Saturday, October 4, 2008

OJ SIMPSON VERDICT: Guest Entry Commentary

Guest Entry by Mort Snerd


In the courtroom in Los Vegas, the lights are now turned off. The echo’s of audio tapes has faded away along with the passion and heat of legal discussion and argument. A man who has demonstrated unusually gifted athletic ability and a sometimes uncontrollable urge to protect his property and “stuff” has been lead away in handcuffs. As his friend and legal counsel remarked in the closing remarks, “being stupid and being frustrated is not being a criminal” but left out the word arrogant.

This trial had nothing to do with events in Los Angles but has everything to do with who O. J. Simpson really is and the events that occurred in the Palace Station. He assembled a band of buddies to go and get back “his stuff”. Then went to the hotel and for a five minute period, kept two people contained in a room. The band bagged and removed all the “stuff” in the room making sure the room phone was unplugged. This is Robbery and Kidnapping, pure and simple. There is nothing complex or open to interpretation about it.

Add a little “stupid” to the mix by having O. J. Simpson select Mr. McClinton to accompany him and according to Mr. McClinton own testimony, he brandished a gun during the commission of this robbery and kidnapping which now makes it Armed Robbery and kidnapping with a deadly weapon for the O. J. Simpson band.

This is not a game of Golf where your friends can give you a Mulligan or a “Do over” Mr. Simpson. Once you removed the items from the room, it became a Robbery. Once you said, no one leaves the room, it became Kidnapping. Once a member of your band of buddies brandished a weapon, it added Deadly weapon extensions to the crimes. You cannot return the “stuff” taken and have it all undone. Being “stupid” is neither criminal nor an excuse. You are now a “Convicted Felon”.

Friends, family and society did not do you any favors by allowing you to get away with bad acts such as physical abuse of women or road rage. Who can forget the battered face of Nichole Brown in the hospital who did nothing more than preventing you from entering the house? Or the face of Christina Prody who “fell” at a gas station? While you sit in your cell, reflect upon the fact that your friends, family and society taught you the lesson of arrogance that you seemed to have learned so well.

Just my opinion,


Thank you very much Mortie. Sprocket


Anonymous said...

It appears that the justice system gave OJ's buddies-in-crime a mulligan. But that doesn't bother you? I'm a pro-prosecution person but this case is all about revenge.

The co-conspirators and the gun men should be locked up behind bars. However, this case against OJ is all about vigilante justice. OJ should be on death row but that is not the case. Why is Stewart the fall guy? Doesn't make sense to me. It seems to me that everyone involved in this thug-on-thug "caper" should be locked up. Of course, no one cares about that because this society doesn't care about justice. I

katfish said...

Great post Mort! I would have liked to be there.

Mort Snerd said...

No, it does not bother me. O. J. Simpson formed this band of buddies, lead this band of buddies along with C. J. Stuart and committed this felony. One of O. J. Simpson's buddies tape recorded him and even before he turned it over to the police, sold it for $210,000. Revenge? I do not think so. Vigilante justice, I do not think so. Greed and arrogance I would believe far readily. Your declaration of being pro-prosecution rings very hollow. I agree our society doesn't seem to care about justice. It sure did not care when Nichole Brown was admitted to the hospital, nor did it care when Christina Prody was admitted to the hospital, where was your sense of justice then?

Men who abuse a wife or a girlfriend because of their sense of "property" and arrogance, are in my opinion, scum.

Just my opinion,

CaliGirl9 said...

OJ Simpson got away with beating up Nicole multiple times. He got away with killing TWO people once. He got away with "protecting" his assets and robbing Fred Goldman of what the courts said that the Goldman and Simpson families were entitled to. OJ thought he was above the law.
Apparently there are still sensible jurors to be found out there. This is past vigilante justice—this is a correct decision by a jury who found the co-conspirators credible and OJ's own actions and words to indeed be criminal.
Are Nevada prisons as cushy as California ones? Will it be boxed lunches with well-cured bologna sandwiches for OJ for the rest of his natural life? And perhaps will Sydney and Justin be able to receive the therapy they no doubt need after losing their mom and living on eggshells around their father?
Thanks for the piece, Mort! It says what I believe about this case, too.

Anonymous said...

First a question...I was wondering if either Stewart or Simpson were offered plea deals?

And....Just a thought....Yale Galantar is already bemoaning the fact that OJ was unable to get a fair trial because this was not a jury of his peer. However, over the last twenty five years, hasn't OJ almost exclusively dated, married, lived with, beat up, abused, and murdered WHITE women. But now that very segment of society is not suppose to judge him?