Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Casey Anthony Indicted! First Degree Murder!

Casey Anthony mug shot.

Latest Update!
Casey Anthony is at the OC
SO. There are a total of seven charges, including first degree murder, manslaughter, and aggravated child abuse. Casey Anthony could possibly face the death penalty.



The Grand Jury has handed down an indictment against Casey Anthony just moments ago for a capital crime. Under capital law in Florida, there is no bail available. We will not know the exact charges until she is formally arrested and taken into custody.

Casey Anthony is not required to be back home until 5:00 pm EDT, however she was "dressed for arrest" in pinstripe pants and a button down top. She is currently in the family car with Cindy Anthony. We will update you as soon as we have news.

We all pray we will eventually learn what happened to little Caylee.

donchais wonders, "Are Cindy and Casey going to do a Thelma & Louise?"

It's believed that Casey Anthony is already in custody. MyFoxOrlando has reported:
Shortly before the announcement Casey Anthony was believed to have been taken into the custody of the Orange County Sheriffs department. While in route from her attorney’s office with her mother, Anthony stopped the vehicle under a bridge near Boggy Creek road in south Orange County near a sheriff’s department vehicle.

Casey Anthony was placed in an SUV beleived to belong to the sheriff’s department and taken away, where she was bound was unknown.

"They have seen and considered things which people shouldn’t have to see or consider, and vicariously have endured a lot of sorrow." said Lawson Lamar, State Attorney in the Ninth Judicial Circuit of Florida.

It's being reported on the MyFoxOrlando chat that there will be a news conference, shortly.

CNN Find Caylee Blog


Anakerie said...

I read something on the MyFox Orlando live chat that Cindy and Casey met up with a sheriffs deputy and Casey transferred from Cindy's car to the patrol car. From what they are saying on that live chat, it was shown on live tv and Casey is in custody and headed back to the jail in the patrol car.

Here's where I read it:

shari said...

Yeah!!!!!!!!! This is finally what we need to start closure for this beautiful little girl, Cayle.

Susan said...

This is the best outcome, however indicting Casey does nothing to help find Caylee or her remains. This case is sad beyond reason.

shari said...

I agree this is one of the saddest cases around. Hopefully Equusearch will find Caylee, or Casey will finally come around and tell LE where she is. Right now Caseys only hope for ANY leniency would be to cooperate in finding the body. It might even save her from the death penalty. This whole thing has been such a tragedy. I think everyone has wrapped their heart around this little girl.

Anonymous said...

Ok well all sound well lets hope no one drops the ball and she is put in prison for the rest of her natural life. I have read everything I can on this case it just rips at my heart.I have 2 boys one is almost 10 and the other one is 15 mos. I was 17 when I had my first son,this B**** says she was and still is a child well she was 3 years older then me when she had little caylee what a loser she is, Your children should be the most important people in your life it seems to me she used her child as a ponn in her game of life and when little caylee didn't fit she killed her, And thought by waiting a month to report her missing she had destroyed any chances of them finding any evidence and that she would be free to do as she pleased... And a word to casey you will never be free. People all over this country will remember you and always hate you, You have know friends, No real man will date you and you will never be excepted anywere you go so why even keep this going just tell the truth it would be much easier if you did.

Anonymous said...

the grandmother washed closed that was in the trunk, now a dress size 6 found in a wooded area, if the child has a similar dress, wheres the dress?, and if they found that wooded area, why arent they back there in the morning to search it and recomb that area again? Baez claims , Casey is a victim, I see her alive and well and eating, wheres her daughter? she can be in a shallow grave, and eaten by a bunch of vultures and animals, and if shes with a nanny, the namy is stupid, turn the child to authorities collect ur money, ur rich, but none of that has happened, bcse this little angel is dead, thanks to mom

Anonymous said...

This case has held me riveted since day one. I also told my husband right from the get-go that this would be the outcome and it absolutely rips my heart out. I don't think I will ever be able to shake this case from my heart and memory - I can't explain why this case has shoken me to my soul like it has. I have actually sat down and really cried about this poor, beautiful little baby. We also live in Western Canada, so it isn't like we are in close proximity to the area, and I know there are many cases through the years that are just as tragic. I am not doing cartwheels or anything over Casey being charged -
there will never be real justice for Caylee. Even as I write this I feel ill - God bless that little girl.

livee522 said...

"Please" someone call Sylvia Brown, and find this baby. This Casey is playing with the authorities, as if she is running this investigation. I have never seen someone so arrogant while their child was missing; not even Susan Smith. This (not Mom) has all these fake tears, and little Caylee probably has dried tear stains on her face where ever she is.

livee522 said...

Can the authorities hire Sylvia Brown to locate this baby. This Caylee is so arrogant she acts like she has control over the law enforcement, almost like she is running the show. And those fake tears are really making me mad, think of the real tear stains on little Caylees face where ever she is at.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Sylvia Brown would be a good one to call. I have been very impressed with her for years. We need to find Caylee. She is the only one that is important here. Not munipulative, self-centered Casey.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Casey Anthony claims that the nanny took her child but there is no evidence that she ever had a nanny. If she did hire a nanny, Casey would have had to pay her. Does she have records that show she was paying a nanny all this time?

Anonymous said...

Already she is in people magazine..How can the grandmother talk about her daughters rights? she started all this and that was the only truth we have heard from her mouth. Though i feel sorry for her, if Casey were my daughter i would have slapped the snot out of her until she told me the truth. The family were enablers to Casey when she started stealing they should have made her pay her dues. Maybe Caylee would be alive today if mom was in jail for ripping off her grandparents...Casey is a self-centered spoiled brat and when i hear people talk about her rights i want to vomit. What about the rights of the poor little three year old? Who gets the money for her article in people? Maybe florida should, for the man hours spent chasing circles while selfish liar Casey plays the "victim" the only victim here is the child.

Anonymous said...

My husband made an observation regarding Mom Casey and her television interview with her lawyer. Did anyone notice she is tearing up but appears more concerned with her mascara running and how gently she attends to her makeup and hair?