Monday, February 11, 2008

Mark Jensen Murder Trial Day 24

Guest entry by ritanita and Intrepid.

Day 24 – 2/11/08

With the defense underway, it's time for Julie-bashing big time. I'm hearing that Laura counseled Julie that she didn't know what Mark was capable of doing. She's also called Det. Ratzburg to say she thinks her brother did it. This is on with Lisa Bloom on TruTv. The judge ruled Friday that this information will not come in.

Dr. Borman on the stand.

Dr. Richard J. Borman, the Jensen's family doctor
He is Board Certified in Family Practice since 1982. He treated the Jensen's since 1993.

Julie would make the contacts with the doctor for the family. David had problems with a cough, which was a persisting and recurring problem; it increased in 1998 and was referred to an ENT and Allergist. November 23, 1998, the coughs began escalating and he developed facial tics. They were attempting to find a neurologist. The cough could be a nervous manifestation, along with the tics. It can be related to stress in the home. The tics and coughs resolved themselves by April 1999.

He saw Julie Jensen in the fall of 1998.

9/21/98 - (Reading from Dr. Borman's notes) "Interval appt." he does yearly with patients. Yearly check-up. Julie weighed 123.5 lbs., and wasn't taking any prescription medications.

Mr. Albee starts writing a chart.

There is a discussion of David's tics, strong family history of depression, reviewed past year: Julie had had a tubal ligation. Some PMS, Julie was doing volunteer work, didn't smoke, drank very little alcohol, 1 cup coffee/day, no illicit drugs. No change in weight or diet. Sleep was good, but she was tired. She had been treated with Prozac in the past. (The doctor reports she felt tired, had PMS symptoms, the doctor was concerned with depression, Julie didn't bring it up. He thought she could be somewhat depressed.) She was diagnosed with mild depression, PMS (could be emotional), and possible peri-menopause.

She mentions her father died of lung cancer in his 70's.
Julie had acne and rosaecia. Otherwise, a normal check-up.

Julie made subsequent phone calls to Dr Borman, and he made some RX adjustments. Changes of meds, discussions with Insurance company.

9/25/98 - Phone call. Cataflam renewal.
10/29/98 - Phone call. Substitute for Cataflam (anti-inflammatory for arthritis and pain.)
10/30/98 - Phone call. Change prescription. For Volterin (same type of med. insurance problems.)
12/1/98 - Office visit. Discussion of a personal matter. Weight 115, on no medicine. She says she's miserable, depressed, decreased appetite and diarrhea. Appt. was apparently on short notice. Marital problems... alluded to brief affair in past that Mark never forgave her for. She might be losing her marriage and that she might lose her kids and they meant everything to her. She said no domestic violence (emotional, physical, financial).

No wonder she's miserable and depressed! She's sick as a dog from being poisoned! At this point I'd bet she knew about Mark's affair.

He asked her about domestic violence, and she said there was none. He asks about this when female patients come in depressed. Just to make sure.

Julie was very upset on that day - it seemed like she was there because she wanted some help, said Dr Borman. Albee asks why Dr Borman would treat someone who had depression.....he said that 1/3 of his patients have depression. Many don't want to go and see a psychiatrist, because of the stigma. Plus there are not so many psychiatrists in Kenosha, and if someone calls a psychiatrist it can take weeks to get an appointment. He can see them in 15 minutes.

If he can see them, sometimes it just helps if they talk it out. Or he can prescribe anti-depressants. That sometimes helps, in the short term.

Now Albee is talking about the possible stigma of seeing a psychiatrist -vs- seeing a family physician for depression/mental health issues. Most people would prefer to do that, because it's not obvious what they're seeing a doctor for.

He evaluated her for suicidal tendencies - that's what they do when people come in for depression. She denied any suicidal thoughts or tendencies - the boys meant everything to her, and she didn't want to lose them.

Albee asks about addressing intervention for suicide potential - Borman said yes, we do an evaluation.

"If someone is suicidal, you'll act on that immediately?" Yes, we'll try to get them immediate placement in a facility, or other help.

And Albee is stuck on "Suicide", even though Dr Borman said she didn't appear suicidal.

