Saturday, February 2, 2008

Bobby Cutts Jr. Murder Trial- Synopsis

“Mommy broke the table and Mommy was crying.” Then he said, “Mommy was in the rug,” “Daddy's mad.”

Those words spoken by Jessie’s 2 year-old, son Blake, pierced our hearts and drew national attention to the disappearance of then 9-month pregnant Jessie Marie Davis.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007 - 9:20 p.m. Patty Porter speaks by phone with Davis, her daughter, the last time anyone reports having contact with Davis.

Friday, June 15 - 6:30 a.m. Porter calls Davis but gets no answer.
Porter and a daughter go to Davis' Lake Township home. They find 2 year-old Blake, in soiled diapers, alone. The mattress was dislodged and the comforter missing. A stand and lamp were knocked over. It looked like someone had poured bleach on the carpet, "pretty much the whole bottle," Porter said.

Blake’s father is Canton police officer Bobby Cutts Jr. He is also believed to be the father of Jessie’s unborn daughter whom she had decided to name Chloe.

Tuesday, June 19 - Did Cutts, the Canton police officer, have anything to do with Davis’ disappearance?

“No, I did not,” Cutts said.

Cutts looked tired, sullen and depressed. He openly wept during an exclusive interview with The Repository from his home.

“They continue to say I am not (a suspect), but, I mean, I would be dumb and naive to think they weren’t treating me as a suspect just (based) on the different things I’ve had to go through the last couple of days,” Cutts said. “They have not told me I have been cleared. Like they’ve said to the media, me nor my wife are suspects, but I don’t feel like we’ve been treated as that’s 100 percent true.”

Saturday, June 23 - The body of Jessie M. Davis was recovered in Hampton Hills Metro Park. Davis' body was found in a shallow grave in a clearing in a heavily wooded area. The park is in the southeast section of Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Cutts led police to her body.

Monday, June 25 – Cutts was charged with capital murder and ordered held on $5 million bond. He faces two counts of murder for allegedly killing 26-year-old Jessie Davis and her nearly full-term fetus.

Myisha Ferrell, 29, a high school classmate who police say helped Cutts cover up his crime by lying to investigators, was also arraigned at the same courthouse for obstruction of justice.

Ferrell pleaded guilty in November to obstructing justice and complicity to gross abuse of a corpse. She was sentenced to two years in prison, with the opportunity to be released to probation after serving one year. As part of the agreement, Ferrell must testify at Cutts’ trial.

Bobby Cutts’ trial is scheduled to begin on Monday, February 4, 2008. However, attorneys will try to get his trial moved.

Defense attorneys Fernando Mack and Myron Watson believe pretrial publicity is an issue in the case of Bobby Cutts Junior. They'll made their argument Friday morning at a hearing in Canton.

Stark County Judge Charles Brown denied the request Friday.

Brown also ruled that little Blake’s statements made to his grandmother and a sheriff's sergeant will be allowed as evidence under the hearsay exception…

“Mommy broke the table and Mommy was crying.” Then he said, “Mommy was in the rug,” “Daddy's mad.”


Sprocket said...

It's a big disappointment that the Cutts trial will not be televised. It's been reported that the defense has made a last minute motion to move the trial. Usually the court decides to move a trial to get a jury pool outside of the immediate area of publicity. I don't see how moving the trial after a jury has already been seated will make an impact on the outcome. Reporters will show up where ever there is an interest in a criminal proceeding.

I don't think the judge can exclude the press completely but who knows how things are done in Stark County, Ohio. It has been reported that there will be no electronic devices allowed. Those who are interested in following this trial will have to rely on reports coming in during breaks and the lunch hour. We will be following any news on this case as closely as we can and bring you the accredited press reports.