Monday, October 27, 2008

Casey Anthony Trial Date Set


At today's arraignment, Judge Strickland announced the trial date will be January 5, 2009 at 9:30 AM. The preliminary hearing is scheduled for December 11 at 9 AM.

The state also asked the judge to move the trial period back from a previously set date in early February, possibly to put more pressure of the defense,. The judge agreed and Casey's pre-trial conference is now set for December 11 and the trial is set for January 5.

This is a speedy trial indeed! I'm wondering if Baez and his crew of attorneys will ask for the trial to be postponed. They have a lot of testing to do and there isn't all that much time.

Opininons, anyone?


Today, WFTV announced that Casey Anthony's murder trial date has been set for February 9, 2009. It was also announced that the trial could be a very costly one:

Most likely, the trial won't happen at the Orange County courthouse. No one can say how many 10s of thousands of dollars the investigation has already cost. Moving the trial could put taxpayers on the hook for tens of thousands more, maybe even for Casey Anthony's defense.

If the case is tried outside Orange County, there will be additional expenses to house and feed those involved in the trial, including the judge, attorneys, investigators, witnesses, and staff for the duration.

In addition, there is the possibility that Orange County will have to foot some of Casey's legal bills:

Casey has hired private Kissimmee attorney Jose Baez, but William Sheaffer said she still could ask taxpayers to pay her defense costs, even if one of them has received money for national news coverage.

Whatever the situation, it is comforting to know that little Caylee's journey to justice has begun.

Let's all hope that the massive search by TES beginning November 8 yields the desired results.

Caylee needs to be at rest and Casey needs to be judged.


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. Do you have any idea if it will be carried live by IS? This is one trial I don't want to miss. Also will there be Internet access to this trial?

Anonymous said...

anonymous. we heard about the casey anthony case,and we think she is quilty of all charges.weve been watching the news about her daughter's remains and we think she is sick do do something like that to her own child.i dont have any children myself but i have sister'ildren and friends with kids and they are good mother's we hope justice gets served.