The degree of emotional upset Julie had concerned him. He noted that she had a strong family history of her mom's alcohol problems and tragic death. She was concerned about that; she didn't want to go down the same road as her mother, being labeled "Crazy".

She had been in counseling and had taken Prozac in the past. She was in tears, very upset. Dr Borman counseled her for 15 and a half minutes.

"O:" Means objective - what they see in front of them in the patient. Subjective was her reports of her history, and what she said.

In tears (highly upset, he said. he'd never seen her looking like that. Depressed, distraught, frantic)

His diagnosis of her mental health - depression. Quite upset - more than mild depression. Upset enough that he gave her medicine. He prescribed Paxil. Rxs - code for samples. He gave her a package of 20 mg (typical starting dose) and he gave her 35 mg. More than a month's supply.

Albee asks if he diagnosed her as having a "major depressive disorder" - objection, overruled. He said there are shades of grey in diagnosing mental health issues. In coding it's important, but in clinical practice that doesn't help. It wasn't diagnosed as "major", but it surely wasn't minor.

Albee's trying like gangbusters to get Dr Borman to admit that Julie was "Majorly depressed"! Dr Borman is sticking with his assessments.

Was there a discussion about inpatient treatment? Not really. She was very much interested in not being labeled as "crazy" she would lose her family. Dr Borman didn't offer her inpatient treatment, so he can't comment on it.

Did she give any indication on why she was concerned about losing the kids? She said her kids meant everything to her and she didn't want to lose them.

Albee is doing his typical beating of a dead horse and trying his best to get this doctor to say Julie was so depressed she would kill herself!

Now discussing December 2nd, and Mark came to the window of his office and discussed his concerns about Julie possibly having side effects. She wasn't sleeping and if she got some sleep things would be better. Gave him a prescription for Ambien - 10 mg. One at bedtime if needed. Just a few pills, with possible refills.

Mark had looked up side affects of Paxil on the internet.

Mark came in around mid-day, toward end of the morning.

In the records, Julie Jensen in prior years had some respiratory issues? From June 19, 1998 - phone call complaining of sinus headache, wheezy, no fever. Went to ER and they diagnosed Sinus infection. He prescribed a steroid to help with breathing issues.

She also called on June 22 about David having some coughing.

On Aug 12, 1998. She had bronchitis, coughing, chest tightening.

On December 7th - discussed with Roger Johnson of Medical Examiner's office re: Julie's untimely death. He wasn't notified nor questioned. He found out by reading her obit.

Talked with Mark at the funeral home. Mark said she refused any medical help.
He was surprised no one had called him before the 7th.

He visited with Mark at the wake on Sunday. Julie had breathing problems - declined to go to ER.

Talked with a police officer after that time.

Met with Det Ratzburg on January 14, 1999. Followed up with a letter dated Feb 5, 1999. Det Ratzburg wanted a summary of visits by Julie and Mark in his office.

Dr Borman sent him the stuff from his notes.

He also saw Mark on December 14, 1998 - upper respiratory problems. Kids had it too. Objection - sustained. Now overruled.

Mark told him he'd just returned to work - he was sick. How were kids handling their mom's death? Doing ok. Ongoing problems for GERD. Mark was also on Librium for spasms......

Mark related a story about Julie's condition - Objection due to hearsay. Sustained.

Julie was often the one who took care of the family's medical issues? Yes. Particularly the boys' health issues. And with Mark - Julie had made the appointments or calls and got the prescriptions.

In Fall of '98 - what prescriptions did Julie call in for Mark? She'd called in (9/3/98) for Zyban - for stopping smoking. 11/11/98 - prescription for Nicotrol. Both for smoking cessation.

When you saw Mark at the wake - was he acting appropriately? He was appropriately upset - didn't do anything inappropriate to the situation.

During meeting w/Julie 12/1 - did Julie express fear of her husband? No.
Express fear of her husband poisoning her? No.
Felt she was in danger? No.
Mentions of abuse in the home? No.

If Julie had made mention of thinking she was being poisoned, or abused in her home, Dr Borman would have called the police and/or DA's office.

He'd never seen Julie like she was on December 1st. Her condition was worse than it was in September.

