Monday, October 27, 2008

Spector Juror 6 – Last Ditch Attempt to Be Excused


Dante is in court sitting next to Rachelle.

Juror 6 asks to speak with Judge Fidler – he brings two pieces of paper from his employer.

Meeting at the bench.

Spector wanders in the well and then speaks with Rachelle and Dante. Spector hugs Dante and says, “hello kid, how are you?”

Spector says, “ I knew that guy was going to…” Sprocket missed the rest of this due to Spector’s gravely voice.

Rachelle and Spector are holding hands and swing them back and forth!

Spector says, “If the Judge orders him to stay, he says he won’t be angry at anyone of us – oh of course responds Chelle.

Spector says, “this is his last chance, he’s already been sworn in.”

Spector says he should never been allowed when this first came up.

Spector and defense team confer in the well, his hands are shaking as they did last trial.

Oh, how cute! Chelle, Spector, and Dante are in the anteroom and Chelle snaps a few photos of Spector and Dante!

Fidler calls a half hour break and the prosecution gathers all their paperwork and returns to the 18th floor.

More to follow - stay tuned!

Juror's employer appeared and spoke to Fidler - #6 - Not Excused...

Sprocket here. Donchais must have misunderstood me on the phone when I called her. The juror's employer did NOT appear in court. Judge Fidler addressed the juror at the bench and he returned to the jury box. He has not been excused from service.

Update2: The correct spelling of Spector's son's name is Donte.


shari said...

THE THOUGHT OF THE 2 SPECTORS HOLDING HANDS AND ALL CHUMMY LITERALLY MAKES ME WANT TO "YACK" UP MY LUNCH! Good job Sprocket. I like the little personal details so I can picture it all even if it turns my tummy.

Anonymous said...

The time to avoid jury service is when that summons first appears in the mail. It is SO MUCH EASIER to convince the court clerk who doesn't care one way or another than to convince the trial judge who is strongly interested in filling up his jury box with the warm bodies who showed up in response to the jury summons and are already present in his courtroom so the judge can get the trial underway.

If you are a California citizen who will suffer terribly if forced to sacrifice weeks of your life for $5 per day, remember the key words "Code of Civil Procedure section 204" and "Undue Hardship." Also quote California Rule of Court 2.1008(d)(3):

"(d) Reasons for excusing a juror because of undue hardship
(3)The prospective juror will bear an extreme financial burden. In determining whether to excuse the prospective juror for this reason, consideration must be given to:

(A)The sources of the prospective juror's household income;

(B)The availability and extent of income reimbursement;

(C)The expected length of service; and

(D)Whether service can reasonably be expected to compromise the prospective juror's ability to support himself or herself or his or her dependents, or so disrupt the economic stability of any individual as to be against the interests of justice.

Can you support yourself and your family on $5 per day? If not, then you qualify for this exception but remember to explain it in writing to the clerk - don't wait until the judge already has you standing there in his courtroom ready to sit on that jury.

Sprocket said...

Hi katprint!

From my understanding, the juror's employer, a university (I believe UCLA) does pay for jury service.

I believe I heard the juror state that his employer pays, at a prior pleading he made last week to get out of service.

Anonymous said...


Thank you, again for your coverage of Spector #2. You can't imagine how many times a day I come to your blog to see if there is an update. If I lived in L.A!! I would go, too. Just know all your efforts are so appreciated.

I truly love your colorful commentaries of all of the players. The way you put the court proceedings in words, I feel like I'm there with you.

Please, go to court as much as possible. I know that you can't go every day.

Tell Mr. Sprocket, all of us Trial Watchers say Thank You, too!!


Anonymous said...

"Oh look. Here's Dante and Daddy at Daddy's second trial"

Anonymous said...

Sprocket you are the best and your color commentary makes me feel like I standing right there with you. Love to hear about Mrs Spector's antics and looks. You are an angel.

Sprocket said...

Thank you, everyone.

Anonymous said...

My personal opinion? Despite giving off the air of "I don't give a hoot what people think,"
I am sure RS and PS have trolled both blogs-I am sure they have read all about our opinions on their FAKE union. Seeing them hand holding whilst swinging their hands and happily camera snapping does not a real marriage make. The charade does not impress me, nor anyone else with a reasonable ounce of intelligence.


Unknown said...

Could you try to watch Spector's hands and see if they're shaking like last trial?