Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Mark Jensen Murder Trial Day 16

Day 16 – 1/29/08

This is a short report because of the Jury being released early due to weather.

Poor Dr. Mainland is back on the stand and we are rehashing the last 3 days of testimony.

OFGS! Albee is treating Dr. Mainland like she's an idiot. Last I knew she is the one with the medical degree, not him!

Albee is again using his verbal gymnastics to trip up Dr. Mainland. The fact is that Julie Jensen had ethylene glycol in her stomach, blood, and organs.

Her psychotherapist notes say, "Chronically depressed, cry easily". Decrease in appetite. Keeps her problems inside, ruminating, can't seem to keep them away.

Dr. M agrees that these notes should be considered when evaluating suicide or homicide.

Julie was given samples of Prozac. The records are from 1990. Julie died in 1998. Duh!

Jambois, Albee and the judge are arguing now about whether or not to allow in Mark Jensen's interview and the transcripts. If they allow in the statement, then it's as if Mark is testifying, but cannot be cross-examined.

Jury brought back in…

Jambois is making good points. Fact is Mark Jensen is a proven liar and so are the snitches!

Wow, Dr. Borman prescribed Ambien only based on Mark's statements about Julie. The doctor told Mark Jensen that if her symptoms persist or get worse, Julie needs to go to the ER! And her symptoms worsened, but Mark did not follow the doctor's instructions!

Dr. M. indicates that if there had been a single dosage, she wouldn't have lasted as long as she did.

“I interpret that to be that the crystals formed from the first dose(s) and that there could have been a larger dosage where some of the final ethylene glycol was absorbed in the stomach but not metabolized yet in the blood. Finally, there was unabsorbed ethylene glycol still in her stomach!!!”

Here we go - Julie ingested the first bit of EG about 36-40 hours before death, and if she had taken a single, suicidal dose, she would have died within 4 hours.

There we go. That's it. Julie was not going to poison herself little by little; she'd have done it all at once.

We're going over some of Ratzburg's interrogation of Jensen.

There is NO reference of the bruises to the rib cage in the report. So even if Dillard stole the report from Mark's cell, he didn't read the "sitting" on Julie part.

We are going to go into Paul Griffin’s conversation with Jensen (the taped call).

Jensen said Tuesday evening Julie was fine. In the late night hours she started acting goofy and drunk. The next day he saw her only get out of bed once in the morning. She was mostly sleeping, out-of-it, vomiting. Wednesday night her breathing is raspy. She can’t even move in the bed, he had to prop her up so the kids could see her.

Albee trying to get Dr. M to say she is biased against Mark.

Cashier for Stifel - Ms Perez. She worked with Mark.

She took care of deposits and making checks for clients. Processed and opened mail and answered phones.

She never opened any mail that had sexually explicit images, nor did Mark Jensen ever complain of receiving any sexually explicit images.

Mark Jensen's office had a window - she's not aware as to if mark could see his car from his office.

Dec 3, 1998 - Mark wasn't in the office all day. If Mark had come in the office between 11-1 or 2, she would have seen him come in because it's a small office.

She did speak to him that day - he called in at around 10 or 11 am. Mark said his wife was very ill and he didn't know what to do. She suggested that he take her to the Dr or ER. Mark didn't respond to that suggestion.

Office Christmas party planned for the 7th, on a Friday. She wasn't planning on attending the party.

Albee on cross - she usually answered the phone, but sometimes a sales assistant answered it. Not always Rosemary
MacInnes who usually answered the phone when Ms Perez couldn't.

None of the phone answerers ever talked about getting sexually explicit phone-calls - ever.

She heard rumors of packages being received, but she didn't hear Mark Jensen talk about that.

Now Albee is trying to get her to say she left the office on the 3rd, so maybe she wouldn't have seen Mark!

On re-direct - she says that she was very surprised that Mark talked to her about his wife being sick, and that he didn't know what to do. She didn't know why he wouldn't know what to do!

But it was very memorable that Mark didn't come in that day, and that he had called and discussed Julie's health.

New witness - Rosemary MacInnes. Branch office coordinator at Stifel. In Brookfield now, but was in Racine July 98 through March 05.

She worked with Mark - they started within a couple months of each other.

She helped with clients, backup to answering phones, etc.

Between July and November 98 - never received harassing phone calls. In opening mail, she never opened any mail addressed to Mark Jensen that contained sexually explicit images. Mark didn't mention receiving calls or sex mail to her. Or envelopes left on his car.

Mark told no one at work he was receiving harassing calls or sex pics, evidently. Hmmm, why would he keep that kind of thing quiet?

Another, more strong confirmation that Mark didn't come to work on December 3rd!

They discussed canceling the office Christmas party, and when Mark was informed of that he said he didn't want to ruin anyone else's time.

Mark attended the Christmas party on the 11th - Albee objects to this witness characterizing Mark's behavior at the party.......

Mark looked like he was enjoying himself - eating food, drinking cocktails, talking and laughing! Another sales assistant was sitting next to Mark and "was enjoying her time with him". Mark and this woman seemed to be flirting - he was receptive to her flirting!

Hardly a week after his wife had died....

She is 99 percent sure Mark didn't come to work on the 3rd! Albee is trying to trip her up by asking what she did for lunch, but she isn't sure what she did.

And she's done!

Well, that’s it for the day, jury released at 2:10 pm!

ritanita and Intrepid contributed greatly to this story!