Jambois on cross-exam; about Dr Borman's experience with domestic abuse.

How forthcoming are domestic abuse victims in coming forward and discussing the issue? (He's had training in it - all physicians do.) It's varied.

Not unusual for victims to under report? Can happen.
Domestic abuse can manifest in different ways? Yes.

Difference between depression and feeling sad. Continuum - gradations. Goes into the things he uses to quantify "feelings". Sad is more common, but things like sleep difficulties, weight changes, social interaction.

Are you aware Julie Jensen disclosed to other people that she felt her husband was trying to poison her? Yes.
Did she express that to you? No.
If she had, would you have given her husband Ambien? No.

Is it uncommon to prescribe for one spouse based on representations of other spouse? No.
You prescribed Ambien to Julie based on what Mark said on December 2nd - but if you'd known Mark was trying to poison her, would you have given it to her? No.

Is it a good way to poison your spouse by giving them Ambien, thus making them less aware? Don't have any experience with that.

When Julie came in on December 1 - did she tell you she had problems sleeping? Don't remember.

B ackground of what's going on
A ffectng person
T roubling to them?
H andling it, how?
E ncouragement

Julie told nurse she was there to discuss a personal matter, told Dr she was depressed.

Isn't sleep issues a significant factor in whether or not somebody is depressed? Yes.

Julie didn't discuss anything about sleep problems when she came in on December 1st. Mark was the first person to tell him Julie had sleep issues. He thought Julie would feel better if she could sleep.....

Dr wishes he had called her to check on her.....

Did you tell Mark to do something in that visit? He told him to make sure she followed up, and that if she worsened to get her to the ER.

No evidence of breathing problems on the 1st, and it was a significant deterioration for her to have breathing issues on the 2nd/3rd.

Now talking about medical codes - and specific codes for specific disorders. "Dysthymic disorder"......

"having depression issues for more than 2 years...." So does this apply? No. She hadn't been complaining of depression for two years.

Did she mention her husband was having an affair? No. Did she tell you she was afraid to eat anything in the house because she thought mark was poisoning her? No.

What did she say about her kids? She loved them more than anything and didn't want to lose them. Having feelings of love for a person is a good reason not to commit suicide? Yes, should be.

I like the way Mr. Jambois gives a sly little grin when he gets his hypothetical question read back. That question is so powerful, the answer is well understood before the doctor opens his mouth!

Mark made a point to indicate on December 14 he didn't call in for the Nicotrol Inhaler, Julie did.

3 Ambien pills missing on December 2! Dr didn't know. That would constitute an overdose according to your prescription? Yes.

What would those missing pills do to a 110 lb woman? Very sedating. Mixed with Benadryl? More sedating. Mixed with Librium? Even more sedating.

What did Mark say about Paxil side affects? Didn't write it down, so don't know.

Mark talk about marital problems on the 2nd? No. Tell you he was having a sexual affair? No.

What about BATHE and SIGECAPS - if woman comes to you and tells you she's miserable, depressed, husband having an affair and trying to poison her. Albee objects to what Jambois is going to say.....overruled.

If woman comes to you saying she loves her children, she's depressed, frantic, thinks her husband is having an affair, is trying to poison her, marriage is on the rocks, husband makes her look crazy - cause you to conclude she's depressed or sad in responding to the circumstances? Those aren't the facts I've been presented, but in this hypothetical, I'd say there was depression or anxiety. If she was paranoid, I'd have enlisted psychiatry or would enlisted legal help.

Jambois getting in the fact that if the doctor had known what was going on in Julie's life; he would have never prescribed Ambien. He also would have helped Julie get out of the house!

What questions did the doctor ask Mark on the 2nd? Just took it from him she was having trouble sleeping. Did you ask Mark if Julie was suicidal? No. Did you ask Mark if he wanted Julie out of the house? No.

No further questions. Albee on re-direct.

Did you discuss with Julie her experience with nursing school? Don't recall.

At the wake, Mark told you Julie didn't want him to take her to the hospital - consistent with her discussion with you about not wanting to appear crazy? Yes.

Albee categorizes "Depression" as a mental health issue. However, it's more in the purview of a physical health one, because of "chemical imbalances" with Serotonin and other brain chemicals.

