Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Porter Ranch Fire Still Burning

My husband's son got home from the gym late, around 10:30 pm. I asked him if he wanted to go up to Mulholland Drive, to see if he could get photos of the fire. He said, "Sure!"

We first went up to Mulholland and Teddy took some shots of the brush fire that was burning near the 118 and the 5. The first image is one of the best shots of that fire we took from the hillside ridge. But I thought that we might be able to get closer to the Porter Ranch fire if we were able to get up into the hill area above Rinaldi. We stopped off at In & Out Burger so Teddy could get a snack, and then we headed up the 405 to the 118. We exited at Reseda and drove down Rinaldi a ways.

The rest of the images were taken from either Rinaldi or the streets above it into the hills.

This fire is not nearly as bad as the Chatsworth and Simi Valley fires of a few years ago.