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Mark Jensen Murder Trial Day 17

Day 17 – 1/30/08

First up today is Quinn Yorton (before becoming a stockbroker, Quinn was in LE). Klug told Yorton about his conversation with Jensen.

Yorton had met Jensen at Stifel. Klug spoke to Yorton a week or two after Jensen was arrested. Klug told Yorton about the conversation that happened in the bar about doing away with spouses.

The conversation came up because Ed was astonished that Mark had been arrested.

Yorton told Klug that he should contact the DA’s office and let them know.

A week or two weeks later they spoke again and Klug wanted additional confirmation that he should contact the DA. Klug still wasn’t sure he should get involved. Again, he told Klug to call the DA.

Jensen was charged in March 2002 is that what you remember? 2002, yes.

Had you heard about Jensen’s arrest from other sources? I can’t recall.

Did you keep any notes of the conversation? No.

You spoke with Det. Ratzburg in Aug. 2007? Correct.

Did you advise Klug to only tell part of what he knows to the DA? No.


Was Mr. Klug aware of your LE background? I believe he was.


Your LE experience was 15 years prior to your conversation with Klug? I was in LE in the mid 80’s.

State calls Bernard Bush. Oh boy, another jailhouse snitch!

Bush was convicted of 5 crimes. Charges are pending in Kenosha County. He is testifying without being offered anything by the state.

He met Mark in Kenosha County jail after Mark had been there a while. Bush says Mark only spoke to select people. He spoke with Clayton and David Thompson.

Bush heard Thompson and Jensen talking and Thompson told Jensen that he knew people who could take care of things. They were talking about a ransom note. For the right price he could take care of something for Jensen.

Jensen wanted some people to disappear. Jensen asked Bush if it was possible to make things happen like Thompson said. Bush told him yes if you have the right money.

Bush kept one of the notes that he had written to Thompson. Mark crumpled the note and threw it in the toilet. Bush retrieved the note and gave it to LE.

Mark got cold feet about the ransom and asked Bush what would happen if it backfired.

Jensen spoke freely to people and was real open. Mark told Bush about giving Julie something to make her die. They spoke about antifreeze.

Did Jensen ever tell you who he wanted “sat on”? A guy and a girl from Appleton.

Thompson said he could hold them for the length of the trial.

Mark asked Bush how that could be done. Bush said if it’s the right money people could do it.

Jensen told Bush that Julie left a letter because she was trying to frame him.

Mark told Bush that he had given Julie a large amount of antifreeze, but not in one dose.

Mark never told you he killed Julie? Not right out.

Albee up on cross......

Thompson hit Mark in the face - Bush didn't go and help Jensen.

"Mr. Bush do you recall Mr. Thompson saying 'you were going to do it for me, but you lied”.

Bush never found out why Thompson hit Jensen. "I don't believe it was my business to ask".

Albee asking Bush questions about the "intimidation" going on from Thompson to Mark Jensen in jail.

Bush said Jensen was talking to lots of people about certain situations.

Bush had also made a comment about "they were all men" in jail. Albee asks him if some men were more accustomed to jail, and some weren't? Mark Jensen wasn't.

Mark talked to people about his case, and maybe some people made up things in order to get favor from the DA? Bush says he doesn't know about what they do.

Bush is up on charges for beating up other inmates and stealing food. Albee says it's Bush's assertion that the inmate lied - OBJECTION!

Legal wrangling - Albee seems to be want Bush to incriminate himself about the charge of beating up another inmate. Jambois doesn't want Albee to ask questions about this.

Albee says "Jambois" was getting "Cute" in asking Bush a question. Jambois is mad about that. Judge doesn't care about Jambois' resenting that statement.

Jambois says he hasn't offered Bush one single thing for his testimony in this case. Albee bitches. What else is new?

Judge says Albee is not going to be able to bring in if he has been accused for murder. He can ask about if Bush is accused of a crime that might get him a life sentence that could be whittled down to seven years.

