Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Mark Jensen Murder: Day Two & Three

January 9, 2008
Yesterday, under redirect examination Dr. Chambliss stated that "it was a very strong possibility" that Julie Jensen died of suffocation and not from poisoning.

With this "Ah HA!" moment on the stand, defense attorney Albee made an unsuccessful bid today to toss Dr. Chambliss's testimony and move for a mistrial, both of which were denied by Judge Bruce E. Schroeder.

This information is not really a true "Ah HA!" moment on the stand since it was raised at the preliminary hearing. The possibility that Mark Jensen suffocated his wife is supported by information provided by a jail house snitch who has yet to take the stand. Jensen supposedly confessed details of the crime to the inmate. Death scene photos and autopsy findings showing petechiae occurred in several places on her body and soft tissue hemorrhaging in the chest area tend to support the suffocation theory.

Edward Klug, a former co-worker is back on the stand today rehashing details from yesterdays testimony. His testimony has been excruciatingly painful to watch. Klug has testified that Mark Jenson had conversations with him back in 1998, detailing how to kill his wife with Benadryl and antifreeze. At the time, Klug stated, "I was fascinated."

Watching the trial my friend Intrepid says, "The longer he's on the stand, the more I dislike Ed Klug. Somebody needs to tell this dude to only answer the questions asked, don't elaborate or evade. He's not as savvy as he thinks he is."

If this is how this trial continues, it's going to be a long painful process. Albee appears to be quite bright but he's annoying as hell. Think of Chris Plourd, and you'll get the idea. Prosecutor Jambois at least gets to the point when he asks a question.

CNN has Video coverage of the trial
. Once at this link, click on the "Live Video" link at the top of the page and that will take you to another link to watch the trial online. CNN last print story.

Update!CNN's In Session video update with Jean Casarez.

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