Thursday, February 21, 2008

Mark Jensen Guilty and Jurors Speak

February 21, 2008

Jurors inteview:

None of them believed Aaron Dillard. His statements had minimal weight. Past initial statement on crystals, they didn't buy anything he said. They don't believe Julie died by suffocation! Only EG. (That's really interesting!)

Mark didn't get her help!

They laugh about the toxicologists.

Markie did himself in and Ratzburg's interview did the trick!

He cooked his own goose!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ha! It was Mark who convinced them the most. I love that. True justice is sweet!

The jury foreman said the jury was pushed over the edge with the penis and vagina comparisons.

Said that Mark looking at them in the jury box creeped them out.

Mark in court and on video was cold and unemotional.

Wow, the jury liked Albee very much! They felt that if they were ever in trouble, they would want Albee representing them. They also said that both attorneys did a very good job and were very professional. They loved Judge Schroeder.

Foreperson says the splitting off of the 7 alternates was like saying goodbye to family. They will have a reunion very soon. All the alternates agreed with the guilty vote.

Thanks ritanita and LinZbee!

Well folks, thats it. It was a long and winding road and we hope you enjoyed the coverage!
As an aside, the jury foreman was an engineering assistant, and the alternate who spoke out for guilty was an engineer.
See you at the Cutts mitigation on Monday!


Lilly said...

Thanks for the outstanding coverage as always! I knew I could always count on you to keep us informed. Thanks for taking time to do this.

Ms.KaylisGrammy said...

Thanks for the great coverage on the trial!

zoz said...

Thank you so much for the great work each of you did on this trial. I watched most of the proceedings, and your summaries were spot-on every time. When the whining and the smirking and the sleaze got to be too much for me, it was so nice to know that I could take a break and not miss anything important, thanks to your great recaps. You all are the best!

Anonymous said...


My name is Mark Gipson and I was one of the alternate jurors in the Mark Jensen trial. I was the one willing to speak with the media.

I'd like to make a brief correction on one thing you stated. You said: "All the alternates agreed with the guilty vote." I cannot say for sure that is so.

*I* agreed with the vote. It is how I would have voted. I cannot say what the other six alternates would have agreed with, because we did not have any opportunities to discuss the case. While the twelve deliberating jurors were hard at work we were confined in another room under orders NOT to discuss the case, read watch or listen to any media account of the case.

We only had a few minutes after the verdict was announced and the Judge official dischaged us. Pretty much, we did not have time for conversation. I know some of the alternates (and some of the deliberating jurors) left immediately.

If you could correct that I would be most appreciative. I worked for six weeks with these folks and don't want them to think I was putting words in their mouths. They are all good people and I was proud to serve with them.


Mark Gipson
Elkhorn, Wisconsin