Friday, February 22, 2008

Spector & the "Child Bride" on the Red Carpet

Updated! is reporting:
Wearing a modified "Golden Girl" chestnut brown wig, lady killer Phil Spector, 68, perkily appeared at a red carpet event in Beverly Hills this week with his living 27-year-old blonde wife, Rachelle -- who happens to look shockingly like the late Lana Clarkson. He's unbeweaveable! He's got killer taste in blondes!

We've all seen Rachelle Short's inappropriate behavior and attire in the courtroom, ~looks like the child bride is still stuck on cheap gold lame~ so this latest stunt by the bought and paid for spouse comes as no surprise. Man! Those chicklets sure do take up some space on the photo don't they? Rachelle, I recommend you go back to your fix-it dentist and get a redo.

Special thanks to kathlb for the heads up on this story!
Update: 7:11 pm

OMG! Michelle at MControl Blogs has some links up on her site! They are photographs of Rachelle's "somewhat" tasteful T&A shots that you can find here and also a calendar, here.


Anakerie said...

That man is absolutely unbelievable! He and his "child bride" are shameless. I read an article somewhere, (wish I could remember where I saw it) that Phil think's he's "beat the rap" on killing poor Lana. I wonder how he'll behave in the courtroom for Spector II.

mControl said...

Oi Sprocket!! Been a while! I am still in shock that someone/company invited them to their 'red' carpet event! Poor taste really. And I am sure was meant as a mere courtesy, not expecting them to show up!!! Anyhow, where is Suzi's (Dicta's) blog gone off too?

Anonymous said...

Hi Sprocket - I just wanted to say - THANK YOU so much for covering and reporting for the Mark Jensen and Bobby Cutts trials!!
Real life got in the way of my own watching - so you are a life saver!!