Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Memorial for Caylee Marie Anthony

The public memorial for Caylee Marie Anthony has been set for Tuesday, February 10th. It will be held at the First Baptist Church of Orlando at 10 AM.

Local television stations will broadcast the memorial as well as streaming it live. In addition, HLN will broadcast from 10:00 to 12:00. Nancy Grace is expected to broadcast from New York for a half-hour at noon according to Hal Boedeker of the Orlando Sentinel.

Bradley Conway, George and Cindy Anthony's attorney made the following statement about the memorial:

"I hope that Tuesday is the next step of the grieving process for them. And I also hope that for the public, they are able to show up and realize that its all about Caylee Anthony and nobody else and they're able to give their respect, the tears and prayers for her and that everybody is able to take the next step from here."

Earlier this morning, the Orlando Sentinel published the following eulogy, written by Cindy Anthony.

Caylee Marie Anthony has captivated the hearts of so many people over the course of the last several months. Many feel a great loss for a beautiful child that they never had the opportunity to meet. They quickly fell in love with her beauty and her charming ways, as she read a story to her ailing great-grandfather, whom she loved very much.

For those who fell in love with Caylee Marie on national TV, their grief is only temporary, their hearts will soon mend, and their memory of her may eventually fade.

But for those who actually had the honor to meet Caylee Marie, it will be much more difficult for them to say goodbye, and their hearts may never heal.On Aug. 9, 2005, God blessed this Earth with one of his most beautiful children. Caylee Marie was born at 7:14 a.m. in an Orlando hospital. From the moment she was born she forever stole the hearts of her family. Caylee was not only a beautiful baby, but she had a beautiful spirit that will live on in those that truly knew her and loved her.

She is survived by her mother, Casey Marie Anthony; her grandparents, George and Cindy Anthony; her uncle Lee Anthony; and her great-grandparents, Alex and Shirley Plesea and Ruth and Lee Anthony.

Caylee's life will be honored in a memorial service open to the public Tuesday at the First Baptist Church of Orlando beginning at 10 a.m.

The family is requesting that those with only the purest of hearts and truly honorable intentions attend the service for their beloved child. This service will be a tribute to her life and a time for her family and friends to finally be together to openly express and share their love for her.

The family is requesting, in lieu of flowers, that donations be made to Eastside Baptist Church, 1900 Conway Gardens Road in Orlando; Orlando Rescue Mission; or Kid Finders Network.

Because of Caylee, so many other children have been the recipient of the kindness and generosity from those who have donated on her behalf. Donations have been made to numerous organizations such as Toys for Tots, Shriners, St. Jude's Hospital, Make-a-Wish Foundation, Boys and Girls Clubs of America, Orlando Rescue Mission and Kid Finders Network. Another child will receive a new smile after receiving multiple reconstructive surgeries to repair a cleft palate.

Because of this outpouring of compassion, the family will continue to honor Caylee's memory by establishing the Caylee Marie Anthony Foundation. The foundation's purpose will be to continue to generate awareness for missing children and to establish programs to assist in the well-being of those children in need of comfort and support during difficult and stressful times.
Caylee's life may have been short-lived on this earth, but her life will not have ended without a purpose. She will be sadly missed but never forgotten. Caylee Marie Anthony now has her angel wings and will be watching over so many other children.



katfish said...

I hope that the "tone" of this eulogy indicates what the "tone" of the actual memorial will be. Little Caylee certainly deserves a sweet send off reflective of the sweet little girl that she was.

ritanita said...


I so agree with you. Let's hope it's a memorial deserving of such a beautiful life gone too early.

Anonymous said...

Bradley Conway's words were sincere and kind, with the most crucial statement being,

Tuesday is all about Caylee and allowing us to say our sincerest goodbyes to a Darling little girl who's has placed herself deep in the hearts of Many.

No one had to say it was Cindy, who wrote the Eulogy. Only Cindy could pen such crass and shallow words, in the statement...

For those who fell in love with Caylee Marie on national TV, their grief is only temporary, their hearts will soon mend, and their memory of her may eventually fade.

With those words, she is taking away, the very "loving essence of Caylee". That essence that spread to strangers, and, had us fall deeply in love with this beautiful child!

Caylee will not be a temporary loss, or forgotten anytime soon! With the exception of her own mother, who murdered her.

And, all those donations and, to where ever they go?

I believe, without doubt, each recipient would gladly, return every penny, to have precious Caylee, "not" be a murdered child.

Rather, a sweet child of innocence, running carefree, full of joy, living her happy life, and enhancing the lives of everyone she would have touched, throughout her life, Alive!

Good-bye, Sweet Caylee. You, Dear Child, will not be forgotten, by me, and many others. Of that, I am certain!

donchais said...

It is all about precious Caylee and I hope the memorial is dignified.

Have to say that Conway's statement impressed me far more than the eulogy by Cindy.

katfish said...

I had tried to read the eulogy written by Cindy in as positive a light as possible, but now I am concerned. WESH in Orlando is reporting that Cindy is expected to speak at the memorial after all.
I thought Brad Conway had said the Anthonys wouldn't speak at the service but after seeing this report I went back to his statement...he said the family most likely won't speak,you'll just have to watch it to see.IMO, If Cindy speaks it will not be only about Caylee, she just can't help herself, there will be something negative said or there too much emphasis on Casey. SAD!

shari said...

Katfish, I agree with you. I first read the eulogy and was pleased...but the more I think about it, I can definitely see where Cindy may feel she has to speak and that's where things can go awry. You are right, she can't help her "run of the mouth" disease and I just hope her lawyer can keep her under control....NeJame couldn't! Every time she opens her mouth she makes it worse for herself, her husband, and Casey. Everyone cross your fingers.