He is trying to drive home that Julie was unstable. Crazy. Suicidal. But there is no indication that she was suicidal at all.

Talking about the symptoms of side affects with Paxil.

Laura Kosner, Mark's sister retakes the stand to continue her direct examination. Jean Casarez stated that during her testimony yesterday, she and Mark had absolutely no eye contact!

Laura is asked why Mark was such a good father. He would roughhouse with the kids and go on fishing trips. Since Julie passed away, he's remained a good parent. She is still close to his children and sees them on a regular basis. Eldest is looking to go to medical school. Both boys do very well in school. David will graduate this year. Her son is still close with David.

Mark started in a brokerage business after college. He started in Illinois and moved back to Wisconsin. He was doing very well, the Jensen's were financially secure.

Before they had children Mark and Julie would go camping with friends, watched movies. After the children, they didn't go camping anymore. When they got together, the socialization was more hanging out with the family, movies.

Julie was very good with the children. She was an instructional sort of parent.

Laura was aware of Julie's affair. First heard it from her husband, then Julie. (They rode the train to Illinois together.) Julie asked Laura to lunch to tell her. She was crazy about this guy and was in love with him, she was thinking about a divorce to be with him. Laura cautioned her because she felt Julie hadn't really thought it through thoroughly, that there would be complications in a divorce. Julie listened to her and said she would think about it. Julie filed for divorce after the conversation.

Julie left her job but Laura doesn't know if it was because of the affair.

April 1995 Laura took a 1-year leave of absence from her job due to the bizarre incident. Albee is trying to get Laura to say that she was concerned that Julie was having mental problems. Laura says she never addressed "her concerns" with Julie because of Julie's fear of developing mental illness. She felt that since Mark was there, he could address the problem with Julie.

Laura had heard from Julie that her mother suffered from alcoholism and some sort of mental illness, a suicide attempt... (brother).

Julie's youngest brother had died and that she and her family speculated as to whether her mother had been involved in the death. Julie didn't seem concerned about that.

As Julie's best friend and was so at the time of her death. Julie didn't have many close friends. There was one in another state whom she spoke on the phone. She was "social" with, but not close to her neighbors. She enjoyed the book club, but wanted to drop it...

1998 - Laura saw Julie often. They would get together and the children would play on Laura's days off from work. They took the boys to karate at the KYF (Kenosha Youth Foundation) twice a week. Julie would take Drake and Laura would meet her there. The boys went to karate until her death.

Julie enjoyed being home with her sons. In fall of 1998, Douglas began pre-school. Julie was sad that he was going, even for half a day. "It was a mourning" for her last child going on... She tried to volunteer at the hospital as a Candy Striper (it lasted only a day or two, it wasn't what she expected.) She applied for jobs at some of the schools in town. She received an offer from one of the schools, but she didn't take it. Objection - sustained! Julie TOLD Laura she turned it down.

Julie ran the household including financial issues (checkbook and managing the house). Julie and Laura had a discussion about how Julie used computer program for balancing the checkbook with Quicken.

Albee is fishing for computer information.

They had conversations that led her to the conclusion that she did research. She'd call Julie and Julie would look things up. She always had plan-based activities for the kids and used the Disney Channel for them.

Medical issues - if there was one in the family, she'd call Julie because of her medical knowledge.

Laura is shown a check register and testifies it is in Julie's handwriting. There are notations of a Q on a number of dates.

10/12/02 - Kenosha Hospital - smock (haven't we heard that before?)

Julie Jensen had her own car, her own money. She was free to come and go as she pleased, acted independently without instruction from her husband.

Albee brings up David's tics. She saw them and talked to Julie about them. Julie was aware of them for a while and was going to take him to the doctor. Julie told him "stop it" when he would do it. After her death, they went away. He still doesn't have them.

Douglas DOB March 12, 1994. He is now 12, 13 next month. She's corrected the year is 1995.

Thanksgiving, 1998... Laura remembers that they asked if David could go up north with them. It created an argument between Mark and Julie. David went, but Julie wasn't very happy about it.

