Monday, February 18, 2008

Mark Jensen Murder Trial: Commentary on Closing Arguments

Thank you ritanita for sharing with T&T this hysterical "pic" of Mark Jensen as Howdy Doody. Did you do that yourself, or did someone morph that for you? It's perfect.

I have to say that I have never heard a more dismal closing argument (CA) from a defense attorney than I did from Craig Albee today. What an incoherent disjointed mess that was. It was clear Albee didn't prepare for his CA, and towards the end it sounded like he was grasping for the last bit of oxygen in the room. Let's hope Jensen doesn't have a case for appeal because of a piss poor CA. I'm sure he bored the jury even more than he bored me, since they have been trapped in the jury box, forced to listen to him argue the same arguments over and over and over for almost 30 days. There were times when Albee really did shine in cross examination but fortunately for the prosecution, it rarely lasted long.

It was either my sound or I just missed it, but it sounded like Jambois stumbled over his first few words of CA. He quickly regained his footing though, and went on to deliver a pretty good summation of his case, outlining the major points, and going into specific detail on others.

WISN has a short clip of both the prosecution and defense closing arguments.

donchais told me earlier today, she is predicting a verdict by Thursday. I'm not that optimistic. I would be if this jury was sequestered, but they are not.


Kudos go to Sedonia Sunset for putting Mark Jensen in the Howdy Doody suit.


Dyan's Angel said...

LOVE the Mark Jensen as Howdy Doody. But truth be told, I would much rather see him in prison stripes. Or rather, as is customary in our WI prisons, an orange jumpsuit!
Dyan's Angel

ritanita said...

Sedonia Sunset made it up at my request and gave me permission to use it. I've only used it twice, the first time I gave her the credit she is due, second time, I forgot!

His official name is "Markie Doody"