Sunday, February 1, 2009

DeShawn Campbell Trial QUICK LINKS

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Brief Synopsis
San Jose Police Dept. Officer Jeffrey Fontana was gunned down in the line of duty.  DeShawn Campbell was charged with his murder.

Victim: Jeffrey Fontana, 24

Defendant: DeShawn Campbell, 22

T&T Trial Coverage - CaliGirl9

02/23/09 Is Justice Delayed Justice Denied?
03/22/09 Justice for Jeffrey
04/02/09 "He's down, he got shot."
05/14/09 Closing Arguments in DeShawn Campbell Cop Killing
05/27/09 Jury Returns Verdict in San Jose Cop Killing Trial
08/07/09 Justice for Officer Jeffrey Fontana

Family Memorial/Support Web Site
Justice for Jeffrey - Greg Fonana's Blog

Mainstream Media Coverage
Long-delayed cop-killing trial gets under way (This is an excellent article with much background not included in my summary. CaliGirl9)
After seven years, trial of suspected cop killer begins today in San Jose
SJPD Fallen Officers
One family’s long wait for justice … and still counting
Suspected cop killer in limbo
Police officer, SJSU grad, killed in line of duty; Shot while on traffic stop in South S.J. early Sunday
Justice for Jeffrey: Slain cop’s brother blogs about trial of suspected killer
Is Justice Delayed Justice Denied?
Prosecutor tells jurors suspected cop killer's defense is preposterous
Defense to jury: DeShawn Campbell's friend killed San Jose cop

Accused Cop Killer Back on Stand
DeShawn Campbell found guilty in shooting death of San Jose police officer
Verdict Reached in DeShawn Campbell Trial
DeShawn Campbell gets life without parole for killing San Jose cop
Cop killer sentenced to life without parole