Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Casey Anthony: Suspect!

Guest Commentary by ritanita!

I had promised myself I wouldn’t write any more about this case until something big happened. I’ve gone about my life, followed up on news releases, chatted with my buddies, and tried my best to put the missing little girl, Caylee Anthony out of my mind.

It hasn’t worked. This little girl haunts my dreams and follows me wherever I go. Sweet, innocent little Caylee never realized she wasn’t totally loved and cherished by her mother. She didn’t realize she was a pawn between her mother and her grandmother. She didn’t realize she was in the way of her mother’s "alternate lifestlye."

Now, it’s been 119 days since she visited her great-grandfather at his assisted living home on Father’s day. It’s been 119 days since she sat his lap, gave him a kiss and rested against his chest It has probably been 119 days since that last loving, peaceful moment Caylee had in her all too short life.

If you listen to Leonard Padilla, June 15 was the day that, after the visit to the nursing home, Cindy Anthony confronted her daughter about her thieving ways. He essentially tossed blame to Cindy for Casey’s departure:

PADILLA: They have to get away from the truth. They can`t live with the truth. Cindy should go back to the realization that she is the one that caused Casey to leave the house that night. If she would realize that .

GRACE: I disagree with you, Leonard. You don`t make somebody else do something. Casey - Mom Casey Anthony was already leaving the house and shacking up with one guy after the next. Where she was keeping the child, I don`t know. But her mother did not make her do these things. They may have had an argument, but she was acting on her own volition.

PADILLA: Cindy put her hands around Casey`s throat and practically choked her out that night. It scared the hell out of Casey. It had never happened before.

It’s a real shame that the Anthony’s hadn’t followed through with their plans to gain custody of Caylee before this day. If they had followed through, Casey would have had to leave the house on her own that night.

Where Casey spent that night, and the people she spoke to then, we don’t know. What we do know is that it was the last time Caylee was seen alive.

Now, her mother’s situation has been changed from Person of Interest to Suspect. This tells us now that there has been a crime more serious than felony child neglect. It tells us that the investigation is circling in around Casey, only Casey.

We have to be patient now, very patient. We have to trust the OCSD and the FBI to continue in the investigation and pin down every moment, every witness, every piece of forensic evidence. It will be a difficult case to prove without a body and it will take time. In this case, I have faith in the system. They will put together their case and present in a court of law.

For the peace of those who truly loved her, I pray that Caylee is found and justice satisfied for this precious little girl. Nancy Grace Transcripts


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shari said...

Bless you Ritanita, I feel the same way. I think alot of people have really taken this ittle one into their heart. I truly don't understand Cindy and George. They loved her yet continue to defend Casey. They have to know that she did something heinous. I just can't imagine their situation. I agree that the sheriffs office better have their ducks in a row and let the justice system prevail. Casey will eventually have to pay and pay dearly.

Anonymous said...

No doubt LE has fallen in love with little Caylee as much as we have. With the recent document dump and today's move to call Casey a suspect instead of a person of interest, I am fully confident that LE is taking their time and building a strong and solid case against Casey. I noticed too, that they are no longer calling this a missing child case, but a HOMICIDE case. You betcha they (LE) are closing in on Casey. She's circling the drain about now and will be going down here shortly!
Kitty M.

Anonymous said...

Casey's mother is an enabaler. It's almsot that she is afraid of her daughter. The way the daughter talked to her mother was disgusting and its like the mother condone it. If the grandparents loved Caylee so much, why aren't they out looking for her? It's amazing how the neighborhood has not come to together to help them
That should tell you something.

Anonymous said...

I find it strange that Jesse Grund's father,who was on Nancy Grace a few weeks ago, stated that Casey talked about the nanny, Zanny, over a year ago. How could she have known that someone with that name really existed and she checked out an apartment at Sawgrass lakes? There have been others who have stated that Casey talked about "Zanny" for more than a year. Weird

Shay said...

So true about "Zanny" being spoken of.. even Cindy says she has heard name for about 1 1/2 years. But so strange, no one has met her, no phone numbers, etc... not even a composite sketch from Casey !
I just cannot imagine the mindset of Cindy/George. I pray for them; this must be worse than hell for them !

Anonymous said...

i read that there were traces of xanex found in the trunk of casey's car. and the street name for that is "zanny" so maybe "zanny" was baby sitting the little girl while her mom was partying. horrible

Anonymous said...

A sad heart breaking thing, I think this poor child is now in the arms of the angels. Whats left for us is to seek justice for any and all who had a hand is this terrible event. However I don't think Nancy Grace seeks anything but ratings in this. Ms. Grace gained repute by being spoon fed slam dunk cases as an Atlanta procecutor. She along with the likes of Geraldo Rivera are simply dead horse beaters. They both use the tactic of milking an issue until it fades from view, they don't really care if there is resolution, they just want the most mileage they can get. Case in point after 9/11 Rivera said he would not rest until he placed a NYFD hat on Bin Laden's dead body. Ms. Grace was just as adamant saying sleep would not come easy to her until justice was served in the Natale Hollaway case. They both have had many nights sleep, while both these issues lack resolution. This poor childs diaapperance needs media attention, but should not be Ms. Grace's latest pet project.