Friday, February 1, 2008

Mark Jensen Murder Trial Day 19

Day 19 – 2/1/08

Det. Ratzburg on the stand continuing with direct.

Looking at meds taken as evidence. There are 2 Benadryl allergy meds neither is liquid.

Evidence used is admitted. No objections from Mr. Albee.

Albee on cross~

He's asking questions concerning Det. Ratzburg's ability to write accurate reports.

Det. Ratzburg you wrote a number of reports in this case? Yes.
You kept a continuing, consecutive report? Yes.
You were trained on how to do reports? Yes.
To do reports as soon as possible while it’s fresh in your mind? Yes.
You include all the information in your report? Yes.
You include witness statements? Yes.

It’s your decision what evidence to collect? Yes.
It’s your decision what evidence to test? Yes.
It’s your decision which witnesses to interview? Yes.
And you want to interview them as soon as possible so they aren’t influenced by other people? Yes.

In Dec. 1998 you didn’t go to Jensen’s office and interview any of Mark’s co-workers? No. Ratzburg didn’t interview any co-workers until 2002 to determine if Mark had been in the office on December 3rd.
(Albee going for the employees might not have correct memories by then.)

Kosman and Ratzburg looked at the film that Julie gave them. Did you talk to Mark Jensen to see what was going on? No.

You knew from Kosman that Julie had concern about poisoning? Yes.

On the day of Julie's death:
You weren't looking for anti freeze at the time? No.
You seized 2 bowls and a glass? Yes.
Did you send the glass for testing? No.
Did you send the contents of the glass for testing? Yes.
There were Dixie cups? Yes.
Did you seize those and send for testing? No.
(Albee is going for Ratzburg didn’t make proper decisions in what to seize as evidence.)

Albee trying to prove the police did a poor investigation. Judge says Albee is permitted to make that argument, but the Judge also says that Albee might open up doors he may not want to!

You didn’t jump to any conclusion about Julie’s death? Tried not to.
One possibility was this might be a homicide? Yes.
This could be an accidental death due to medication? Yes.
Or this could be a suicide? Yes.

Mr. Jensen told you Julie was depressed? Yes.
You knew Julie had been prescribed antidepressants? Yes.
You knew she had been counseling? Yes, I found that later in December.

Mark gave you consent to search his home and to obtain both his and Julie’s medical records? Yes.

On Dec. 4th Jensen’s home was searched a second time after the autopsy. Dr. Chambliss wanted to know if there were any body fluids in the bedroom. There wasn’t any.

You were at the autopsy? True.
How long did the autopsy last? I don’t recall.
You were responsible for taking the photographs at the autopsy? I took some and Dr. Chambliss took some, I assisted Dr. Chambliss in taking photos.

Were you trained in how to take autopsy photos? I’ve had training in photography and at some point training in autopsy photographs.

On to the home computer:
Ratzburg claims that he was never told that protocol was to write-protect the hard drive before turning it on. He would have never insisted the computer be turned on. The analyst didn't want to look at it that day because he was busy.

I was insistent that we review the computer, as it was part of a death investigation. Hallard never told me data could be erased or manipulated.

This is so tedious and so bad I don't know how much more the jury or I can take!

Ouch! Now Albee's trying to say that Mark was being browbeaten so he would give a FALSE CONFESSION!

Albee is questioning interview/interrogation techniques. LE can lie about evidence, get the suspect to think of LE as a “friend” and that makes the suspect feel that they have to do something to appease the interrogator? Yes. Appease would mean telling me the truth.

So much droning on and on by Albee today, it was like being subjected to chinese water torture.

Well, we pretty much know that the defense Case in Chief won't begin 1st thing Monday morning as previously thought, don't we?

Have a great weekend and enjoy the Superbowl!

ritanita, thanks for keeping me awake today!