Saturday, October 11, 2008

OJ, Cesar Laurean and Ed Halverson

OJ Simpson
Well, as expected, Galanter and Grasso have submitted a motion that OJ be granted a new trial.

Grasso’s motion faults Judge Jackie Glass for her decisions during jury selection, that she limited cross-examination of witnesses during trial and the instructions she gave to jurors before deliberations.

Grasso and Galanter also complained that Judge Glass didn’t give them enough time to fully review transcripts and video of the trial.

"She didn't give us the time we need to do a full-fledged motion," said Galanter, who lost a bid to extend the seven-day deadline.

Ok, I recall Jackie denying the extension of the seven-day deadline. She said something to the effect that she sat through the entire trial. So, did Galanter and Grasso not pay attention during the trial? And, what don’t Galanter and Grasso get about the state deadline of seven-days?

Simpson and Stewart are to be sentenced on December 5.


Cesar Laurean
According to his court-appointed attorney, Dick McNeil, Cesar Laurean has filed an extradition appeal in Mexico.

Laurean is accused of murdering Marine Maria Lauterbach and her unborn child. Their bodies were found in a fire pit in Laurean’s backyard.

Laurean’s return to Onslow County to face charges, may now take years.

Maybe it’s just me, but I’d rather be sitting in a US jail than in a Mexican jail!


Ed Halverson
No surprise here - Ed Halverson entered a plea of not guilty to attempted murder charges.

Ed is charged with trying to kill his wife, Elizabeth Halverson, by striking her with a skillet.

Elizabeth Halverson is the embattled judge facing a Judicial Discipline Commission complaint that she mistreated staff and couldn't adequately conduct trials.

Ed Halverson told Judge David Barker that he understood the charges against him.

His trial is to begin on December 1.

Betcha Elizabeth can’t wait to take the stand – after seeing her performance at the discipline hearing, you just know this will be a circus!



Anonymous said...

Oh, I DO hope this one is covered live for us to witness! I can't even imagine what we might see and hear at this trial. This is another saga I have been fascinated with, and I am hoping to be able to hear all the testimony and see it all to find out, as much as possible, what the heck happened, and who did what to whom!!!