Monday, February 4, 2008

Bobby Cutts Murder Trial: Live Courtroom Blog

Although many are disappointed that this trial will not have camera coverage, at least there will be real time reports coming from the courtroom.
My question is, with Kenworthy have help, or will it be just him? And, will his blog entries have to go through his editor before they are published online? Probably. What will most likely happen is he submits a blog entry and Newsnet5 will edit and publish.

When Harriet Ryan blogged about the Spector trial from the back row, she had help. I believe her reports were approved by Michael Christian ~who produced the Spector trial coverage~ before they went up on her blog. Oftentimes, there were two other CTV reporters on their laptops assisting in the coverage of the trial. And, as soon as Beth Karas was released from on air duties, she would be inside the courtroom too, taking notes. If you remember, Beth sat right beside the two camera operators and could see all three camera views at once. And, she was consistently on her blackberry with tiny earphones connected to it.

Opening statements in the Cutts trial will probably take several hours, if not all morning. We may not see the first blog entry up at Newsnet5 until after 12 noon Eastern Time.

Update! 6:38 am
There ARE cameras! Will this just be opening statements? Too soon to tell. You can watch OS through the Newsnet5 link above.

Newsnet5 BLOG link.

Update 10:21 am
My Fox also has a live feed on the Bobby Cutts trial. Thank you so much steffenyb for the link!

My Fox Cleveland's BLOG covering the trial. There's also a message board and live chat on this site.

Update2! will have their reporter, Pete Kenworthy in the courtroom blogging in real time about the trial. Kenworthy's blog will start soon after opening statements.