Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Caylee Anthony, Texas EquuSearch and The Legal Edge

~Caylee Marie Anthony

Bummed-out as I was, despite The Legal Edge going to bat for us for Spector Deux, we just couldn’t get enough people to commit to the pay-per-view concept. Maybe next time, people will realize that TLE is totally serious about bringing us – the trial junkies – what we want!

As you know, we at T&T are totally absorbed in finding justice for little Caylee Anthony. Sadly, we have come to accept this baby is dead, whether by accident or intent.

I have watched the absolute despair on Texas EquuSearch’s Tim Miller’s face about the lack of any cooperation from the Anthony family in locating Caylee.

TES has already laid out $44k in their search for Caylee and they are severely cashed-strapped at the moment. Tim is physically drained and exhausted, but he and his wonderful group remain dedicated to bringing this baby home for a proper burial.

I have chatted back-and-forth with Michel and told him I took the money I would have paid for Spector Deux and donated it to EquuSearch. Their work, not only for Caylee, but also for countless others, is a selfless labor of love.

I also told Michel, I would like to issue a challenge to all of you who told him you would subscribe to Spector Deux...please donate the money you would pony-up for Spector, or even as little as $5 to TES. This baby needs to come home!

Michel and TLE, as well as T&T believe TES could certainly use what resources we have to offer. Strength lies in our numbers and voices. They, like us believe in justice.

So…one moment can change your life forever!

To donate to TES

Visit Michel at TLE


Anonymous said...

While it is disappointing to us that the Spector case will not be televised, it is also an open handed smack in the face to the Spectors that they are not worth the expense of being televised. But I must thank you for the excellent recording and reporting. You are truly outstanding. I have and will continue to read every word you post on this and every case....seeing it through your eyes is, in a way, better than watching. With your insight, I know more of what's going on than I could by watching. So much goes on outside of the viewer's field of view and camera never catches the emotion of the room. Thanks.

mControl said...

Thanks for this post Sprocket, timely and right on time (as usual). I reposted it on mControl because I completely agree and champion the cause! You rock.