Thursday, February 21, 2008

Mark Jensen Murder Trial: Day 32, Deliberations Day Three

Day 32 - 2/21/08

Update 2!
Verdict watch: Deliberations Day Three

9 :10 am
The jury wants Aaron Dillard statement written by Gretchen Rosenke, however, the Judge strikes her name and writes in ASST. DA, Ms. Gabriele.

Albee argues that the Jury will be confused that Rosenke has been stricken. Judge tells Albee tough, the jury is intelligent.

The attorneys want to go back to the hotel and the judge says no, he wants them in the courthouse. If the jury orders food, he will let them go back to the hotel.

Stay tuned!

Commentary Update: 10:30 am
Sprocket here. What the fork is up with the WISN cameraman? Why the quick roller coaster ride around the courtroom every once in a while? donchais thinks it's an actual "service" to us because he's letting us all know he's awake and that we're still really in court.

Donchais would really like him to put up a sign every once in a while, like, "Nothing new here!" Or maybe a weather report, or any silly sign just to entertain her. I guess all those tips in The Verdict Watch Handbook for Dummies haven't helped.

So tell us, how is everyone else staying "sane" out there while we all wait for a verdict? Here's something donchais wanted to share with everyone on jury watch with us.
Update 2: 1:25pm

The jury wants Margaret and Ted Vojt's statements and transcripts. They are not in evidence so the jury can't get them.


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Dyan's Angel said...

Hey Sprocket - I was thinking the same thing with the camera! Not sure though that it is a WISN camera man, or someone in the court system operating the camera's? The CNN live feed has the same exact footage. And in the Walworth county court rooms there are built in video camera's. You do not even see a camera man in the court rooms. That's why I was always surprised to see Mark winking at the camera's. How did he know which one was even filming? They are just tiny little security type camera's. I am guessing the camera men are in a seperate room, operating the built in camera's. This court house is relatively new, a few years old. They have put in state of the art technology thru-out. Only thing that they did not do is consider the acoustics of each court room. You may have noticed during the trial, if someone coughs, clears their throat, or even crinkles a paper while a question is being asked of a wittness, they often have to ask for the question to be repeated. It is awful.
Another thing they forgot about, in my opinion (as a former juror there)is the air quality. It is so dry in there! They had a leaky roof situation right after it was built as well. It smells of mold (to me) too. I have a pretty sensitive nose, but Judge Schroeders comments of his allergies bothering him thru out this case sure says my nose knows! LOL
Okay, just a few of my thoughts I thought I would share with you; while we wait for a verdict.
I have also been staying tuned to TruTV to see some of their talk on this case.
This just in - Laura Koster (Mark's sister) is in the court room! Think this is the first time she has been there since she testified?

Anakerie said...

Sprocket! Are any of you guys monitoring the InSession boards? Juror #9 just popped up in the Mark Jenson threads! lol

Dyan's Angel said...


Sprocket said...


Juror #9 just left me a message on my answering machine. He's going to be on Jamie Floyd's show tomorrow. So be sure to watch Jamie's show, because I know he's going to have something to say about how the Spector jury deliberated.

Tune in everyone!

Anakerie said...

Sprocket, Juror #9 told us on the Jenson trial board that he's going to be on that show. There will be a lot of us watching, I'm sure!