Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Amazing Steve Huff on Gary Hilton

Do you read Steve Huff? You should. Steve is amazing. His latest entry on True Crime Weblog talks about the murder of Levy Frady, 11, in the Dawson Forest back in October, 1997. There are some interesting coincidences that could link Gary Hilton to that murder. Here is an excerpt from Huffs most recent entry:

Perhaps it is pure coincidence that Gary Hilton looks so much like Frady witness number 2. Perhaps it is a coincidence that Hilton is about the age witness number 2 was said to be. And it may be a coincidence that Hilton is near the height given for the mysterious man sought in connection with Levi's murder.
Steve Huff is one of the most respected bloggers I know, and he never disappoints. His Internet research is outstanding and he's often the first to show connections that others have missed. It doesn't hurt that he's also a phenomenal writer to boot. Hey, Ann Rule thinks he is and so do a ton of his readers. Check out Steve's blog. It's definitely worth your time.
Latest report from CNN.Crime on this case.

Updated: 11:30 AM
According to WSBTV.com Meredith Emerson's family plans public statement later today.

According to 11alive.com, "Georgia Bureau of Investigation said Tuesday that a weapon was used to kill 24 year old Meredith Emerson, but they would not provide any details on the type of weapon." In addition, the news source states an autopsy was started on Emerson's body at the GBI crime lab in Decatur, around noon today.

Updated: 12:15 PM
CNN.Crime is now reporting that Meredith Emerson was decapitated. What a horrible thing to learn about your loved one. Send some prayers to Meredith's family and friends.