Had conversations with Julie about concerns with Mark in the fall of 1998.

1. pictures of Marks planner - Julie asks her opinion. List - she doesn't remember anything about what was on the list.
Albee- would she remember a poison? - Probably
There was a syringe on top, but no needle! Julie thought the planner and "piece" of plastic was odd. Laura thought Julie's taking a picture of the planner was odd. Laura thought Julie told her she'd given the folder to a neighbor.

2. Later conversation - related to Mark trying to kill her. Wanted Laura's opinion. Laura told her that she "didn't see her being at risk," but if she did, she should take car, kids, checkbook and go to either her or Paul (her brother's) house. Julie didn't respond and her demeanor was unsure. Laura never discussed this with Mark because they had a conversation where he asked her about her observations about Julie. Laura gave them a recommendation to a counselor, "Schroeder?" Judge gives correct pronunciation...!

Mr. Jambois is again objecting to more witnesses to testimony about Aaron Dillard’s character. They are extrinsic evidence.

Mr. Albee states bias and motive are not collateral evidence. Renews desire to bring back the policeman who made Aaron Dillard cry! "I can win every point in this trial" and lose if the jury believes Dillard!

Judge Schroeder says that the jury has no substantial doubt that Mr. Dillard is a liar.

Albee goes on, on, on, on......

Judge still doesn't "see it."

Albee goes on, on, on again...

Judge says if Albee can show an alternate source for the information to which he testified, that would be OK.

Albee says he has a special skill to come up with the evidence... on, on, and on again...

Judge says that Albee's proved Jensen had the information in his cell and that there was opportunity for Dillard... Albee goes on, on, cunning, on, on, con, on, on, on...special skills in this area....

Jambois indicates that Ms. Spear's testimony will not impeach Dillard, because Dillard has already admitted to being a liar, thief, etc.

Albee - "special skill", on, on, on, on... degree to which he ripped off on, on, on, on.... SOPHISTICATED CON MAN... LOSE THIS POINT, I COULD LOSE THIS CASE! I need to make an EXTENSIVE offer of proof and may still put them on for other reasons....

Judge says, "well, that's another matter..."

According to Mr. Albee, Aaron Dillard is SO special!

Laura Kosner continues direct testimony

Conversation with Julie at karate class the Monday before she died.. (Nov. 30) Julie said she was going to see the doctor to be treated for depression. She wouldn't be at karate class next week (because taking meds and she felt terrible last time she took them?). Thought appt. would be Tues., Dec. 1. Julie hadn't mentioned depression before. Never mentioned previous counseling. Mark would bring David on Dec. 2, (5:30-6:30 pm). She told Julie to call if she needed help, Julie said she loved Laura and was essentially a good friend.

That was the last time she saw Julie.

Laura had a car accident in the fall and was all wound up. Julie wasn't involved in the story she was telling her... she was odd, "completely internalized," she stood off to one side all by herself.

When the topic came up the next week, Julie was very excited and reacted to the story.

The accident was about a month before she died.

Albee goes into Julie's family. Brother Paul lived in Kenosha and they saw each other for special occasions.

Dec. 3, she found out when she was called to get the children. She attended the wake and funeral and didn't see inappropriate behavior. He seemed to be grieving.

She saw Mark every day for a while after. He didn't know the kids' logistics. Laura updated contact information at school, went over kids' schedule with them so that he could function in the house. Other friends brought him food and try to help.

How was Mark with the kids after Julie's death? Good, trying to get through, with work and kids.

End Direct

Jambois questioned her at the hearing in June. She didn't mention this conversation. Objection...

Did she contact LE about poison Julie (HER BEST FRIEND) told her about? No
Did she know the only person w/Julie the 3 days before she died w/kids, was Mark? No
Julie was a good parent? Yes
Wouldn't a GOOD PARENT, when they see the OTHER GOOD PARENT, is so sick....
Objection about GOOD PARENT - sustained

Back to hearing last year.
Jambois is questioning about July 30, hearing testimony.

Julie called her about day planner? going on... objection... he's not reading it correctly... sustained

Albee wants to relate questions he asked at hearing... reading very, very fast.... SLOW DOWN!

Jambois wants to ask questions about....

