Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Mark Jensen Murder Trial: Commentary

February 13, 2008

You just can't make this shit up. I agree with donchais. It's official now, the Jensen trial is a certified three ring circus.

How in the world ritanita and Intrepid covered the proceedings yesterday I'll never know. From what I'm hearing it was like either watching a wrestling match or a train wreck. Even ritanita commented this morning that the blog coverage, "really captured the spirit and facts of the circus that took place yesterday." And the spectacle continues.

Dr. Rumack a defense witness on the stand two days ago, apparently lied as to how much he was paid for his testimony. We even had a repeat of sorts of the Spector trial. In arguments outside the presence of the jury, Dr. Rumack's attorney, Jeff Springer, was addressing the court via speaker phone. (Any of you remember the CTV images of the Nortel phone when defense attorney Riordan was addressing the court?) Judge Schroeder is so angry that Rumack lied on the witness stand that while speaking with Rumack's attorney, he looked like he was going to jump through the speaker phone and grab him by the throat. He's not happy.

Watch the trial online at CNN.Crime.


katfish said...

I had to comment, after reading the excellent coverage of the Jensen trial, my first thought was "You couldn't make this shit up". Lo and behold that is the first sentence of your commentary.LoL! Actually that could be said of several hearings this week!
I saw some of Dr. Denton's testimony on direct but didn't see the cross. Dang! I've never seen an expert witness change their opinion on the stand before.I don't mind missing the "on-speaker-phone testimony! Thanks to you, Donchais and ritanita for keeping us imformed!

donchais said...

Thanks so much katfish!

This trial has been the wackiest! My chin has bruises from dropping open and hitting the table.

Happy reading!

Dyan's Angel said...

I can not say enough positive words about your Blog on this Mark Jensen trial! Thank you for your wonderful insight on this case.
I missed the first two weeks of this trial, because I myself was on jury duty. It was, obviously a different case, but it WAS in the same exact court house! I walked past this court room daily, and so longed to have been choosen for this jury! :(
When the trial I served as a juror for was over, I tuned in most every day to watch this trial. But I felt as though I was missing something. So I searched the internet to find reports or video's, or something, of what took place the first two weeks of this trial. I found clips on CNN but that was it for the video end of it. These live in session tapes have to be available somewhere, don't they?
Either way, I was so very happy to find your blog. Reading your daily postings, I truly felt that it was as good as watching the video's! Bravo to everyone that had a hand in these blog postings.
I never thought I would say this, but I think I am hooked on the court system now! Between the case that I was a juror for, walking past the Jenson court room every day and seeing the proceedings going on in there, and then watching the Jenson case on line daily, I AM HOOKED!
Bless you all, for all you do,
dyan's angel

PS Mark Jensen IS as creepy looking in person as he is on line!

donchais said...

Hi dyan's angel!

Thanks for your kind words. I'm so glad you are enjoying the blog!
We are all trial junkies and follow as many murder trials as we can. If possible, someone will actually go to court and report from there!

You can also find some more video on youtube. Not aware of the whole trial being archived anywhere. I do miss that aspect from the now-defunct CTV.

Yep, Jensen is very creepy!

Enjoy the blog!

Dyan's Angel said...

Gee, I never even thought of that; reporting right from the court room. The court house that Mark Jensen's case is being tried in, is only 4 miles from my house! And I have seen people there with Laptops - guessing they must have wireless internet there.
Looks like they will be wrapping up the case tomorrow; with closing statements on Monday. I must admit, I will miss the three ring circus goings-on of this trial. Most trials are going to seem rather boring after this one.
Oh, thanks for the youtube advise. Why didn't I think of that?
Thanks again for the awesome blogging - it is dead on!
Dyan's Angel

katfish said...

Dyan's Angel-
I doubt you will have to wait too long for another 3 ring this crazy world....there seems to be a steady supply.LOL

"When we remember we are all mad, the mysteries disappear and life stands explained."- Mark Twain

I'm heading to youtube to see if I can find Dr. Denton's cross.

Donchais and Sprocket- thanks again for the great coverage. I have been able to watch some of Jensen it me or is Albee whining alot today? Geesh! Gets on my nerves, wonder how the jury reacts to that?

Anonymous said...

I just seen the show tonight and there is no doubt that Mark is as guilty as sin. I suffer from Depression, but that doesn't mean I want to kill myself. Nice try though. Jack