Albee brings up charge of "Battery upon a prisoner". Bush doesn't deny striking the prisoner, hasn't pled and hasn't been sentenced. Faces 14 years for this charge! Yikes!

Also attempted robbery by use of force - as a repeater, he faces 11 and a half years for this one.

Bush wants to answer these questions and that's obvious.

Bush is accused of hitting the other prisoner to steal his food. Bush doesn't deny hitting the dude, just that he did it for the food.

Another "Battery of a prisoner" charge on prisoner Trenton Grey. Felony intimidation of a witness is in this one. Faces a possible 14 years on this one, due to the repeater fact.

Also a charge of "Felony bail jumper" - faces 10 years on this one.

Albee jumping around to all the charges, probably to confuse Bush.

Also facing charges now of "Armed robbery", as a repeater. Facing six charges of A.R. Up to 46 years on each A.R. charge! YOWSERS!

Albee brings out criminal complaint - 40 years on each A.R., plus up to 6 years for being a repeater.

Also charged with false imprisonment, as a repeater - six charges of that. Each charge is 10 years max.

Also charged with possession of a firearm by a felon - that lil' baby gets 14 years.

Also charged with 1st degree reckless endangerment - 18 years for that one. Based on claim that someone he was with was shooting at someone they were robbing.

Bush is facing OVER 400 YEARS IN PRISON!

Albee going into situation when Bush lied to police about not knowing about a shooting that occurred while Bush was involved in a robbery......Bush lied to police about being in Racine, about knowing "Marvel" (the shooter). Bush drove the getaway car in the robbery in which George Mitchell was shot and killed by Marvel Willingham, who was in the car. Bush didn't know Marvel personally, he said.

Albee is done.

Jambois on re-direct

Were you offered anything for your testimony? No

Did Mark Jensen know about the charges against you? Don't believe so. Did Mark know how to act in jail? No. But people were advising him as to things he should/shouldn't do - people of all colors.
They advised him not to say do certain things or say certain things.

Albee objects to words not even said yet! He's a mind reader.

Funniest line of the day from Intrepid: Craig Albee, Psychic Defense Attorney!


Advice to Mark Jensen from the inmates in the know:

Don't talk to people! You might say things you shouldn't say. Mark ignored this advice and talked to lots of people about his case.

Not only Thompson hit Jensen, but another inmate struck him too. Before Thompson hit him!

Mark didn't seem afraid of Bush, and he didn't appear to be afraid of Thompson either - "they were conversating fine". Mark didn't appear to be afraid of anyone while he was in jail!

Bush never saw anyone walk into Mark's cell and look at or take Mark's documents while Mark wasn't there. Mark had white bins with lids for his paperwork.


Albee is back. Is it respectful to hit other inmates? Depends on the situation. They're men, and both have their reasons.

Albee is probing the murder charge against Bush, which has apparently been dismissed and he was given a lesser charge because Bush gave testimony against another criminal.

Bush is shown a copy of the statement he gave in the murder charge. Were you promised something for the statement? No. Was your lawyer present for this statement? Yes.

Judge tells Bush you’re being asked what your lawyer said. You don’t have to answer.

Bush says the lawyer was careless and claims he made the statement on his own.

In cross, you were asked if you are going to get a benefit for testifying. Why are you testifying then? Because if Jensen had nothing to hide, he wouldn’t have been having conversations about ransom.

Do you know what Mr. Jensen is charged with? Killing his wife.

You’re telling the truth here. Yes.


Didn’t you lie to the police about the murder? Yes.

Albee is going on and on about Bush being a liar.

You know you may get consideration for testifying here. No, I don’t know that.

Bush is released.

State calls Mike Graveley, Deputy DA in Kenosha County. He is prosecuting Bush and his co-defendants.

Bush’s case is postponed? Yes, so he could testify in this case.

Did you offer anything for Mr. Bush for testifying here? No.

Graveley has never offered any benefit to Bush for testifying. He hasn’t even had a conversation with Bush.