Judge - False alarm. (Meaning her comments about Mark.)

Albee - He's trying to get Laura to answer questions he didn't ask at the hearing. He can't impeach her for not volunteering answers. She didn't tell him, because he didn't ask.

Jambois - Points out places where Laura didn't answer questions fully AND he asked.

Claims it's a prior inconsistent statement because she didn't mention the last conversation.

Albee - Disagrees! "Witnesses shouldn't volunteer anything."

Judge can't find the question. Jamboise finds it and they parse out the answer. The judge says they're not inconsistent.

Jambois - She CHOSE not to answer at the time. Did she meet with Albee to discuss not answering? She refused to talk to police after Julie's death.

The jury is sent out.

1995 She had Julie stop taking care of Drake. Yes
Time from work to Julie's house? 20-25 min.
Kids had been in pool? Doesn’t remember where they had been, she wasn't there
Mark wasn't arrested till much later? Did you discuss it with your husband? Yes
Discuss poison issue? Yes
Tell police? No didn't come forward because she knew Julie had other "mental incidents."
Not because Mark was her brother? No
Timing of last conversation. First public notice comes in courtroom today. They respectfully declined to speak with authorities. Cancelled with Det. Ratzburg and he didn't call back to reschedule. Wrote letter refusing to speak with pros.

Laura was an alibi witness at some trial for her father?

Albee objects...

Jury sent out

Albee mad - judge sends jury out. Big fight to ensue......

And Albee moves for a mistrial! Who'd a thunk it?

Albee mad about the questions Jambois is asking sister of Mark about what he's asking. Prosecution is trying to disparage Mark Jensen and his family. Wah wah wah…

Jambois says this is an alibi witness and it should be allowed!

WOW! Jambois wants to impeach this witness based on previous perjury???????????

Judge doesn't like that this matter has been brought into this trial - rage! - that this matter comes up without discussing it with the court. He doesn't like that this stuff comes in 18 years after the situation. Too remote in time, and not probative.

Court is not going to re-try these matters. And judge is really peeved at Jambois.

Jambois is trying to go tit-for-tat because Albee kept bringing stuff up on Stallings, and judge smacked it down.
The question about truthfulness is germane to the fact of her not calling back the LE to schedule an interview......

YOWSERS! Albee shouts at judge!

Does this have to do with a case against Popa Jensen for burglary? And did Laura testify falsely in that case?

Each side wants to bring in old cases to prove their point... LOL! The Jensens are a bunch of liars! The entire family lied to protect Pops who was burglarizing papers for an SEC investigation! He was found guilty IN SPITE of their lies.

Mistrial motion denied.

Yep, looks like the whole damned family is a bunch of lying crooks. And murderers.

Bob Jambois speaks so quickly! But she will not answer directly. Now she's trying to logic it out as to when Julie developed pictures, and when they spoke. And she doesn't remember when someone asked her about this conversation with Julie.

Jambois said "basically you can remember crap about this conversation" (paraphrasing) and she said "Only that it was in that fall". She's being vague on the date. Did you sit down prior to the July 2007 with Mr Albee and discuss this case at length? Yes. Jambois is hinting that the defense attorneys tried to get her to fudge on the date she spoke with Julie! Albee objects and has a motion.......wonder what that will be?


Albee brings up the "feces" incident and that she took off a year from work to take care of her own son. Since it was March or April, do you think it had to do with the pool? No, I mentioned it the other day because the pool was another problem.

Albee brings up that since she testified in July, she's spoken to him again.

Any advice from defense counsel. No

She's done!

Next witness: Joan Wise, she is a retired Secure Insurance. She worked there for 5 years.

She worked with Ed Klug She was his assistant for 10 years. 1998 they all left Baird to work at Stifel. Mark Jensen was her manager until Ed got licensed. Klug and Wruck were co-managers. She met Mark once when he came to work on the transition. She doesn't even remember he was the manager until Albee reminded her at the hearing.

She remained his asst. till May 2001, about 10 years.

Klug came out and said that he'd heard that Mark Jensen's wife had died and she had committed suicide.

He said nothing about Mark and Julie, never told her that he said Mark wanted his wife dead.

