Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Phil Spector Retrial: Camera Coverage

I just spoke to the Los Angeles County Public Information Office. As of 2:00pm PT today, I was informed that the agency inquiring about "web cam" coverage of the trial has pulled out. It is still being decided which agency will be covering opening statements tomorrow. If there is any other news, I will post an update.

Update: 4:20 pm
Straight from the PIO's office. The Radio And Television News Association of California (RATN) is currently talking with the news directors of their various members to see who will be covering the pool camera for opening statements. The PIO's office does not know "which" news outlet it will be, however, they confirm that opening statements will be covered.


Unknown said...

Thats disappointing. I wonder if cnn will carry the opening statements

CaliGirl9 said...

(Yeah I know a real mature word to use but right now nothing better comes to me!)

Anonymous said...

DANG!! I was so hopeful!~ We'll be scrambling tomorrow, I guess. THANKS for the updates!~

Janno said...

8:30 am and I am surfing the net looking. Any update as of this morn?

Anonymous said...

Janno, as I emailed Sprocket today:

CNN--said no way, call Tru-TV.
Called Tru-TV knowing already what the answer would be. It was no.
Called up the Radio & TV people Sprocket mentioned and spoke with the PIO office. Nice guy, but said there were wiring problems, but that local stations would cover.
Called KTLA and was told they would be there at the courtroom but streaming live video is unlikely.