Monday, January 7, 2008

Dr. D'Adamo is now on Wordpress

Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo's blog is now on Wordpress. With this shift, he can offer his readers quite a bit more than he did on his last blog format. His last few entries epand on explaining his new book The GenoType Diet.

Here is an excerpt from a recent blog entry:

The GenoType system is really another turn of the same wheel. I think of it like this. Say you came to my clinic and I put you on a blood type based diet. Say in 6/10 circumstances it works just fine. But you’re one of the 4/10 that it didn’t. So we get you secretor tested. But you are one of the 2/10 that blood type and secretor status doesn’t get the results that you need.

So, what should I do? My clinic doesn’t have a back door, so I can’t just run out on you, and I’m too obstinate to admit defeat. So back to the blackboard I go. Five years and thousands of man hours later, out comes The GenoType Diet. Still part of the overall continuum, still the same blood (and secretor) types, but incorporating these with the physical manifestations that also serve to make us unique; measurements, fingerprints, etc. And, for the first time, with a definable end-goal in mind: the optimum control of your day-to-day genetic interactions with the environment.

The entries he has put up since the launch of his latest book are excellent. I'm in the process of reading his new book now. I'm looking forward to adding my GenoType information to eating and living right for my type.