Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Case Against Casey Anthony: Evidence, Transcripts, and Video


Today, the court released tape recordings of the Dominic Casey interview.

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Ever since the discovery of Caylee's remains on Suburban Drive, I've thought of this case as a triangle. The Orlando County Sheriff's Office and the FBI have been continuing the investigation and tying together the three main crime scenes. The three parts of the triangle are the Anthony home, Casey's Sunbird, and the overgrown area where Caylee was found.

The most recent documents released to the public have helped to tie it all together. We've known for a long time that it is likely Caylee's body was placed in the back yard. From there, evidence of decomposition in the trunk of the Sunbird shows that Caylee was there after her death. Items from the home were also there at some point. These items were found at the crime scene along with Caylee's skeletal remains.

There is still a lot of this evidence that needs to be tested. The heart-shaped stickers need to be analyzed to see if they are the same ones that were found in the woods. The tags on the clothing and laundry hamper need to be researched and compared to those seized from the Anthony home. The plastic bags also need to be compared to the ones in the home as well.

In addition, we have yet to hear about botanical and entomological studies on the plant life and insects. There has been no release about the contents of the vacuum cleaners and carpet cleaners. There are no reports about fibers or hair found on the duct tape. There is so much more that has not been made public.

The FBI reports indicated that trace evidence testing was ongoing. We will hopefully find out more as time passes.

Meanwhile, the defense team is attacking the evidence. They insist that the diary entry from June 21 was written in 2003. Let's hope that some form of forensic ink testing will tell otherwise. In addition, in a press release by Baez's new spokeswoman, Marti Mackenzie released a statement.

The State’s forensic report on duct tape, plastic bags and other items is a one-sided law enforcement-generated report and is biased and speculative. It uses ‘junk science,’ the kind of flawed comparative analysis that the two-year study by National Academy of Sciences released today.

We've been hearing the term "junk science" from the defense team for a while now and this is a good indication of their strategy for the trial. We should all start preparing ourselves for the sight of their world-renowned scientists getting up on the stand to explain why their own work can be qualified as "junk"! It does seem ironic, though, that they won't try to debunk the DNA testing done to identify the remains.

In spite of the defense's desire to jump on the "junk science" band wagon, more and more evidence has come to light in this last document dump. There are no "bombshell" results in any of those pages. There are, however, snippets of information about the family that help to develop a better understanding of the dysfunctional situation into which Caylee was born.

Dominic Casey Transcript Released

Today, we were all treated to an 80-page transcript of an interview Dominic Casey gave to the police and FBI on January 7.

It is a remarkable document in which Casey, accompanied by attorney Brad Conway answers questions from Sergeant John Allen and Special Agent Nick Savage of the FBI.

He starts by stating he went out to the Suburban Drive on his way to the Meet and Greet to check out a tip from KioMarie Cruz, who had mentioned in a statement last July that she and Casey used to hang out in the woods behind the school. However, before he could do that, he received a call from a psychic who told him to search an area at the end of Hopesprings Drive for Caylee's remains. She told him he would find them by three paving stones. Oh, and he invited his buddy James Hoover to come along since the Anthony's had invited him to the Meet and Greet as well.

He claimed he didn't know Hoover was videotaping his search until he happened to see Hoover with a camera. When the psychic told him to go to a certain house to search a culvert, he ended up digging in the soil near the house. He claimed he didn't know Hoover was doing that either.

Another aspect of this interview is an attempt by Allen and Savage to pinpoint when he worked for Baez, Casey Anthony, and George and Cindy Anthony. He first said he was contracted to work for the Anthony's on July 29. Then he changed his mind and said he worked for Baez starting that date. He apparently signed on to work for Casey Anthony separately on September 12 and is still under contract with her. His only problem is, Baez hasn't allowed him access to Ms. Anthony since October 12. We never do learn when he began working for George and Cindy.

There is much more, it's a pretty good read if you have the time. Judge Strickland is at present reviewing Casey's second interview to see if it contains privileged information. I'm looking forward to seeing what happened in that one. One thing I'd like to know is if Casey is ever informed that Cindy Anthony told LE when they were conducting the second search of the house that she had had her people out at the site!

Casey Caught on Tape

Thanks to my friend Kitty Malone for alerting me to the fact that Casey was surreptitiously taped while watching the news on a television in the nursing unit when the discovery of the remains was being broadcast.

Anthony doubled over twice and appeared to hyperventilate, according to the source who has seen the tape.

I don't know if this particular video will be aired to the public or to a jury, but it gives me new respect for the OCSO. When Casey had been caught watching coverage of Leonard Padilla's search of the Econ river, it was reported that she was asked to return to her cell. She got up calmly and didn't seem to respond to the report that "something" had been found.

This time, she hyperventilates and asks for medicine to calm her down. Remember, at that particular point, there had been no positive identification of the remains. Consciousness of guilt, anyone?

Watching the news today, it seems we just may be having another set of documents released soon. Let's hope that the evidence revealed in them will continue tie together the triangle of this crime.

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katfish said...

Ritanita,interesting angle, this triangle.

I also find it very interesting this defense is jumping on the junk science bandwagon as all of the experts for the defense like to expound on their work for LE.

I have tried to do a little reading on the report from the National Academy of The Sciences and it seems as though DNA is about the only branch of science not deemed junk by the report.

ritanita said...


I like the triangle because it is a simple way to view the case. Casey goes from house, to car, to dump site. Those are the basic movements. Tie the three together and you have a case.

I've read a bit of the report, but I honetly don't see forensic testing other than DNA coming to a screeching halt anytime soon.

Anonymous said...

Ritanita, I love your triangle anology too, because it reiterates the full connection. The killer left a little clue behind at each and every location and those little clues are slowly, but surely being connected and lead back to only one person, Casey Anthony.

Regarding the term "junk science" that the defense has thrown out there in a stmt...Just my opinion, but that's a JUNK DEFENSE if you ask me! At this point the defense has less and less to work with by the day! They might as well start waving the white flag soon.

I haven't read the 80 page release today of Dominick Casey's interview with LE and the FBI, but you can rest assured that I will be up and on it first thing when I wake up! I did read on one of the Orlando news sites this evening that we will be getting another "gift" next week sometime. 1000 page DOC DUMP is due to be released!

Thanks again for the update!

Kitty M.

katfish said...

What I call that report is a defense attornies dream come true. Save them money on forensic experts just whip out the ole report. JUNK DEFENSE!LOL!I agree,Kitty M.
You're right too Ritanita, forensic testing isn't just going to go away, nor should it.
I haven't had a chance to read any of the Casey documents yet...hopefully I can sit down too it this weekend. That girl is in trouble!