Friday, February 1, 2008

The 2800 in the Mark Jesen Murder Trial

February 1, 2008
2800 you ask? Well, that's how many images the prosecution's second computer expert was going to testify that he found on Mark Jensen's work computer. The actual images themselves were not going to be introduced, just the number of them and the subject matter.

When hearing the detail of what the images were, Judge Schroeder physically threw himself backwards in his chair. He appeared totally flummoxed. I was kind of shocked too, ~blown away actually~ to hear that Mark Jensen collected thousands of images of penises and had organized them by length and width. Now that's a "fetish" for ya. Judge Schroeder, deciding that the jury has already been subjected to enough of Jensen's proclivities, ruled that this testimony would not be allowed into evidence.

If you thought the Spector trial was over the top, this trial has it all with an even less likable defendant, if you can believe that. Poor Julie Jensen. I can just imagine now what she was subjected to in her marriage.

It appears that the prosecution will be resting it's CIC (Case In Chief) on Monday with the way Albee is cross examining the Jambois's last witness.