Monday, January 7, 2008

Gary Hilton led police to missing hiker, Meredith's Emerson's body

In a press conference moments ago, police revealed that Gary Hilton described to LE the exact spot and physically led officers to Meredith Emerson's body. Emerson was found in the Dawson Forest Management Area, in Dawson County, which officials said is now a crime scene. According to John Cagle of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, "Witnesses had seen Hilton's van in that area and plans were made to further search that area. The location of the body was given by Gary Hilton." When a reporter asked how long until they released the crime scene, Cagle replied, "Until we're through."

Cagle would not comment at this time what the manner of death was, or how long she had been in that location. Even the District Attorney of Union County would not state whether or not Hilton's charges would be upgraded to murder. Hilton is currently held in the Union County jail.

It's a sad end to a life cut short.

CNN's report on this latest development.