She spoke with Det. Ratzburg on phone. He asked about Mr. Jensen and she said she didn't remember the conversation about Mark killing his wife. Santo had left a message on her answering machine; police said she wouldn't want to talk to him, so she never called him back. Spoke with him when he delivered subpoena for hearing. He's kept her up on the situation up until the trial.

Mr. Klug's character: he wasn't very truthful, had a reputation that you couldn't believe a word he said, was an attention speaker.

Jambois: She was required by Klug to go to anger management training and then he fired her. It made her angry at the time.

First she heard of Mark's arrest was when police called her. Did she hear others in the office tell Klug say he should go to police with what he knew? - No

Stacy Bauer - sat up front and Klug spoke to her separately.

Bonnie LaClaire would have heard the conversation she did.

Kelly LaBonte - She and Mark helped them with paperwork. Their relationship was pretty obvious; looks, time together, seemed they had a relationship.

Ron Wruck and Ed Klug - never had a conversation in front of her and Bonnie about Ed's going to the police.

Guess she has a bit on an ax to grind with Ed.


Ed Klug fired her because she had an abscessed tooth and had to call in sick. Ed wanted her to go to the office... called her 4 times. At 3PM he called and fired her.

Her opinion was that he was a liar before and after being fired.

New witness: Debra Tegel. Formerly Spears.

Does she know Aaron Dillard? Yes had a personal relationship with her. She met him when she was out one evening. He introduced himself as Kyle Resnic.

She's an "impeach Aaron Dillard" witness.

She didn't believe "Kyle", so she got his wallet and looked in it and found out his name was "Aaron Dillard". She checked him out and found out he was not a good person. She had "borrowed" him money.

She knew Aaron Dillard as "Kyle Resnic" for two weeks, and when she found out he had lied, she stayed with him long enough to try and re-coup some of the money she "borrowed" him. She said he has no character, and is a liar.

No questions from Jambois. Dismissed. Boy, that was quick!

Next witness: Lt. Mark Hunter, w/ Pleasant Prairie police department. 23 years.

He came into contact with Julie Jensen in 1991/2, he'd been called to their home for hang-up phone calls that had been received. She wanted a phone trace put on her phone. Wisconsin Bell had put one on, but they didn't come up with any.

She suspected the calls were coming from Illinois, but Wisconsin Bell couldn't do a trace out of state. She was convinced that Perry was making them but she couldn't prove it.

August 13, 1991 report. And August 26, 1991. She and her husband had been receiving pornographic pieces of mail and hang-up phone calls. Garage door had been opened and lawn furniture had been moved, and neither her nor her husband had done it.

Next contact - January 8. He had in fact called Perry Terica. He worked at Dean Whitter in Illinois. On 8:30 am he called and asked for Perry Terica. Introduced himself and told him that Julie had been getting calls and she was tired of it. Perry got snappy on the phone. "Listen here mister - how dare you call and harass me?" "I respected her wishes and I haven't contacted her".

Perry denied calling her and denied having in any way trying to contact Julie.

When she went out of town she asked for extra patrols. When she'd returned from vacation, her sister Jill had called and told her to come and get something. It was a letter from Perry. Love letter, Christmas card, well wishes. Post marked Jan 6, but Lt Hunter had talked with him on the 8th. He could have told Lt Hunter that he had sent a card to Julie two days earlier, but he was adamant on the phone that he hadn't contacted her.

He was also at the Jensen household the night Julie died. He went to the scene to take photos of the interior of the home. He was told by Lt Ratzburg to take photos of each room. He doesn't know what time he was there, but he was called at 5 pm. He may have been there at around 6:30.

Brings out reports. No documents that tell when the photographs were taken, though.

He seized a leather bound day timer of Mark Jensen's.

He didn't seize it, he just looked through it. Lt Ratzburg would have seized it, since he was in charge of the scene. He doesn't remember if he alerted them to the importance of it or not.

Issue has to do with what was said about Aaron Dillard and how Albee insinuated that Ms Gabrielle had put words in Dillard's mouth.

And about the conversation that occurred on the Monday before Julie died between Julie and Laura. Albee is mad cause he said that Prosecutors made him look bad.

