Thursday, October 16, 2008

Solid Evidence Caylee Anthony Dead?

Caylee and Casey Anthony in happier times.

Do you remember the "bag" that was reported to be in the trunk of Casey Anthony's car that was removed by the tow truck company employee? According to Cindy Anthony, rotting pizza and maggots were inside the bag. Leonard Padilla on Nancy Grace last night stated the employee threw the bag over the fence into a dumpster. After thinking about it, and putting two and two together, the employee notified police of what he discarded. (Remember, the employee had lengthy conversation with George Anthony about the horrible stench in the car when he came to retrieve it and how upset he was at his daughter's recent actions.) The employee was later informed by LE that they had recovered the bag.

According Leonard Padilla, there were body fluids and maggots on the outside of the retrieved bag.

Maggots don't feed on pizza. ritanita's investigation has uncovered this report that mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) sequence data can be obtained from the dissected gut of a maggot that had fed on human tissue. This type of testing is not new to the scientific community, unlike the "air sample" testing that was done by The Body Farm on the trunk of Casey's car.

Leonard Padilla is entertaining, but virtually everything he has shared on Nancy Grace has been spot on. So is this THE SMOKING GUN that puts Caylee's dead body in Casey's car, or is it just one addition to the arsenal of evidence LE has that may be presented at trial?

Thank you ritanita for you excellent research!

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Anonymous said...

Many many thanks T&T staff. Your reporting on this case has been first class. I always check this blog first for updates that are accurate and well written.
Your efforts are most appreciated.

Sprocket said...

Thank you, September.

Sometimes, we have difficulty writing about this case because we are so disgusted with the entire Anthony family.

Anonymous said...

This case kind of reminds me of that "Tetris" bouncing ball game....Casey's (the main paddle) answers LE's questions and her answer bounces off the walls in several directions!


Colleen said...

I have to disagree on the Leonard Padilla comment = he really hasn't been right too often. He said Caylee was alive, then she wasn't, he said that he knew who had her and was going to go get her, then he didn't. He also said about 3 weeks ago that the information that was about to come out would floor us. I haven't really seen or heard anything surprising. I'm certainly not surprised Casey was indicted for murder. So I would take EVERYTHING Padilla says with a giant grain of salt.

Anonymous said...

I know how you feel about covering this case. It is inconceivable that a mother would go 31 days without knowing where her baby was.
I think Jose would be wise to strike every mother from the jury panel when it comes time to select a jury. No mother or grandmother will have any trouble convicting this girl on the basis of her behavior alone.
September. MOO

Anonymous said...

Hope this is true and that they do have the evidence. I've been so busy between work that I have not been following the Anthony case as closely as I had been before.

Great news!

Damsel said...

The only thing I can figure is that LP has some sort of in with the LE. He truly has been more right than wrong and when he's been wrong, he has fully admitted it. I think he tries to figure out things just like we do. :-) But it's been shown he does have some sort of info. He told us long ago about the dumpster and the DVD or CD of images of what they found in there. That's been admitted to by LE but we haven't seen it yet. I love your blog here sprocket and donchais!