages OJ made.
OJ is now at the airport awaiting transportation back to Las Vegas. I can't wait. Put "The Juice" behind bars already. Fox News should have cameras at the airport momentarily and will have images either on TV and/or their web site, soon.

Update: 2:26 pm
Thanks to MISSWASABI, this is supposedly the text of the phone message. (I don't have an online news source to verify this yet, and I have to find out where this came from.)

"Hey Miguel, It's me ... I just want, want CJ to know that the whole thing all the time he was tellin' me that s**t, ya know, I hope he was telling me the truth don't be trying to change the mother f***ing s**t now, mother f***ing a**holes I'm tired of this s**t. Fed up with mother f***ers changing what they told me. Alright?"

Per MISSWASABI, Miguel is his bail bondsman. OJ wanted him to call one of the other defendants.

Thank you MISSWASABI, for the update!
Update: 2:45 pm
CNN.Crime has a good story up. Clark County District Attorney David Roger will be presenting a motion he filed today next Wednesday for OJ's $125,000 bail to be revoked. The allegation is that he violated the terms of his bail. CNN's story verifies the above text I posted a bit ago.