Thursday, October 30, 2008

Anthony Family Circus Continues

Lee Anthony Allegedly Bashes TES

I greatly admire David Lohr's dedication to covering the Casey Anthony case for Discovery ID. Yesterday, I was stunned to read in his blog that Casey Anthony's brother Lee had allegedly sent a vicious e-mail to some EquuSearch supporters that read in part:

In regards to Caylee Anthony, do not let that influence your support of this group as they have done NOTHING to help find this little girl. She is alive and they are wasting time and money to support a system that is failing a missing 3 year old girl and her loved ones. Don't even get me started on Tim Miller personally.

Just to start, I have a problem understanding the first part because he says "in regards to Caylee Anthony, do not let THAT..." Lee needs some lessons in the English language because he referred to Caylee as a THAT, a thing, an object. I suppose he meant THAT to refer to all that has occurred in his and his family's attempts to discredit anyone involved in the legal case against his sister Casey and the extensive search for Caylee by TES that will commence November 8 with an unprecedented number of volunteers.

That being said, I am so tired of the family's assertions that Caylee is alive. It has to be incredibly painful for any family when a person goes missing. How many families do we see begging for their loved ones to come back to them safe and sound? Most of those families also admit the possibility of a loved one being deceased at the very same time. If that is the case, they desperately want the person found and brought home for burial. Apparently the Anthony family is willing to trade a proper funeral for Casey's possible freedom.

Little Caylee hasn't been seen in 148 days. Her mother's lies about the phantom nanny, her lack of cooperation with law enforcement from day 31 when Cindy Anthony reported her missing, and her apparent ability to go on with a party life-style with her most recent boyfriend all point to something very sinister. So does the fact that the last day Caylee was seen, Casey, instead of being at Sawgrass Apartments and in stores and parks hunting for her daughter as she told investigators, spent her time choosing and watching videos with her boyfriend.

I have a terrible feeling about all of this. I always try to find the best in people and feel compassion for them in times of trouble; I find here that I can't help but think that Cindy, Lee, and George Anthony, knowing Caylee is gone, have decided to cut their losses and do everything possible to support Casey in her defense. They ALL smelled that car, they ALL knew what it meant. The ALL knew that the cadaver dogs hit on the odor of decomposition in the car and in their yard, no matter how much they try to say otherwise. Most of all, they know Casey. They know she's a liar, a thief, and, in her own words, a "spiteful bitch." Those opinions all came out in their statements to investigators. Now, for the public and defense's benefit, they paint Casey as a dutiful daughter, loyal sister, and a loving mother who, OOPS!, had her little girl kidnapped by the imaginary rogue babysitter.

Jose Baez's spokesman, Todd Black has also added fuel to the outrage and credibility to the purported e-mail with his most recent vituperative press release which states:

Casey Anthony and family members have maintained that Caylee is alive, which is why they have not participated in any search for remains. Authorities gave up on looking for Caylee, and have used the media to whip the public into a frenzy of hatred against Casey, making it all but impossible to get a fair trial. And insulting to any family who may suffer a missing child, the authorities refuse to mount an official search, and instead allow an out of state group to collect tens-of-thousands of dollars in a nationwide fundraising campaign, without a single accounting on where that money is going.

Mr. Black, it is my opinion that law enforcement agencies were not responsible for the public outrage. The responsible parties are the members of the Anthony family and Casey's attorney.

Texas EquuSearch and it's founder, Tim Miller have an outstanding record of locating missing loved ones, dead or alive. Both Tim and his volunteers generously give of their time and energy to help find the missing. TES has the horsepower and equipment to do a much more meticulous search than most local law enforcement agencies. Apparently, this fact is not appreciated by the Anthony's nor the defense team. They are a thoroughly legitimate organization with all their paperwork in order. To make such public accusations is vicious slander.

The end result of this attack on TES is going to backfire terribly on the Anthony family and Casey's defense. Outrage at the slander fuels most of us who want Caylee to be found to donate even more money to this worthy organization.

It's not only about Caylee. It's also about supporting efforts to bring so many more of the missing home.

Readers, please, consider answering all this nastiness with a donation to TES. Help bring Caylee and others home to their loved ones.

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Anonymous said...

I contributed $100 to TES back a couple of months ago when Cindy attacked Mr. Miller the first time. You are right - this will backfire on them, and their beloved Casey.

Anonymous said...

I have and will continue to contribute to TES and hope others do the same. While I feel for the Anthony family and the heartache they are experiencing, they are way off base throwing allegations and accusations at a respected and respectful group of hard working volunteers.

Sprocket said...

Ritanita, you said it perfectly. The Anthony family have no one to blame for the severe negative opinion the general public has about them... except themselves.

We've seen this type of behavior over and over again from the parents of killers: Complete denial in the face of overwhelming evidence of guilt by their child.

The Anthony's will now be forever lumped in with the likes of Jackie and Lee Peterson, and Neil Entwistle's parents.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sprockey~ Liza T here. I have been donating to TES lately and started selling postcards that donate the proceeds to TES. I did this after calling TES and asking how far upside down they were financially. At that time it was about 100G+. I started e-mailing corporate executives and asking for stock in lieu of cash donations as they are able to write off these donations at full market value rather than selling them, incurring a tax gain and then making a donation. I know how smart your readers are and thought maybe you'd pass this on. I also spoke with Erin at TES and explained how easy this is to do. So, let's pray some of these executives (and, by the way their salaries are public knowledge) will feel a bit of compassion and at least ease this stress of Tim

Sprocket said...

LIZA T!!!!! {{{Big wave!}}}

What an excellent suggestion and I thank you for bringing this to the attention of our readers.

shari said...

WELL ALL, THE MYSTERY OF HOW JOSE BAEZ IS BEING PAID MAY HAVE A NEW CLUE. Yesterday and today local news media reported that on numerous "lawyer" visitations, Mr. Baez has repeatedly been warned against "personally touching and hugging" said defendant Casey Anthony. He claims he wasn't aware of this jailhouse rule. Now if you are a criminal lawyer having to visit clients in the slammer, don't you know the rules??? Makes one wonder about those all day visits to Mr. Baez office. Any comments???

Damsel said...

Great post ritanita! From what I understand now, the Florida Bar is going to be investigating Mr. Baez and his inappropriate "touching" to determine if he is overstepping the bounds. His license could be pulled but is unlikely at this time. We'll see what happens as time goes on. He knows the rules and his excuse is laughable. I also haven't heard any more about whether Terrance Lenamon is going to take her case or not. Last I heard, he is having second thoughts. That's pretty telling from a guy who has represented the worst of the worst.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Sprockey ~ Big Wave {{{{}}}}} back at you! i just thought what could it hurt,, anyway to help fund TES, especially for those who actually want their loved one found, and for some unexplained reasoning I truly believe the A's DONT want her found. Kinda makes you go hmmmmmm.

Liza T