Jambois said he thinks Albee is a fine attorney - no desire to make him look bad.

Another mistrial called for? Yep.

Judge says no more monkey business!

Albee talking about who he's going to bring in as witnesses - Mr. Montgomery regarding false statements by Rhonda Mitchell.

Now Albee is saying Rhonda Mitchell lied on the stand! Judge says he's not going to let one witness come on and say another one lied on the stand!

So now the judge is going to let this Mr. Montgomery testify? He's such a flip-flop!

Still wrangling through the calling of witnesses - Judge remembers that Rhonda Mitchell called Mr. Montgomery to confirm what a 3rd party cookie was.

Ya know - if Rhonda Mitchell didn't know what a 3rd party cookie was, why the heck was she even called as an expert? That seems to be something a computer analyst should know!!!

Jury called back in, and Albee still questioning Lt Hunter. Asking him to identify photos taken at the scene.

He doesn't recall what was seized at the scene.

All pics were taken on December 3, 1998.

Ms Gabrielle up on cross - Perry Terica's one letter doesn't really constitute harassment, right? Yes. It may not reach to state charge level, but it does according to local ordinances.

But at the time Julie thought Perry was the one making the calls and sending the porno pics. But come to find out, that was Mark, and the phone calls stopped when Mark knew Julie had Ameritech do the tracing.

Talking now about the porno letters/pics - Julie told him about them, but they disposed of them. Now that right there is a sure sign of one of them knowing it wasn't Perry! If both Julie and Mark were innocent, then they'd both want to catch Perry! For sure, Mark would have!

Lt Hunter spoke w/Julie in January of 1992 - she told him that her husband was receiving harassing letters (porno) or phone calls at work. But she had nothing to give Lt Hunter to get fingerprints from, because her husband was throwing them away. Good point to get in.

Nothing further - Albee upon re-direct.

Exhibit 296 - Report. He'd asked to see some of the letters so that Lt Wagner could try and lift prints. She said that she had thrown the letters away.

He was aware that there were ongoing issues with harassing things happening at the Jensen house.

Lt Hunter done.

Albee calls Mr. Quintana, jailhouse anti-snitch.
He met Mark Jensen in the Kenosha county jail in September 7th through 10th. In J block. He asked Mark Jensen if he could borrow his newspaper. And he observed a couple guys taking advantage of Mark Jensen.

Quintana saw Thompson and other jailbirds picking on Mark Jensen and intimidating Mark. Trying to steal Mark's canteen. Mark had to give his chips and candy to Thompson.

Mark didn't fight back. He was scared!

Thompson made Jensen make phone calls! Quintana didn't want to get in any trouble so he didn't interfere.

Then he left on Monday for probation and parole holding. He told the guards that they should get Jensen out of there, cause some guys were taking advantage of him.

Thompson made Jensen make phone calls!

Quintana didn't want to get in any trouble so he didn't interfere.

Then he left on Monday for probation and parole holding. He told the guards that they should get Jensen out of there, cause some guys were taking advantage of him.

Next Witness: Brad Montgomery. Special Agent with Wisconsin Department of Justice since 1994. He is a computer forensics guy. Since end of 98/99. Not Rhonda Mitchell's supervisor. She's employed as a forensic analyst in computer lab.

She called him regarding a definition of "3rd party cookies". She told him she was a witness in this case. He was watching on and off. She wanted to know what a 3rd party cookie was. He doesn't know if she knew or not what it was. Was her question open ended? Some general conversation. Could you tell me what a 3rd party cookie is? He gave her an answer. Watched the rest of her testimony on and off.

When she was asked by Jambois what a 3rd party cookie is, he didn't see it. He did see when Albee asked her how she knew then, but didn't know earlier. She said it just came to me. Albee asked if she had talked to anyone, and she said no!

Montgomery said she had lied on the stand. So Montgomery went to other officers and asked if they saw the same thing he saw. Went to supervisor's office for him to talk to her. She wasn't in. So he sat on it over night. He sent e-mail to supervisor. Then he wrote the memo.

No questions by prosecutor!

Court is in recess for the day.

Thanks Intrepid and ritanita!