Bush’s attorney asked for his case to be held over? Yes.

And Bush’s attorney may come back and ask for consideration for Bush’s testifying here? Yes and I expect he will.

You will also take into consideration past consideration Bush received in a previous case? It depends upon the situation.

The consideration in the other Bush case was made well before Bush decided to testify here.


There is no agreement in this case, but is it based on the testimony being truthful. Yes.

You’re not likely to call me to ask if the testimony was truthful. No.

State calls Stacy Bauer. She worked at Stifel on Appleton. She worked with Klug.

Did Klug take to you or any other secretaries about his conversation with Jensen? Yes, about wanting his wife dead. It was the day he got back from the conference.

Did you hear that Julie was dead? Yes, from Ed Klug

Do you remember what Klug said? Not verbatim, but something to the effect that he hated her and wanted her dead.

Who else was present at the conversation with Klug? I think just the two of us. Conversation lasted a couple of minutes.

You worked with Klug at Stifel? Yes.

5 months ago you met with Det. Ratzburg about conversations with Ed Klug? Yes.

You talk to Ed Klug about Mark being arrested? No, I didn’t know Mark had been arrested.

Det. Ratzburg wrote up a statement that you signed and it reflects what you said at the time.

There was gossip about Mark having an affair? Yes, everybody talked about it.

And that information came from Mr. Klug? Yes.

When Klug told you Julie had died, you all thought she committed suicide. That’s what we were told.

Klug told you about Julie being depressed? Yes, after she died.

For nine years after the fact, did you have continuing conversations with Mr. Klug? Not really because we didn't see each other after I left Stifel.

Albee is back to semantic gymnastics and piffling minutia, geez.

Stacy doesn’t remember exactly what was said, but she definitely remembers what it was about in context.

When you found out Mrs. Jensen was dead, you had a reaction? Yes.

Your reaction must have been because of what Klug told you? Yes.

Stacy just snapped at Albee for his snarkiness! Go Stacy!

When Ed told you that Julie died, was the conversation fresher in your mind then now? Yes.

What did you say when Klug told you Julie died? Oh my god, he killed her.

Based on what? The conversation we had right after he came back from the conference.


You never heard that Jensen said he wanted to kill her? Right. He wanted her dead and he wanted to kill her are two separate things.

Stacy released and court takes a break.

State calls Det. Ratzburg, next. (This ought to be really dicey on cross! Bet Albee accuses him of falsifying stuff.)

Det. Ratzburg, on the evening you were at the scene, you were going to treat that as a death scene? Correct.

Ratzburg knew of Julie thinking Mark was going to harm her so Ratzburg called Jambois. Jambois was at the scene for 45 minutes to an hour.

Ratzburg told Jensen he was going to search the house, he was worried someone could have broken in. Jensen told him that wasn’t the case. Now HTH we he know that????

Jensen told him that Julie was depressed and on medications. Ratzburg has been on the case since the harassing calls and porno being left around.

Jensen gave consent to the search of the house. Lt. Hunter took the photographs of the home. Jensen signed the consent to search and for obtaining information.

Ratzburg did video of home. They seized the home computer. They seized crackers and mac’n cheese in bowls. OMG, the food is now gone because mice got into the evidence room!

Wojt gave Julie’s letter to Ratzburg so, the computer was sent to the state crime lab to be analyzed.

You were at the autopsy? Yes.

Did Dr. Chambliss have an opinion as to cause of death? No.

Ratzburg sounds credible to me. Jambois is getting into, is it acceptable to lie in a report or in testimony? No.

Is it acceptable for police to lie when questioning a suspect? Yes.

Jambois just laid the foundation to close the door on what I assume Albee is going to try to do to impeach Ratzburg!

Albee is objecting every 2 seconds and is being overruled!

Mark lied to Ratzburg about Kelly and him having sexual relations in the weeks and months prior to Julie's death.

And so did Kelly! (So, will Kelly be charged with perjury at the end of this??

Albee keeps objecting!

More fun tomorrow!

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